Written by dazzagg1

17 Jul 2007

I left work an went home an had a shower an got changed I was due to meet

Mike the guy from work at 8.30 I was really looking forward to it.He had wanked me off in the works bogs an I cum very quick once he gripped my prick.I put on a T shirt an a pair of white pants no underpants I wanted my cock to show out for him the pants were quite tight an showed my prick off a treat.Wen I got to the pub it was very quiet and got a drink an sat in the back room..After a few minutes Mike walked in an he looked real fucking tasty he was wearing a dark blue shirt an a pair of light blue jeans which fitted him good showing his bulge. he came over an said Hi Daz m8 good to see ya, hope yu dont mind I gotta m8 coming in later if its ok.. Sure I said Mike no prob m8..I was a bit disapointed coz I thought we were gonna have some fun on the way home..He sat down next to me an looked straight into my crotch an said Fuck me Daz yr pants fit yu great m8 they dont leave anything to the imagination do they..As I told ya Mike it pays to advertise. He laughed I said yr jeans show most of wot yu got m8 which looks real tasty to me..I said I gotta go take a piss m8 be right back. I went into the bog for a piss an went straight back into the back room where Mike was waiting. As I walked towards him he was staring at the bulge in my pants. I said like wot yu see m8 I told ya earlier its all yrs m8 wenever yu want it. Jeeze Daz it looks fucking huge m8 watching yu walk over here gave me a semi hard on m8..good I said I was hoping we cud have some fun on the way home yu mean it he said sure I do m8 told its all yrs if yu want it..I sat down an he moved into the corner there was nobody else in the back room so I stretched my legs out under the table an opened them as wide as I cud making my leg press against his. He returned the pressure an he said fuck me m8 yu look so fucking horny..I felt his hand move onto my leg an start to rub up an down my thigh, nice one Mike if ya slip yr hand between my legs it,ll make me horny m8. He moved his hand till it was resting on my cock and pushed it thru my pants into my leg,thats it m8 dont be shy get hold of the fucker it likes yu playing with it, ok if I feel yrs m8. yeah Daz the fuckers getting hard for yu.. I reached over an gripped his prick thru his jeans , nice fucking dick m8 nice fat fucker yu got I like playing with yr prick another inch m8 an I'd be playing with my own..His hand was real busy on my prick rubbing up an down the length making it fully hard for him while he played with it. I reached up to the clip on the waist of his jeans an opened it up an started to unfasten the buttons. yu Ok with this m8 sure I am he said yu make me so fucking horny yu can do wotever yu want Daz..good job its quiet in here..I reached into his open fly and pushed my hand in till I found his prick an grabbed hold of it pulled it outta his jeans an started squeezing it feeling it throb in my hand.I felt him open my zipper an shove his hand into my pants till it was touching my prick..Get the fucker out Mike an toss me off m8 I wanna cum so bad for yu.. me too he said ,,I felt as he pulled my prick outta my pants an gripped real tight moving his hand up an down my shaft I luv yr prick in my hand Daz it feels so fucking horny m8 having a 9 inch fat prick in my hand an wanking it off... me too m8 yr cock feels good in my hand but I want ya to promise me you'll suck my fucker off on the way home m8. wud luv to he said but yr playing with my cock makes me so fucking horny m8 it aint gonna be long before I cum my load. Thats ok m8 how many times can yu cum in 1 nite.. As many times as yu want Daz an I'm sure yu can cum for England m8.. I can I said I love cumming specially for a goodlooking guy like yu Mike.. Me too he said I'd wanna make yu cum for me at least 3 times wen we get outta here.. No prob I said though I'm gonna make yu cum yr load in here an I hope yr gonna do the same for me. I started wanking him really fast I wanted him to make me cum before his m8 came in an for me to make him shoot his load, He matched me stroke for stroke wanking my prick real fast gripping my prick as tight as he cud an I did the same to him. he was breathing real heavy yu gonna make me cum again Daz m8 wank the fucker harder m8 wank me fucking rough. Ok m8 I said yu do me an I'll do yu an we tossed each other as fast as we cud. He said fuck I'm gonna cum for yu again Daz same here I said keep wanking the fucker like that an I'm gonna shoot for ya m8.. I felt my balls tighten an knew I was gonna cum for him I felt his prick throbbing in my hand and just knew he was on his way to cumming for me we shot our loads at the same time the spunk shooting onto the floor under the table at the same time. Fuck he said fuck fuck I wanna suck yr fat prick m8 I wanna feel ya fuck my mouth till ya cum I wanna suck on yr prick till yu fill my mouth with yr spunk..yu will m8 I promise later yu can suck the fucker off any time yu wanna Mike the fuckers all yrs m8

to be contd