Written by BiStocks

6 Jan 2011

I was in the Gay Chatroom wearing hold ups and panties thinking about wanking myself off, when a post suddenly came up looking for someone in my area. I had only 1 meet before miles away but thought what the hell and responded. He was a contractor who had just finished a job. He sent his number and I gave directions. I went upstairs and quickly gulped down a glass of wine for courage even though it was early.

When he arrived, I opened the door and led him down to the living room and started to suck him on cam. The comments I was getting back where really nice and encouraging me to go further. What the hell I thought and dressed only in my stockings & panties asked him if he wanted to fuck me. Nonchalently he replied if you want. I ran upstairs and got a condom from the wife's dressing table, my heart was pounding with excitement knowing I was going to get fucked hard.

There I was, a little slut in stockings and he only had his trousers down, his work coat was still on! I bent over the sofa and pulled down my panties. He came over, spanked my arse and when I let out a gasp followed by a moan he spanked it again and agaian and again. 'Fuck me please' I whimpered and with no second request being needed he pushed straight into me. Oh it hurt but I didn't care as I pushed back against him. He started to build up speed and pushed my head into the cushions with one hand and pinched at my nipples with the other. I was in heaven, my cock was so hard as I was roughly used. Quickly he came and asked if I had a tissue. Just in my stockings with my cock rock hard I went and got one. He took the condom off, dropped it on the floor and cleaned his cock. He pulled up his trousers, said thanks and turned and left the house.

I took the condom, went upstairs and emptied the contents on my chest, as I wanked myself off I rubbed my fingers in his come and licked it off. This got me to shoot like I have never before, 4 thick jets which I rubbed into my chest.

i showered and spent the rest of the day as normal with only a sore hole a reminder of the fun I had when I kissed my wife when she came home in the evening.