Written by Ste a

10 Feb 2010

I've put up a couple of my experiences on here before but as a married bi they have been the usual toilet tales albeit not bad ones but until this happened I had never previously spent a whole night with another man.

It all came about at my office Christmas party in December, I work away through the week and so when the party was organized at a hotel in Glasgow on a Friday it meant I had to book into the hotel for the night.

It was pretty much your usual Christmas do with the fellas getting as pissed as they could and then leering over the ladies who to be fair where equally as pissed and as time wore on got more and more flirty with the guys, I hadn't had too much to drink as I had to drive back home early the next morning and so the more drunk everyone else got the less I enjoyed it so by midnight I had decide I'd had enough and slipped out without my colleagues noticing, all except for A.

As I was getting into the lift he shouted for me hold the door and joined me in the lift, now A is a fairly average looking guy about average height in his mid forties, he had always come across as quite effeminate and most in the office suspected he was probably gay but he had always kept himself to himself though he is well liked, he lives an hour away from Glasgow so he too had booked a room rather than pay over the odds in a taxi, anyway he asked me if I was calling it a night and I explained that I was driving early and so on, he said he came away as it wasn't his thing and he hadn't wanted to go but felt it might be worth it so he went anyway but was regretting it now.

A was stopping on the same floor as me but as we left the lift I couldn't avoid noticing the huge bulge in his trousers, well this was an instant turn on and straight away I was feeling as horny as fuck but at the same time I knew I couldn't dare act on it as it was way too close too home or so I thought. As we approached his room he turned and asked if I fancied a quick coffee and before my brain could kick in to say no the part of it that controlled lust had already instantly said yes and so in I went, I sat on the sofa that was in the corner of the room and A made us both a drink- it was at that point he asked if I minded him taking off his trousers as his belt was killing him, so I said no that would be fine but instead of just his trousers he removed his shirt as well to reveal a lovely body, nice amount of body hair and quite tanned as well but the thing that my eyes were instantly drawn too was the outline of his cock in his tight fitting boxer shorts.

I had noticed it seemed big from when it was semi hard in his trousers but by now it was erect in his shorts but also huge with it. I don't know if he had decided to go for broke but he came straight over and sat next to me and told me that I had been the reason he had gone to the party as he had noticed me stare at him from time to time in the office- I admitted then that I was bi and yes I had stared at him, with this he stood and removed his shorts to finally reveal the biggest cock I have seen, it wasn't just the length(about 9") but also the huge girth as well and by now it was rock hard, and by this point I couldn't resist anymore so I dropped to my knees and started sucking it for all was worth.

As I sucked I removed my clothes and we moved onto his bed and strangely given how effeminate he is he was extremely dominant probably due to confidence brought about by having such a massive cock and in no time was fucking my mouth and ordering me what to do to him. He told me he wanted to fuck me although some might wince at the thought of such a big cock I actually got even more excited and with that went on all fours. To confirm his intentions for me from the word go he took a butt plug from his bag that he had bought especially for me and after lubing it and my arse he started to work on preparing me for his 'main course'!.

He spent about ten minutes working my hole before he excitedly announced I was ready for him and so I stayed on all fours in anticipation of what was to happen then all of a sudden I felt the tip of his cock rubbing the back of my ball sac and then it moved up to my hole, as it touched my hole I don't know why but I pushed back hard onto it and all in one motion he then pushed and he was deep inside me, surprisingly the pain wasn't that bad and what pain there was soon subsided as he worked back and forth getting quicker as he went in and out. He went onto fuck me in as many positions we could think of but without doubt the best sensation came when I climbed on top of him and rode his cock for dear life, anyone who has had a big cock in that position would probably recognise the mix of pain and ecstasy you get as it reaches deep inside you and that was just what I felt then for more than ten minutes in that position before I suddenly started to cum- this had never happened before I had always needed to work my cock to cum but the action of me riding his must have really been to much and a shot my load over his chest and face before he had had enough and his cock was ready to explode.

Right then I just wanted to taste him and so climbed off and worked him too completion with my mouth until I felt his cock expand and then jet after jet of hot lovely cum shot into my mouth and down my throat.

We continued to fuck for most of the night and he even washed me down in the shower the next morning until we got too horny again and proceeded to fuck me in the shower!

We didn't see each other then until after we went back to work after Christmas and to say we picked up were we left off would be an understatement- we could even wait until we had finished work and oh what a story that is!