Written by Steveb121

21 Sep 2008

I’ve been sucking cock and fucking arse since the age of 16, and did let guys fuck me, but as time went by, I preferred to be the one on top, shagging them, and continue to do so now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to suck cock, wank, be wanked, kissed and licked all over as well.

I’m married and love the wife, but love cock just as much, and for me, it’s not cheating, it’s just good fun between two guys and no one gets hurt. It helps that I have a place I can use, to meet guys, which is safe. By the way, I love having a man beside me, under me and on me, kissing, hugging, talking and being as one, as I hate fuck and runs.

Anyway, I want share this story with you.

I chatted to a young lad, late 20’s on this site here, and he told me that although desperate to get laid, he had failed to do so, and was thinking that perhaps he was gay.

I said that we could meet up and chat, and find out if he was, so he agreed to come see.

When he arrived, he was very nervous, and kept his head down the whole time, but being a man, couldn’t resist getting hard as we chatted about sex, and his likes, dislikes.

I saw that he was hard, so asked if he wanted to find out if he was into men or not, and he agreed.

I told him to get undressed, which he and I both did, and then got my cock out, which was hard, and he dropped to his knees, sucked my cock in deep and kept sucking for ages, so I guess the confusion had gone for him

By this time, I was thinking had he been lying to me, and was just after some cock action, but it turned out he was just hungry for cock, and seeing it for real, he had to do there and then, or forever regret not doing so.

I got him to stop sucking me, as he was quite rough and showed him how to suck cock properly, by sucking his cock for him, licking his balls and then I rimmed his arse for him too

He was overcome with passion, and said that at nighttimes he had been fingering his arse, imaging a cock inside him so I took that as a green light and stuck my unsheathed cock inside his very tight hole, and with some pressure behind it, managed to get it all the way inside his hot arse.

He was a very hot fuck, and moaned my name the whole time I fucked his arse, and was telling him what a cocksucker he was and how good he felt under me, and how good my cock felt inside him.

We fucked for over an hour, as I can delay coming for as long as I like and by the end of the evening, and stopped and started more than once, and in total, I shot my load four times, up his raw arse

Afterwards he asked could he come back to see me, as he wanted to feel my cock inside him again, and again, and still comes to see me now and again

I also get to see quite a few other guys, some married, some gay, all hot and all wanting my cock, and who am I to say no?