Written by sdevonrob

15 Jul 2011

To earn a little extra cash and have a few enjoyable days out I used to crew for the odd boat owner that wanted to be out on the water at short notice and on this particular day a guy that I frequently crewed for asked if I would accompany a friend of his for a days sailing. Apparently this gentleman was not keen on going out single handed as he was no longer as nimble around the decks as he used to be.

On the day we met I had been waiting on the jetty for about ten minutes when he came alongside in a dinghy and introduced himself as Brian and thanked me for stepping into the breech at the last moment and promised that we would have a good day in the bay. Once on board and all the bits from the dinghy stowed down below I had a better chance to view the boat and the owner and see what I had let myself in for. The yacht was in pretty good shape as was the owner, about 60, 6ft suntanned and quite a rugged look, pretty much as I had imagined based on what I had been told. It wasn't long before we were under way heading down the Exe estuary in South Devon and as the weather was likely to change it was decided that we would keep to a cruise around the bay. We spent the morning cruising along the coast but when the tide turned reversed our course and headed back to the estuary to drop the anchor, stow the sails and have some lunch.

The weather had started to change as forecast and the blue sky clouded over and soon suggested rain was on the way. The wine was going down well and every so often I would climb up the saloon companionway steps and poke my head out of the hatchway to check the weather. I noticed that when I did this Brian positioned himself by the steps so that on climbing back down I would brush against him. I had my suspicions that perhaps he was gay when he stripped off and changed his sailing togs into a pair of cotton shorts and T shirt on the basis that it was warm and that this attire was more suitable. The wine continued to flow and the conversation turned to suntans and naturism and that he liked to sunbathe at a local naturist beach that was well know for its gay visitors. I mentioned that on occasions I had also used it, and when I asked him whether he had a partner his response was just to smile and say that he didn't as his regular partner and crew had moved away. I climbed up the steps again to look at the weather and turned to look forward with my body half in and half out of the cabin when I then felt his hands on my waist with his fingers exploring the waistband of my shorts. When his hands moved to my thighs I think he expected me to pullback but when I didn't he became more confident and he started to pull my shorts down. I was getting quite excited which was probably evident by the bulge that had developed in my shorts. Within a minute these had been removed exposing my aroused state and he promptly grasped my dick with one hand while exploring my arse with the other. By the time I got back in to the saloon he had stripped of his clothes and sat naked on the main double bunk and motioned me to join him. His suntan was indeed an all over job and he was already showing a major degree of arousal as his penis was standing erect, very thick and the colour of an old leather wallet . He pulled me towards him and took my now hard cock into his mouth while continuing to explore my arse with his free hand. After shuffling around to get comfortable I eventually knelt astride him in a sixty nine position and eagerly returned the oral attention that I was receiving. I enjoy giving oral but it had been a long time since I had such an extreme mouthful and it wasn’t long before he started to groan and saying that he was going to stretch my hole and fill it with cream! He then started to rim me which made my dick harder and which sent him over the edge and his cock shuddered as he unleashed a gush of hot cream down my throat and over his chest. I fully expected his erection to subside but it stayed the same, hard, upright and now covered in cum. He wriggled out from under me leaving me on all fours on the bunk and positioned himself behind me with his dick pushing against my hole. With the amount of rimming and the addition of his cum it was only seconds before his shaft was entering my very receptive hole. The relaxing effect of the wine plus the sexual excitement made me abandon myself to being fucked by this man and taking every inch with complete pleasure. The sensations of being deeply penetrated by his hard thick member were exquisite and the pumping action was that of a guy who was well practiced in the art of extracting maximum pleasure for both parties.

Although the pumping and the pleasure was becoming more intense I did not expect this climax to produce another huge volume of hot cum . He placed his hands on my arse cheeks and stretched them wide as if his intention was to insert his balls as well as his beer can sized cock. Eventually with a couple of extra deep thrusts I felt his cock erupt and was immediately aware of a warm and satisfying sensation as again I was on the receiving end of another huge load of hot cream. He lent forward and buried his cock as far in as he could go and grasped my own hard dick which proved to be the trigger that made me climax. I could not hold back and promptly released a similar load which seemed to go everywhere. We stayed locked together for a minute or two soaking up the last sensations before returning to a more comfortable position on the bunk and over the next couple of hours the activity was willingly repeated. The tide starting to slacken and we motored up river to moor up just as the light was fading and as he promised we both had a good and very enjoyable day

A chance meet and an exciting sexual experience that is quite memorable. I crewed for Brian a few more times before he sold his yacht and on each occasion took delight in being on the receiving end of such an enthusiastic partner.