Written by Cefyn

23 Aug 2011

My first job was in a hotel in a seaside resort in North Wales.I was'nt the brightest lad in my school so it was just a basic cleaners job.What seemed like promotion at the time was getting to do the guests rooms,I used to get a bit of stick from some of the female chambermaids,three older women,mostly good humoured,saying that I must be a nancy boy,I did'nt know it at the time but I was a nancy boy.

I was brought up in a rural house where sex was never mentioned,my mother and father seldom spoke to each other.I liked to wank and would go for a walk in the fields to find somewhere private to do it,I thought I was the only person who wanked.

I knocked on the door of a guests bedroom and when I did'nt get an answer I went in,the bed was empty so I assumed he had gone out for the day.When I stripped back the bed there was a magazine under the bedclothes,right away I could see it had pictures of naked men with hard cocks,I'd never seen anything like it before.I started to turn the pages and there were more and more pictures,even though they were just pictures it was clear that they were wanking and further on in there were pictures of two men wanking each other,at first it almost did'nt make sense,why would men be doing something like that to each other,but something was awakened in me that morning,firstly as I looked through the magazine I got a hardon and felt an almighty urge to wank but of course I could'nt do it there and then.

I could'nt stop myself,I tore some of the pages out folded them and put them in my pocket.A second or two later the door opened and in walked the guest,a man probably in his fifties,well dressed,a business type chap.He made me jump,sorry he said did'nt know the cleaner was in,forgot my brolly,its going to rain.

He noticed the magazine on the bed where I'd dropped it,I could feel my face burning,there was a bit of an embarrassing moment,he knew I'd been looking at it,we stood looking at each other,sorry he said and he picked it up,just a bit of fun,he said trying to smile,he put his hand in his pocket and produced some money,our little secret OK,I took the money and nodded,it was still embarrassing as he put the magazine in his suitcase and left the room.

Later in the day I saw him come in and go to his room,he smiled at me.A bit later he came back downstairs,I was cleaning in the hallway,you little thief he said you've stolen something from my room,the pages from the magazine came immediately to mind and felt myself go red,I'm reporting you,he was saying.I could hear myself denying it but I was'nt sounding very convincing,probably knowing that I had actually stolen something.

I'll give you a bit of time to think about it then if its retuned we'll say no more about it,it never occurred to me that he probably would not have reported it,he headed back upstairs.

I finished my shift shortly afterwards and decided that to keep my job and even more important a secret what I'd actually stolen,I had no choice.I went upstairs to his room and nervously looking around me I knocked on his door,who is it he asked,its me I said,almost unable to speak,it seemed to take for ever but then he opened the door,he was naked.

Sorry I'm saying I'll come back,not knowing where to look,it did'nt help that he was sporting a hardon.Oh no he said you need to come in,get inside,I just felt too scared to argue,I went in his room,I heard him lock the door.I stood in the middle of the room again trying to look anywhere but at his cock,which was proving almost impossible,because it seemed to have a life of its own and moving up and down and equally impossible not to notice was the swollen almost purple head completely clear of his foreskin.

You're not the little innocent you look he said,you must have taken the pages to wank,if you'd asked me I would have let you borrow it all and others,have you got them.He seemed to be oblivious that he was naked and his cock was hard,he was telling me off like I was the one behaving in a bad way,he was holding his hand out for them.

I put my hand in my trousers pocket and produced them,he took them from me and unfolded them,I like them ones myself he said,young cocks,as he looked at them he put his fingers around his cock and gave himself a wank,yes they are my favourites he said,you made a good choice,young cocks,can I go I managed to say.

Definitely not he said,definitely not,I have something to show you,he still seemed completely oblivious to his nakedness and the funny thing was I had got a bit used to it,even though my eyes just won't stop looking at his jerking cock and I'm aware of the droplet of clear liquid leaking from it.

He put his suitcase on the bed and opened it and produced 6 or7 more magazines,take your clothes off he said,I felt my head explode,do you want me to help you he said,I managed to say no,then take them off he said,I don't know if it was the slight hint of menace in his voice or the fact that he was so relaxed being naked that made me do it,he layed the magazines out on his bed and started to slowly turn the pages,every page contained at least two young men wanking each other or doing something I'd never even imagined,sucking cock.

He's looking at the pages as he turns them,then at me as I slowly undress,I was glad I'd put on clean underpants that morning,I was actually thinking that,now thats all I've got on.I know my cock is semi hard,he can see it too,don't stop now he said,he's got his fingers on a page of the magazine moving them up and down over a picture of a young man sucking another young mans cock,his eyes are constantly moving from my face to my hands holding the band of my underpants.

He reaches and takes over,pushing my pants down,my cock already almost fully hard touches his arm,he looks at it and smiles,that IS a young one he said,that IS a beauty.Suddenly that wank in a field was a million miles away,for the first time a strangers fingers closed around my cock and I was suddenly aware of something I'd never noticed in my own hand,the massive throbbing.

I stood there and let him wank me as he turned the pages of the magazines,looking from my face to my cock to the pictures,mine he said,again with that air of authority,stroke mine,I did'nt want to,I'd never done anything like it before,but his eyes forced me to obey.I nearly pulled my hand away at the first touch,but he squeesed hard on my cock and one word,STROKE,my hand was shaking so much I'm surprised I did'nt wank him straight off,nice he said,nice,good boy,stroke it faster,he started to wank me faster.

All my fears suddenly seemed to go my cock was as hard as it could possibly get ,I was enjoying every movement of his hand,I suddenly did'nt want it to stop,I was'nt even looking at the magazines I was looking at his cock and almost for the first time noticed his balls moving up and down as I wanked him.

I knew I was going to come off,even though I tried to hang on and though I'd never before wanked another man I knew he was'nt far off.A couple of seconds after I started to empty my spunk over the bed and onto his arm he's matching me burst for burst,I can feel the heat as some of it lands on me.

I ended up cleaning the room anyway,he was supposed to be there for just three days but ended up booking in for another week,I overheard him tell the manageress that it was because he's discovered some lovely little unspoilt treasures in the area and was hoping to take some nice pictures of them and he did.