Written by boxershortboy

12 Feb 2008

This happened last saturday, 2nd Feb 08. I am a married guy, but have been bedding a good amte of mine for over 10 years now on a very casual and discreet basis. No one knows about our sex sessions. Usually i call or text him during the week and arrange to hook up on a saturday morning, last week i was in town visiting parents unexpectidly, and just decided to call round to his on the offchance that he might be in. He is always busy at the weekend, wither at the gym or walking. Better tell u a little about us then, i am 37 5ft 10 13stone and toned body. My mate, andy is 41 very fit and toned, still got most of his 6 pack and hairy all over. So i drove to his place and parked up outside his house, his car was on the drive so i knew he was in, cool i thought, a bit of un-scheduled cock, little did i know of the suprise i was about to get.

I rang his door bell and it took a couple of minutes for andy to answer the door, he did just wearin a pair of really short running shorts, the ones with a high cut up the side, i just looked at the bulge in them as he said hello, he moved aside and i walked in. as i did he closed and locked the door behind him, he only locks the door wen we are going up to his bedroom, i thought god he must be horny today. Usually we have a coffee and a chat then got to bed for a fuck for an hour or so, but today was differant. He just started to walk up the staors and as he got half was up he turned to me and said get up here and have a look at this!!!a s i got to the top of the stairs and glanced into his bedroom, he was already dropping his shorts and then introduced me to craig. craig looked about 25, 6ft tall, fair hair, smooth allover except for a huge amount of hair at the base of his hard erect 9\" cock. he just smiled and said "hey" and winked at me, andy got on the bed behind him and just slammed his hard thick cock straight into craigs ass. andy was fuckin g this boy hard and he loved it, i couldnt resist, so i ripped my shirt off and down came my jeans and boxers together, i was rock hard by this point and wanted this boy\'s cock down my throat. i got on the bed as andy was still banging this lads ass, and took his cock straight into my mouth as he began to suck me off, i could feel every thrust of andy banging his ass as his cock banged the back of my throat. this boy could suck cock too, he was taking my 8\" right down the back of his throat and andy\'s 9\" right up his tite ass. after about 10 minutes of frantic fucking, andy begas to make the familiar noise he made as he was about to cum, craig took my cock from his throat and shouted fuck me, fuck me full of your cum, with that andy shot his load inside craig\'s ass and craig sucked and wanked my load out of me, a few seconds later he was shooting the most enormous load of hot white thisk spunk all over my face and hairy chest.

This boy was hot, i stayed at asny\'s for about 3 hours and all 3 of us got spit roasted that afternoon, i got fucked by craig, he was amazing, one of the best hardest and horniest fucks i had ever had.

Il tell you more wen we mee tup next time.