Written by panza

1 Dec 2010

After my first experience of cock in the swimming pool showers, I discovered cottaging. The Uni was one of the old ones, with some toilets in the dim unlit part of the cloisters. There were around 10 quite large cubicles with small peep holes. They were never very busy, I was soon to discover, but when I first went in I read the writing on the walls with a tingling of excitement. I dropped my trousers and pants and sat down. In seconds my cock was hard and in my hand, getting stroked as I read and re-read the graffiti. Then a piece of paper came over the partition wall. I opened it and read 'Can I come in?' I bent down to look through the small hole and saw an eye! I backed away but leaned forward again and saw a guy standing back against the cubicle wall showing his hard on. I was trembling - not knowing how risky this was and if I was up for what would happen. I stood up, and slowly and deliberately pulled up my pants and trousers and then slowly pulled the snib back to let the door be pushed open and a guy in his mid forties came in. When he came in he snibbed the door shut and immediately crouched down to put his hand on my crotch, feeling my cock through my jeans and with his other hand undid my flies. At 6 feet tall, slim, and fit, I was obviously the type he went for. It felt electric. He forced my tight jeans and pants down to me ankles and pushed my tight fitting t-shirt up and eagerly took my erect cock in his mouth. He had one hand on my balls and ran his other hand across my chest and stomach. I was naked from my shoulders to my ankles. He licked and sucked the full length of my shaft and ran his hand down the crease of my arse and down my legs. I was standing with my legs apart, my concentration on what was happening to my cock, with the slight chill of the air on my near naked body. The excitement was too great and I didnt last long before I started to come. He carried on sucking and swallowed everything I produced. He stood up and smiled and ran his hand over me as I started to get my things together. He let himself out and I snibbed the door shut. I was unsure of how I felt. But had enjoyed the attention. He hadn't had any relief himself but hadnt seemed to bother. As I got dressed, another piece of paper came over the wall. Someone had obviously gone into the cubicle and seen what had happened. 'PLEASE let me come in' it said. But I had satisfied my immediate urge. I shook my head and another similar note came over. But I opened the door and left quietly and quickly. I would be drawn back there another time in the near future, I knew. And had become aware of the excitement of a stranger's attention in a public place. That was a drug I couldn't resist.