Written by se22topnbtm

27 Oct 2010

I’m 42 years old, have been with my partner, who’s 50, for 8 years. I love him deeply but the sexual chemistry we had for the first 5 years of our relationship has faded into a cozy, tactile relationship. We kiss and cuddle, we’re best friends, but he’s stopped being interested in sex with me, or with anyone much, even the threesomes I arrange to spice things up often leave him less than interested. And after 3 years of being rejected, I have begun to look elsewhere for the sex side of my life.

I used to be quite good looking and could pull pretty much anyone I fancied. But the last 3 years have seen me put on a little weight and I tend to avoid mirrors and shop windows as I feel disgusted with my reflection.

I used to be sexy and in demand (and I knew it and used it to full advantage), now I wouldn't say that I am any more.

A few months ago, during a bit of a mad night out with a good female Australian friend of mine I met David.

He’s 41 years old, dark hair, blue eyes with a wolfish smile, 6 feet tall, slim athletic build, a local South London lad and handsome in a way that only a very few men are.

He’s masculine without effort, easygoing, charming and completely secure in who he is. He’s the sort of guy both women and men instantly notice and he’s not easy to take your eyes off. A man’s man and, to my way of thinking, sex on legs.

I bumped into him again the following week at an after hours drinking den that our friends sometimes go to for that last drink before going home.

We chatted drunkenly, swapped numbers and promised to stay in touch and catch up with eachother if we were out for a drink.

A few more weeks passed and I was invited to a friend’s birthday party.

It was a pretty wild night with about 100 people all crammed into a small venue.

David was there and greeted me as soon as I walked in with a big smile, a warm “Hello Matie, I was hoping you’d be here” and a big bear hug.

He then did something odd and touched my face in a very gentle affectionate way.

We spent the evening together telling stupid stories, mucking about, dancing a bit with some of the girls I knew at the party (one of whom he had his eye on) and then went our separate ways.

The following day I got a text. It was from David inviting me to meet him for a drink in a pub in Waterloo.

I went to meet him feeling oddly guilty as I liked him but reasoned that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, just having a mate who wasn’t one of our friends as a couple.

I didn’t tell my partner I where I was going or why.

I got to the pub and David was there with a friend of his.

He bought me a drink and we chatted about this and that, I mostly chatted to his mate, who's a milkman and has a good line in filthy very funny stories.

After about 2 hours I got a text from a girl friend back in South London reminding me that we were all meeting, with my partner, in a pub back down South.

So I explained that I had to go and David jumped into the car with me to get a lift back.

On the way, crawling through Sunday traffic, we talked about the girl he spent 11 years with and just missed getting married to, who it turns out I used to know as she’s from my hometown in Hampshire.

He talked about his childhood, his family and his expectations, his relationships with women and why he hasn’t found someone to settle down with.

He told me that he never discusses these things with the people he knows and that he felt that he was telling me all his secrets, but it was OK because he trusted me.

He told me he knew that I was gay but that it didn’t make any difference to him.

He asked about my other half and our relationship.

I felt an odd combination of being completely secure in his company, knowing that he’d look out for me. I suppose you’d call it male bonding, something I’ve never really had with a straight man.

We parted ways when we got back home and I dropped him off in a pub where he had arranged to meet a friend and went to meet my friends and other half.

2 weeks later I was getting ready to go on holiday and got a text from David asking me for a drink on one of the nights I was away. I explained why I couldn’t and told him I’d see him when I was back.

On the night I got home I went to bed early and woke the next day to find missed calls, a text and voicemail from David.

The voicemail informed me that he was a bit drunk but wanted to know when I was coming back and that he missed me.

Then there was the text: “ I know I’m straight but you make me so horny”.

To say I was gobsmacked is an understatement.

It took me a while to take it all in, but I sent him a text back saying that I was back, would like to see him. I thought the text must have been a mistake.

My partner and I had some birthday parties that we were invited to the following weekend and on the Sunday we met some friends in the pub for lunch which turned into afternoon drinks. It turned into a big mixed group of single girls, couples and us.

So I sent a text to David asking him to join us.

He appeared eventually with his current on/off girlfriend who I’d not met before.

We went outside for a smoke and I asked him about the text he’d sent me.

He looked bashful and said: “Look, I liked you when I first met you. I’m straight. I fancy women. I’ve only ever experimented with 3 guys in my life. I don’t know why but when I look at you I just want to get naked!”

Then he said: “Anyway, now that I’ve met your other half and seen my competition, I thought you’d have better taste. He’s got no chance!”


By this stage, I was completely thrown. This stunning bloke, this beautiful man, who everyone I was with commented on how lovely he was, wanted me! Me?

He leant forward and whispered to me that he had to have me immediately that night.

He said he hadn’t been able to have sex with his girlfriend ever since he knew I was back.

I said that it wouldn’t be possible, I was with my other ½, he was with his girlfriend, and besides, we were with friends and we couldn’t just slip away unnoticed.

We finished smoking and went back inside the pub, after a while I got up and went to the toilet.

A few seconds later, he knocked on the door and came into the cubicle.

I was really nervous.

He smiled at me, his big wolfish grin and cupped my face in his hands.

He looked deep into my eyes and planted the softest sweetest kiss I’ve had for years on my lips.

And I felt like I my knees would give out as he stoked my the sides of my face with his big strong hands.

He kissed me like I was something fragile but with more passion than I’ve felt since the first man I fell in love with when I was 18.

My cock went instantly pulsatingly hard.

I put my hands on his buttocks and pulled him closer. I began to explore his arse with one hand, feeling the muscles flex in his thighs as he leant into me.

I brought the other hand to the front of his jeans and felt for his dick, slightly larger than mine, which was already straining against the material.

I unzipped his fly, bent my head and took all of him to the hilt into my mouth, his cock wet with precum.

He put his hand on my neck and lifted my head, tore open the buttons on my fly, dropped to his knees and took me into his mouth.

I had to bite my lip not to gasp out loud.

He started slowly sucking me, as if my cock was something precious, and then stood up, whispered in my ear “I’ve waited 8 weeks for this, so don’t you dare cum yet.” and knelt back down to get my cock in his mouth again.

After about 2 minutes I gently pushed him away and said that we had to stop.

We’d be caught if one of my mates, or my partner, came into the toilets.

He kissed me again and we left the cubicle.

We went back to the group and finished our drinks.

Last orders were called and I headed for home, my partner continuing on to one of our friend’s flat for a nightcap.

David and his girlfriend went home in a cab.

Whilst he was at the taxi office, his girlfriend and I shared a smoke.

She said: “Do you think David might be gay?”

“No.” I lied, picturing him with my cock in his mouth barely 40 minutes earlier. “Why would you say that?”

She replied: “Well, for the last few months he seems to have gone off me.”

“That doesn’t mean he’s gay, ? And anyway, when he’s out for a drink, you know what he’s like.” I said.

“Maybe. But it’s something I’ve always suspected” was her reply.

At 3.00 AM I got another text saying simply:

“I want your cock and I’m gonna have you!”

That was last weekend.

I know without doubt that I’m in big trouble……