Written by Georges

9 Dec 2011

During a recent visit to Paris I decided to visit a sauna club near the Champs-Elysees. I had gained experience previously in London so I walked in shamelessly, paid the fee and moved to the locker-room and shower etc.. My towel round my waist I headed to the dark room going back cublicles or locked doors where noise could be heard faintly.

My cock was already hard when I pushed the door. The room was full of steam. I took a seat and waited trying to see who was there in the steam and the semi-darkness.

There were about 5 males here. Everyone was wanking as if they were expecting something to happen. The man next to me was about 60, quite charming I must admit. Suddenly I felt his left hand moving about my leg until I turned round and nooded, giving him authorization to move on ! So from under my towel he grasped my cock and started to wank it making it harder. Meanwhile I did the same to him. He asked if we should take a private room. I followed him and locked the door behind me. The room was semi-lit. I knlet down and started to suck his cock. He was standing against the wall, caressing my head. While holding his cock upright I caressed his balls alternatively, sucked his cock again, returned to his balls until he became quite excited, warning me that somehing would happen. I kept my lips around his cock, just withdrawing a little and got a full spalsh of his sperm into my mouth. Then I pushed my lips forward and took it all down my throat. It was quite good. He then pushed me back on the mattress and did the same to me. Later he asked whether I would like to visit him at his home as he did not find this place comfortable and had to leave.

So later in the evening I took the tube and reached his home in Notting Hill. He lived on his home and had quite a nice flat. After drinking up a bottle of wine, we undressed and went to bed. Then he took out of a drawer a tube of lube. We played with our cocks, did a 69, me over him and I felt his finger touching my anus, giving me quite some excitement. Then it all happened. He asked me to be dogstlye, lubed my butt and pushed his cock slowly in. I accepted it since he as using a condom and his cock was not so big. the sensation was tremendous. He moved in and out for about 30 minutes. He seemed to be quite an expert, moving in slowly or resuming at a faster pace. The moment he tought he would cum he withdrew, removed his condom and asked me to suck it off. Which I did. Subsequently, after a while and a drink, he asked me to fuck him. I really enjoyed it, holding his nice bottom-cheeks with my hands while moving in and out... At the end of our session I took a shower before leaving him but he said that he would text me one day as he was tempted to organize a 3some with an other guy. More then later...