Written by Amy

29 Sep 2009

I assumed we were going to the toilets where I,d met him,we were,nt You sure you,re Ok with this he asked,we can call it off now if you want.How do we manage going in if theres men already there I asked,anybody already there won,t mind he said,if theres an empty cubicle just come straight in with me.

We ended up at toilets some distance from the others at the far end of the prom,the light was already fading.There was a couple of cars parked in the large visitors car park,I could see the lights were on in the toilets,the place was deserted.He reached in the glove compartment and took out tissues,condoms and what I now know are poppers,he looked at me and smiled,I was nervous but excited.

There were about six cubicles,all the doors were open except for one.There was a chap standing at the stalls,he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was wanking,he turned around his cock in his hand and watched us go in the cubicle next to the occupied one,obviously assumed we were a couple of fellas,it was small but big enough for both of us.

There was a large hole in the wall between the cubicles,Nick bent down and looked through then nodded for me to have a look.There was a chap sitting on the toilet he was completely naked wanking himself,Nick had already started to take his clothes off,I stood by the wall and watched him,I could see he was shaking,he was getting very excited,he did,nt seem to mind being barefoot on the spunk stained floor.

He removed his jeans and put them on the cistern,I could hear the slapping of a hand next door as the rate of wanking increased.Nick removed his top and sat on the toilet in just his bra and briefs,he did,nt yet have an erection.He put his hand in his undies and started to play with himself,looked at me and winked then lifted his cock out and started to wank himself,that was actually the first time I,d seen him wank.

My fanny was seriously pulsating as I watched him.I heard somebody else enter the toilets and whispering from the stalls,Nick just continued to wank himself,his cock now rock hard just his balls contained in the briefs.A movement from next door then a cock came through the hole,it was a much darker colour to Nicks the foreskin was fully back the pulsing of the swollen almost blue head visible.

Nick reached for it and started to wank it slowly,two sets of fingers were gripping onto the top of the partition,Nick reached through the hole and lifted the balls through holding them in one hand as he wanked on the cock with the other.I was,nt expecting it when he nodded for me to have a go,I could feel it jerking and swelling as we changed hands,it had been a long time since I,d held a cock in my hand.

Nick offered me his balls then sat back and wanked himself as he watched me wanking him,my fanny felt like it was on fire.Nick came forward and took the cock from my hand and took it in his mouth,I could hear his sucking as his head moved up and down.The fingers left the top of the partition and I heard the bolt being undone next door and somebody enter then a voice saying yes go on.

There was suddenly a lot of moaning and grunting and then the partition shaking ,the cock in Nicks mouth pushing backwards and forwards,he was being fucked while Nick sucked on his cock.Somebody tried our door,it was locked,he went in the next cubicle and his face immediately appeared at the hole on that side.The banging on the partition increased and I could hear and see Nick swallowing,he was gulping down spunk.

A cock came through the other partition,I reached for it and started wanking it,Nick finished sucking off on his side and the softening cock dissappeared.A hand came through looking for Nicks cock,he let them have it,standing sideways on to give me a full view of it being wanked,he took the other cock from my hand and said take your clothes off,this could last for some time,do you want to suck a cock,I nodded he smiled.