Written by Harry_22

19 Jul 2012

I stopped for a rest on my way home from work today and by coincidence it was a spot in the hills that I had used for some naughty meetings a few years ago. The place has become a haven for dog walkers and more normal activities so I dare not even have a commemorative wank – well not till I got home and got ready for one anyway. The meetings went like this...

In those days, I was more about the random 'cruise' meetings than anything planned, but invariably sometimes some specific fun was sought after and thanks to this this site and the adverts, I met up with a nice horny guy. Ken (I hope you do not mind me using your real name should you read this!!) was a local guy, a business man who was much older than me, I would late 20s and he would be around 60 I reckoned. I was far from innocent at that time, but my experiences were also fairly limited. This was before the chatroom was in much use and so we would swap emails. I loved how he encouraged me to tell him about wanks I had, where I was and what I was wearing. It soon became apparent that he shared my interest in lingerie and even better that he was an admirer rather than a wearer.

The first time we met, we had text each other in code that we were up for a meeting and that he only had 15 minutes spare. Perfect.

I was waiting patiently in a lay-by just thinking it would be a no show when his car turned up behind me. I led him to a more quiet, off the main road, area and we walked silently about 30 ft into the woods. We stood there looking at each other and I was worried that horny buzz of our meeting had gone somehow. I unbuttoned my shirt (I was also on business up until the point of our meeting) and then undid my trousers and pushed them and my boxers to my knees.

“No undies?” he said sounding disappointed.

“Haha, I cannot wear them to work!” I replied, but it did not seem to lighten the moment. I was suddenly concerned that I would not get a dose of cock so I pulled my shirt aside to try and lure him back in.

His eyes dropped to my semi hard cock and he grinned. He kept this view while I wanked myself till I was harder. He started to unzip and I moved forward.

“Allow me!” I offered and I stood half behind him, reaching round to his fly. I slid my hand in and true to his word (how many times were cocks never described accurately!!?”) my hand rummaged around his fuzzy pubes before I closed my hand around his thick cock. It fit easily in my hand and I felt it immediately start to stiffen. While I fondled him, he finished undoing his trousers. I moved so I could see him, he was about 5 inches and nice and thick. He gasped as I put my hand back around it in the fresh air and now I could stroke it fully I met his sticky pre-come around his helmet. I never get pre-come unless I get accidentally too close to coming so this intrigued me.

While I was paying attention there, his hands had snaked around me, one was on my cock now and the other was clamped on my arse cheek.

“Oh god, oh god!” he moaned in time with his grips on my cock and bum.

“Oh Ken,” I said softly, “are you going to come?”

“Yes,” he answered almost formally, “make me come now!” He twisted away from me, but managed to keep a hold of my stiff dick. I was not sure what I needed to do differently to make him come so I just tugged harder, pushing as far back to his base as I could to increase the forward stroke.

He held his breath before letting out a long grumble and then my hand was warm with his jizz and his hand closed tight on my cock, almost hurting it!

“Oh my,” he said under his breath as he straightened up and dabbed at his cock with his handkerchief. “Are you going to come?” he asked looking at me with a look of hope.

“I am not quite there,” I answered and he looked guiltily at his watch.

I told him to go, I know how time can be tight for meetings. I enjoyed a wank on my own, but not before finding out when he would be free next....

3 days later, I was in the woods again. This time I was in casual clothes, Ken as smart as before. Out of sight of the lane, I pulled down my trackie bottoms and stood before in lacy yellow knickers and hold up stockings. Ken did not waste any time, he moved straight to me and grabbed for my cock. Small from being tucked away for the brief drive, it soon began to swell in his grasp. His spare hand rubbed on my legs in turn feeling the smoothness. In no time my cock was hard at his touch and his hand was venturing again to my arse cheek. I hoped that he was exploring so I offered him encouragement,

“Oh yeah, Ken, that feels nice!” I told him

“It is more than nice,” he responded in that formalness I was starting to know, “it is so sexy!” he whispered, “such a nice surprise in your knickers!”

It was a horny scenario indeed, “Can I get to yours please?” I asked.

“Soon,” he moaned and then mumbled on, “so sexy... not last... so quick” I kind of got the gist and realised how turned on he was as I fumbled for his crotch. He was rock hard and the heat coming from him spoke for itself.

“Get it out,” I pleaded.

“I'll come!” came his honest answer.

“I know,” came mine, “I want that!”

He faced me and opened his trousers and let them fall down. I played my finger over the sticky tip.

“Shall I suck it?” and he moaned back.

“I have never had that!” he said quieter still. I closed my hand around his cock, I thought it was time for some dirty talk like he requests of my emails to him.

“Imagine me being your first!” I said as our tips nudged each other, “my lips around your fat cock... feel my hot gob over your shaft” he moaned again, “fuck my mouth Ken, get it ready for your come!”

“Oh my god,” he interrupted me and I knew that it was not to speak. Rather that his orgasm was on him. I tugged on him and shifted forwards so that my cock nuzzled into his pubes.

“Yeah,” I soothed him, “give me that spunk, Ken!” he gulped and breathe din hard as I felt a splat of heat land on my cock, then another and another. Ken's breathing was ragged as he put his forehead to my shoulder to balance himself.

When his breathing slowed, he spoke up, “and now it is your turn this time!”

There as no argument from me as he moved to my side. One hand dropped to my now soggy but hard cock and the other slid into my knickers, ignoring my cheeks this time, but pushing a finger straight through my arse crack.

“Oh Ken,” I groaned. He let go of my cock and I moved my legs to let him moved his hands over my balls till his two lots of fingers met up. I realised he was rubbing his come in and I got a tingle as I felt his now sticky finger rub on my my hole.

“Tight.” was all he said as he rubbed me, building pressure as he resume wanking my cock. “Come on,” he whispered.

“More,” I begged and as he pushed harder on my arse, I felt my cock shift a gear and my helmet throbbed in his grasp as I came. I watched my come fly out and onto the ground, some hitting the tree that I now leant on,

“Oh good, shhh, shhh,” said Ken and I realised that my volume was pretty high. When I was finished, Ken resumed his more formal approach. “Very nice, very sexy,” he said, “you should get yourself straightened up.”

I smiled as I pulled my holdups back into place and pulled my now come wet knickers back over my cock. I looked up and was amazed to see Ken was hard once more and pulling hard on his cock. His head flew back and I watched him mile 2 more drops from his cock, less impressive this time, but no less impressive to be doing it again so soon.

So Ken became my nice 'quickie' meeting guy and I have more memories of the other placed he put his come for me! Suffice to say the reminiscence fuelled me to have a nice dressed up wank when I got home earlier!