11 May 2018

A friend recommended this guy to help with my diy job of converting out an old van I bought to be a day van / camper van. We swapped messages for a while and then when I was up-country he said I should drip by and look at some of the projects he was working on now to give me some ideas.

‘Spider’ as he liked to be known was older than I thought and had that typical kind of ex-biker look, tall and broad with muscles you would expect from some one who worked their life with construction.

Retired now, this was Spider’s full time interest and he had quite a busy lockup going on with 4 vans in states of readiness and several carcasses around the place too. I had finished for the day so he took his time showing me round the vans, what kind of seats, tables, kitchenettes and so on he used, it was really helpful. He offered me a beer and I said just one as I am still a way from my hotel. I asked him what the toughest job he had done and he said confidently that with his experience there was no one job that was too tricky, but after a brief pause admitted that he was working on one that while not exactly difficult, was time consuming due to the level of specification and finish. I was intrigued and he offered to show me. In the adjacent unit to his, he opened a door and flicked the light on to reveal three more vans and the one in particular which was a high roof transit in pearl black. The rear doors were open and I saw a deep red vinyl finish through out with what looked like a small bench seat and table. Aside from some lights and some cargo anchor points there was nothing else in it.

“Okay,” I said, admiring the finish, the plastic surface was smooth everywhere with neat silver buttons pinching it into place, “not much in it, though?”

“Yes, it is for some swingers!” he announced with a sense of achievement. I looked at him and he grinned, “Step in.”

I stepped up and on closer inspection it was easy to see some anchor points around the seat and table, which was only a few feet higher that the seat. I was naturally intrigued and I felt a rush thinking off all the excitement ahead in this van.

“How does it work,” I asked my cheeks flushing as I did. He explained that it was very versatile, the seat could be sat on, knelt on and the same for the table.

“It will take the weight,” he said. I followed his hand gesture and rested on my knees on the seat part and the table was the right height to lean across.

“It feels good,” I told him honestly and he let out a little laugh.

“Yeah,” he answered, “it seems to fit most body shapes and heights.” He went on to explain that the anchor points were right for the wrists and he even took my hand and pulled it down. Man I felt horny as Spider just carried on matter of factly showing off his handiwork.

“If I was tied here though, I cold not reach the other one,” I told him.

“You would be surprised,” he answered, “May I?” his politeness seemed out of place, but on instinct I offered him my arm and he slid a silk tie around it, with a gentle pull it was in place and then he did the same with the other one, in a simple smooth motion my chest was now resting atop the table with my arms both pulled down the side. I tried to turn to talk to share my appraisal with him, but I could barely turn and could not see him. I was breathing heavily and I jumped as the side door opened and he jumped in ahead of me.

“How does it feel,” he asked with a different tone to his voice. I feigned a struggle before replying.

“Surprisingly comfy,” I told him.

“You look good like that,” he added and I croaked out a nervous thank you. There was a pause for some time and all I could hear was our breathing.

“Er, Spider?” I said but he interrupted me before I could finish.

“Shhh,” he said, “no words, okay?” I nodded yes and looked up at him, my face burning red. He moved back a little and pulled down his fly. In hindsight I Was not surprised to see him fully hard, his cock matched his body, big and broad. The table was built to perfection it seemed as he stepped forward his tip was exactly the right level for my face. I opened my mouth and he called me an eager slut and his thick cock stretched my lips as he pushed it slowly into my mouth. He was big enough to make me nervous and I knew I would be gagging on it soon. I felt so horny, but I decided to play my part and to struggle a little against the bindings.

Hi phone rang and he answered, “We’re next door,” he said, “Come see.”

“Oh wow,” said new voice, “Spider this is your best work yet, may I?” The internal light was switched off so the whole van interior feel into darkness. Spider pulled out of my mouth and after an unzip and shift around, a new cock was pushed to my mouth. Shorter but just as thick, I felt his foreskin push back over his helmet as he slid it between my lips. I felt New Guy’s hands on my head as he rocked in and out of my mouth and then on my shoulders and back. I carried on with some struggling as I felt Spider’s hands on my trousers, undoing them and pulling them off. He tickled silk material along my legs before pulling on ties and then, like my arms, my legs were immobilised.

When I felt a hand on my bum cheeks I realised I was bare and I felt worried and exposed. But Spiders’ surprising gentleness continued as he stroked, patted and lightly smacked by bum, it was so nice that by the time his finger started to trace a line from my inner thigh to my balls and to my arse crack, I could not help but moan out, muffled as it was on New Guy’s cock. I felt Spider’s finger rubbing on my hole with the familiar coolness of lube.

“Is he ready?” enquired New Guy and as he slipped briefly from my mouth I managed to say, “What, really?”

“Shhh,” repeated Spider, “You can say stop at any time, that is all it will take.” I responded by struggling against the bindings once more and then calling out as he pushed his fingers into me. New Guy rubbed his cock tip around my mouth and I found myself chasing it with my tongue. With his fingers deep in me, Spider reached under and tugged on my hard cock.

With the side door shut there was less room for manoeuvre but New Guys shuffled down and I heard the rip of a condom. Spider came back to my mouth which he filled straight away. New Guy was not hanging around and I felt his hands on my tip and then the nudge of his prick on my hole. My hole body flinched as he pushed inside, he was really thick and it took a while for me to start enjoying his strokes. His body bounced off mine and I could not help to notice the cushioning that the table provided me. I found myself grunting and blowing air out my nose and round Spiders cock with each thrust that he piled into me.

Soon New Guy was matching me for noise and I felt his cock throb in me as he held position. It sounded like he was biting down again the feelings of his climax, but I knew it was there, I felt it pulsing through his shaft. He held in place after he came and even over the noise of Spider in my face I could hear him panting as he rested his weight on me (again, not uncomfortably thanks to the cushioning).

It was Spider’s turn next and his pace quickened in my mouth before he was grunting and moaning. He fell back slightly, but I managed to stretch my neck just enough to keep him locked in. I felt my mouth warm with the injection of his come, not heavy squirt, but just feeling it fill my mouth and he pumped it gently between my lips. He softened almost instantly and he flopped from my mouth.

I was left tied face down as I haerd them both get out of the van. I was about to protest when all four of my bonds loosened at once. I sat up and turned around, facing out the rear open cock was rock hard and I wanked it, quickly coming and firing a big load over the red vinyl floor. I pulled my clothes straight and headed out. Spider was next door, working again on a van and on his own. His confidence was strong as he carried on talking to me, thanking me for helping him with his test drive. I agreed it was more than I needed for my van, but thanked him too and said I would drop by again next time I was around.