Written by Plymouthjames

2 Dec 2009

Thanks to all you guys who contacted me regarding my previous story and sorry if I have not fully responded yet. It was good to get your comments and as a result I did go back to the club to see if my "friend" was there.

I still needed a drink or two to get the courage up to go in but once in I felt quite relaxed. It was about 11.30 when I got there and the guy whose name I realised I didn't know didn't seem to be there,

I went to the bar and ordered a drink and stood there for a while wondering what to do when I got a pat on the bum. I spun round and saw my friend. "I didn't think you were coming back" he said

"Sorry about that" I responded" I wasn't sure about coming back myself"

"You can't tell me you didn't like it" he said "Oh no I liked it, but I'm just a bit unsure"

He invited me to sit down with him and we talked for a while. Several of his friends came in and sat down, one of which was staring. Like a fool I assumed he was being a bit aggressive but Steven, as I now knew my friend's name, said that he fancied me also. I was flattered.

"Its a bit quiet in here tonight, do you want to come back to mine?" Steven said. "Won't your partner mind?" I said " We're not together anymore, I'm living in a shared flat with him" He pointed at the guy who stared at me earlier. "Well, do you?" "Sure lets go" I said getting excited again.

We left the club and walked toward the nearby houses. After a few minutes he said " I'm pleased you came back. I thought you were really fit but I didn't get a good look last time." " And you think you will this time do you?" I responded with mock offense "Oh I'm pretty certain I'll see all of you this time" He smiled. Cocky sod !!

We got to his place which was a flat in a large house. We went to the second floor and then inside. " Have a seat. Another drink?" " Just a water please"

He brought me the water and we talked a bit about nothing in particular then the conversation moved to the last time we met. This was quite exciting and it showed. My cock was rock hard although I was shaking like a leaf. He noticed and put his hand on my crotch and felt the bulge and the heat.

" I think its time I saw the rest, don't you?" he said and kissed me deeply. His tonge went into my mouth and he began to unbutton my shirt.

He got up and lead me to the bedroom and removed my shirt completely We kept kissing as he undid my belt and then jeans slipping his hand inside. "No underwear again" he said " I never wear any" I said

He pushed me onto the bed and pulled my jeans and shoes off. I was now naked on his bed as he began removing his clothes. My cock was throbbing, it was like it used to be when I was younger. Steven had a good body, quite muscular and hairless, even his cock area was bald which I didn't remember from last time. When his clothes were off he lay down beside me and we kissed again but as with last time there was no subtlety with him. His tonge was in my mouth and his hand was on my cock pumping away. There was no way I wanted to cum yet so I squirmed away and knelt beside him. I grabbed his cock which was also hard and gently wanked it.

He closed his eyes and let me carry on. I bent over and kissed the top before licking round the base of the head. I also flicked that bit at the front which is oh so sensitive and always gets me going. After playing around for a while I took the whole thing in my mouth at which point I heard a sharp intact of breath from Steven. I assumed I was doing something right.

With little experience with this I had to revert to what I had seen in the porno films and began pumping my head up and down the entire length making a lot of noise and making the cock very wet. When I wasn't pumping my head, I was pumping my hand. It must have been about 10 minutes later when he gasped "I'm cumming" " Yeah come on Steve, cum in my mouth" I pumped and sucked hard until i felt the warm jet at the back of my throat. He pulsed four or five times with big jets coming out.

I knew his cock would be very sensitive at that point so I flicked my tonge over the head several times which got a reaction " enough enough !!" he shouted. I squeezed the cock up from the base to get the last drop. I hadn't swallowed yet, so I showed him what was in my mouth. He looked at it and laughed. "Christ that was loads" I nodded before swallowing it in an exaggerated movement before licking my lips. "You taste good" I said and I wasn't lying. I had tasted my own before and enjoyed that. Does everyone's cum taste good?

"Right, your turn" he said smiling. He pushed be onto my back and went straight for my cock. He began pumping straight away. I heard the front door bang and sat up pulling my cock out of Steve's mouth. "What was that?" I said " It'll just be Chris back from the club. Now come back here" He pushed me down and resumed cock sucking.

The door was not quite shut and I could see movement in the room outside. Chris was making a drink and I was only feet away getting my cock sucked!!!

Steve stopped sucking and grabbed me by the hips. He began to roll me over and I knew I was in for another fucking. My heart was really going now and I wanted nothing more than to feel his cock inside me again. Then there was a strange feeling. It felt wonderful and wet. I looked behind just as Steve's face disappeared between my cheeks. Christ that felt good as his tonge darted around my ass and then pushed in. Wow. He reached under and grabbed my cock which was flattened against the sheets. He knelt back and lifted my hips off the bed before resuming with the tonging. Which ever of you guys that said rimming was great wasn't joking. I didn't want it to stop. Eventually it it and I felt movement as Steve reached to a draw and got out a tube of lubricant and a condom.

He put the condom on then squeezed the lube onto his fingers. It was cold on my ass but warmed up as he pushed his finger in me. I felt him move it around and then another finger went in. After a while he withdrew and I felt more movement. I looked back and saw him shuffle forward until his cock bounced on my ass. He was concentrating now on my ass. It was one of those times when you wish you could see as well as feel what was going on. I would have done anything to watch his cock disappear inside me. I felt the pressure and then he was in. Much easier than last time. The lube did its job. He was gentle for a few strokes before withdrawing more and more then pushing more and more back in. Finally I felt his thighs touching my ass. He was all the way in. It felt really good. really full.

After a while he pulled out and I looked behind. " Turn over" he said. I did. He opened my legs and put them over his shoulders. He moved forward which lifted my ass of the bed, just at his cock's level. He positioned himself again and this time I could see a bit more. He pushed and went in straight away. He leaned forward and began humping me. He was watching his cock then my reaction. At this point I could care less what his reaction was, I was feeling great.

I realised I was groaning slightly with every hump. More heavy breathing really. The pressure in my own cock was now intense and I felt the point of no return approach. " Steve, I'm cumming" I said a bit loud bearing in mind we weren't alone " Great do it over yourself" I did just that. Oh god did I cum. Jet after jet came out.

Steve was still grunting and his movements were fast now, he was approaching his own moment. Then he humped hard and didn't withdraw. His cock went very deep and I could feel it pulse. "Christ !!!" he exclaimed. He let my legs fall to the side and gradually withdrew. The condom was full.

He lay on his side both of us breathing heavily and began playing with my cum which was on my belly and chest. He lifted some up and feed it to me. I licked it off his fingers and fed him some.

I looked over to the door which was now a lot wider open than it had been. I assumed his mate had watched us for a while. Perhaps it was their thing otherwise he would have shut the door. Steve got up ad got me a drink from the kitchen. I could hear him talking to Chris. He came back in smiling and still naked.

"Here's your drink. Oh, Chris wants to know who I've got in here. If I tell him, he'll want to come in."

" I'm not sure about that yet" I said smiling "That's not a no then?" he replied.

There is more to this story and to another situation I found myself in if you want to hear more. I'd love to hear from you guys if you like the story or have any suggestions for me !!!