Written by 26biboy

8 May 2011

Hi this happened to me a couple of weeks ago hope you like hearing about what a cum slut i was read the 1st part (what a weekend).

I had a lovely long shower and then went to the bedroom that I was going to sleep in not that I could imagine I was going to get much sleep, John had layed out another outfit for me and i began to get dressed I put on the stockings and suspender belt and a sexy black basque and then a tight blck pencil skirt and blonde wig and tarty makeup. As i was putting on my lippy I heard the doorbell go and then heard peter and john chatting to what sounded like two more guys, peter came upstairs how are you getting on he said Im nearly done just finishing off my makeup and then I stood up and gave a little twirl, wow peter said you look amazing a proper little xd slut right lets get you downstairs and introduce you to the others.

Peter led me into the lounge John was on the sofa with another guy next to him he was prob about 50 quite tall and well built peter intorduced him as paul he stood up came over to me and looked me up and down and said what a cracker and then gave me a long french kiss and then stood there with his arm around me the door to the kitchen opened and large attractive black guy again about 50 walked in and introduced himself as tony, I nearly shot my load there and then I have always wanted to be with an older black guy but until now have never got the chance, tony came up to me took my face in his big hands and kissed me tenderly hello gorgeous we're going to have some fun with you aren't we, I just nodded speak up slut tony said and grabbed my nipple hard I winced and said yes I hope you guys enjoy using me, we will you little cunt now get on your knees and show me and paul if your as good at sucking cock as peter tells us you are.

I drop straight to my knees and tony and paul whip off there trousers and boxers and I'm presented with two lovely big cocks paul is semi hard and about 6.5 inchs and thick and uncut, tony is also semi hard and about 7 inchs and really thick and he has a really big pink bellend and large balls and his cock is really veiny, I love sucking cock so get straight to work and soon I'm taking them both in turns and gagging as they force them further down my throat they are now both rock and quite a bit bigger, Paul is really fucking my mouth and gasps that hes coming and just fills my mouth I gulp down as much as i can but alot spills down my chin, pauls cock is repaced by johns and tony goes around behind me and unzips my skirt and slides it off I didn't put any panties on so I'm now just in stockings and suspender blt and basque, mmmm says tony and starts to slap his ahrd cock on my bum and then starts to rub it around my crack and hole peter walks over and gives him some lube and a condom and then joins john and I strat to alternate betwen their cocks, I feel the cold lube on my crak and tony starts to push his big fat fingers into me and is soon ramming three up there stretching me ready for his big dick, He slides his fingers out and I feel his big bell push against me and i try and relax he spread my cheeks with his hands and hepops in its momentarily sore but that is soon repalced by an amazing feeling of been filled up to the brim with my first big black cock, He lets it rest there for a while and slowly starts to fuck me I find myself pushing back on to him not wanting to let the feeling go, oh this slut loves it I am going to fuck the arse off this white cunt I now have jons cock and peters in my mouth and tony grabs my hips and really starts to fuck me everynow and then he slaps my arse and tells me what a filthy cunt I am it's to much for john and he blows his load in my mouth and face and peter pushs his cum into my greedy mouth and then starts to cum aswell, I gulp down as much as I can and tony lifts me up onto the couch and lies me down on my back lifting my legs up and slides his fat cock into my stretched asshole and starts a steady pump.

Paul comes over to the couch and kneels down and starts to kiss me and play with my nipples what a dirty little cunt he says to tony I know and he is so fucking tight I feel like I'm going to rip him in half, you love it dont you paul says to me oh god yes Ireply as tony keeps pounding me paul kisses me again and then says tell us all what a cumslut you are and how much your enjoying yourself, I am loving it having all these big daddy cocks to play with and having my little boycunt stretched by tonys big black dick,Peter then comes over and says lets take the cumslut into the garden and team fuck him, so I'm lifted off tonys big dick my hole is gaping and tony and paul both spit in it and I slide my 2 fingers in then lick them tony grabs my face and spits in it you fucking love it you total slag oh yeh i do im a dirty little cunt that needs using, they drag me up and drag me outside john puts a blanket over a table and they lie me down on my back my head is hanging down and my asshole is still gaping down the other end. Right peter says each of us has to fuck the cunt as hard and as fast as we can and then just before you cum you pull out and the next guy takes over and while your not fucking the little slut can wank and suck you, I am in heaven I love it when guys talk about me like Im not even there or I am just there to be used and abused and now I have four mature guys all waiting to fuck me I feel like a total slut, tony slams back into me and paul jams his cock in my mouth I feel a cock in each hand and I wrap my fingers around them and start to wank them hard, noone is holding back they are all loving ittony hammers me for about two minutes then pulls out and john replaces him and starts to bang away at my now well fucked ass they are all egging each other and abusing me calling me a cunt and a slag and saying they own me and how i have to obey them joh is replaced by paul and he flips me over and slaps my ass hard before he rams into me peter is fucking my throat and i'm trying my best to wank the others pauls cock feels so deep in me god i love doggy, then paul swaps with peter and i get tony lovely cock in my mouth, peter really bangs me my arse is on fire then he says right get the slut on the ground lets cover her in come, im roughly pushed to my knees just as peter shoots all over the side of my face shortly followed by john then paul and then tony stands in front of me i look up at him and he stars to push the other guys into my mouth then he says he wants to come in my ass before I have time to complain he lifts me up bends me over and slides in right up to his balls then hammers me for about a minute before grabbing my hips and I feel great spurts of come in my ass he slides out and pushes me back down so Im crouching and his cum starts to drip out of my arsehole dont waste it says tony and I put my hand down to catch it and then lick his cum off my fingers then I lick his cock clean then paul peter and john join him in front of me I think the slut could use a shower says peter and i feel his hot piss hit my basque then they are all pissing and I have two fingers up my arse and i'm wanking my cock I come in about 2 seconds and almost collapse paul and tony help me up and tony takes me off for a shower a real one this time and we end up fucking again in there with tony lifting me up and banging me against the wall and I wrap my legs around him.

The rest of the day/night and next day is all a bit of a blur but I basically got fuck all over the house in allsorts of positions it was one of the best weekends ever and I cant wait to repeat it. I have met up with tony again and he says he is going to get some of his black friends to gang fuck me, he treats me like a total slut and he and john had a bit of an argument because he has been keeping me all to himself but i dont care because i just love him abusing me and I cant get enough of his fat black cock.

I will tell all if this gang bang comes off fingers crossed it does xx