Written by Manbear

13 Oct 2011

I hadn't had any cock fun for ages and suddenly really had the urge to feel nice hard cock again. I joined SH and duly advertised expecting a response mostly from my own age group. I was quite surprised and very excited when I got a particular response to my profile as I am mature and it came from someone nearly half my age. He was smooth and liked quite hairy and mature men the age difference being part of the attraction. We exchanged face and cock pics. He was gentle looking and had about 9inches of what looked like rock hard cock. At the sight of it I had a delicious and very wet wank whilst thinking of what might happen. The prospect excited me so much my mind was buzzing for days! A C2C wank in a private chat room did nothing to calm me down.

We decided what we both would like to do and arranged to meet. Neither of us could accommodate but it was summer and he suggested some woodland fun and that made me even more excited. We met in a quiet but public place then walked along a very quiet track. I was already erect with excitement and in a hidden spot he shoved a hand down my trousers and groped me. It was so good to feel a different hand there.

We moved on and into the woodland where we were totally hidden. Immediately we began undoing each other's clothes and exploring with our hands, enjoying the exciting experience of a different person being so close and so intimate. Last items were alomost torn off and we cushed our bodies against each other, his hard, hard prick pressing against me. Suddenly he was down on his knees and sucking me. I pushed my prick into his mouth enjoying the wonderful sensation of it against his tongue. I keep myself fully shaved so he sucked me deeply until I told him to stop - I didn't want to come to soon.

He had little body hair and an almost girlish structure with especially slim hips. I loved stroking his cute shapely arse then I took his magnificent cock in my mouth. There was so little hair I could take it well in. I knelt before him my hands clutching his arse as I sucked and pushed him deep into my willing mouth. Then I took just the tip and slowly wanked his lovely cock as I sucked and tongued the tip before making him face fuck me hard which I loved.

I wanted to explore his cute bum. He bent over showing off the smooth rounded cheeks and wiggling provocatively. I used my tongue on his skin savouring every lick as he smelt so clean and fresh. We had agreed not to fuck but he was being very flirty. Instead I rubbed my stiff cock all over his bum then up and down between his 'cheeks' delighting in every move as he eagely and sexily moved with me. I stopped and reached round to stroke that gorgeous cock. It was rock hard and dribbling. We turned and faced each other gently wanking each other's rock hard pricks and savouring every moment.

'Coming .. coming ...' I gasped and he knelt in front of me so that I could splash over him. Seven or eight spurts of my hot spunk sprayed over his face and chest then he leapt up and pushed me down - I opened my mouth and he worked hard until a shower hit my face and tongue. I licked round my lips enjoying the hot taste of his fresh spunk. We both panted and gently felt each other, enjoying the slipperyness and the sheer sexuality of what we had done.

All totally true! That was a very special woodland afternoon. How I long for another ...