Written by phil32

19 Aug 2009

Been a long time since I posted the first part, but anyway... After having some fun with four guys, I was sat in the steam room on my own, unwinding after my exertions. I don\'t know if I had nodded off, I didn\'t hear anyone come in, but I felt a hand on my leg. I nearly jumped out of my skin and opened my eyes to see a fairly big guy early 30\'s next to me. He apologised, maybe thinking I wasn\'t up for some fun, but I said sorry but I hadn\'t realised he was there. He smiled, a really cute sort of smile and so I leaned in to him and started kissing him, probing his mouth with my tongue. I was getting hard again instantly and put my hand under his towel to feel an impressive hard cock, oozing lots of pre-cum.

I knelt down and licked the pre-cum from his cock, looking straight into the guys eyes as I did. I stood up and kissed him again allowing him to taste his pre-cum. He was wanking me slowly and I noticed he was moaning as we were kissing. I wanted more now, so led him back to one of the private rooms. After locking the door, I turned to see the guy lying on his back on the bed, his cock poking straight into the air. I lay on top of him rubbing my cock against his roughly as I kissed him again. He said, will you fuck me, now? I had never fucked a man before (or been fucked) but thought what the hell. I told him I had never fucked a guy before so he would have to talk me through it so that I knew I wasn\'t going to hurt him by going to quick too soon etc. I took some lube from the dispenser and worked a couple of fingers into his arse, slowly opening him up. At the same time we were kissing again tongue wrestling each other. I was so hard at this point it was almost painful. He stopped kissing and told me that he felt ready. I put a condom on and lubed my cock up and placed it at his hole. I rubbed my cock against his arse gently easing the tip in. He moaned as the head began entering and I stopped to make sure he was ok. He pulled my by my arse cheeks quickly so that I entered him in one movement, right to the hilt.

God it felt tight, but so good as well. I slowly started fucking him working a nice rhythym as he moaned below me. Then he started shouting for me to fuck him really hard. I fucked him hard for about 5 minutes and could feel that I was ready to cum again. As I was fucking him, without me even touching his cock, spunk flew out of it landing on both our chests. I couldn\'t last any longer after that and came into the condom and then collapsed on top of my lover. We kissed again as we recovered and then cleaned up the room and went our separate ways. I took a shower and recalled the events that had happened over the last hour and half or so. After cumming twice I would normally lose all urges, but I was so fucking horny, I was getting hard again. I walked back to the hot tub and there were three guys sitting in there. I sat next to a guy probably mid forties. he said hello and we got chatting, small talk really. He had only just got there he said. I told him what I had been upto over the last hour and half and he said sounds like fun, do you want to come to a room with me? So off we went.

When we got to the room and locked the door, the guy knelt down and started sucking my cock. I was rock hard, although my cock felt a bit sensitive, probably because I had already cum twice. So I stopped him from sucking me and I started sucking him. His cock wasnt that big, maybe 6 inches but still it was nice. I hadnt been sucking him long when he said he was going to cum. No-one had cum in my mouth yet, so I carried on sucking him until he came and swallowed the lot. He wanted to return the favour but I declined as I still felt a bit sensitive. So we went back out and I went into the sauna. There was one guy sat there on his own, young guy early 20\'s I would say. We sat opposite each other. I looked across at him, but he kept his eyes looking down. I thought he wasn\'t interested in anything, but kept looking across at him anyway. He had a nice thick cock which he was playing with, but still he didnt look up. I decided to move across to him and see what his reaction would be. He never moved, but kept playing with his cock. So I said, can I do that for you? He didn\'t speak but dropped his hand away, which I took to mean I was ok to take over. His cock felt great in my hand as I slowly wanked it. After a couple of minutes of slowly wanking him and no words being exchanged, he suddenly turned towards me grabbed my head and started kissing me like a man possessed. I could barely catch a breath and caressed his body when I noticed for the first time how muscular he was. I was now incredibly turned on, and from now-where asked this hunk if he wanted to fuck me. I had never been fucked before and had never had the urge to be, but all of a sudden I wanted this guy to take me.

I led him to one of the private rooms and lay down for him. I told him I had never been fucked before and he told me he would be gentle. I felt the coldness first of his lubricated finger, slowly working my arse. I tightened in apprehension and felt a little pain and gasped. He said I had to relax and started kissing me again. that certainly did the trick. I succumbed to the pleasures his fingers were given me as he slowly worked me and kissed me at the same time. It felt like we had been there for ages when he said he thought I was ready. He put on a condom and more lube and slowly rubbed his cock against my arse. I had tightened again, bracing myself for some pain I think. He kept telling me to relax and I couldn\'t at first. He kept trying, slowly pushing when I felt this real sharp pain and cried out. He told me the head was in and that I would loosen up now as I got used to it. Sure enough the pain slowly went and I started to enjoy the sensation. He started pushing a bit more, stopping to allow me to get used to it, then asked if i was Ok. I said it was brilliant! He told me he was all the way in now. I asked him to fuck me, which he did, very slowly. In fact he didn\'t really fuck me but made love to me. He was very gentle, kissing and caressing me all the time and I was loving it. As he picked up the pace a bit, I wanted to wank myself and started to. He took over and wanked me as he fucked me, and soon I was cumming. After I had cum, my lover really started fucking me fast and I loved it, until he collpased on top of me. Wow, I think is all I can say. To all those who have thought about being fucked but not tried it, I urge you to. It is a wonderful sensation, although I do admit I was a bit sore for a day or two later.

All this happened in April and I havent been back since, but writing this final part has given me the urge!!!