Written by Tony.

14 Jul 2010

I'm a pensioner living on my own,I do a part time job at a local DIY store.I've got this gardening company who sorts out my garden,I don't like gardening.I've cross dressed for years,just for my own pleasure like,I used to do the toilets when they were still there,the good old days.

The young lad who does my garden knows where the key is to get in,to use the loo and things.I had a suspicion is was rooting around a bit in the house,he'd never nicked anything,there was just little things I'd noticed.

I left some womens undies on my bed,remembering exactly how they were layed out,he had definitely interfered with them.Last week I was'nt going to work on his day to do the garden.I drove away from my house and parked up and went for a drink.

I gave him a bit of time and then walked back to my house,the curtains in my bedroom were closed,I always open them.As silently as I could I let myself in,at first I was'nt sure but then could hear him upstairs,I could also tell he had the telly on up there,I keep DVDs in a drawer,all with gay activity.

One step at a time I crept up the stairs,I was glad he had the telly on and even half ways up I knew which one he was watching.The bedroom door was open,I could see through the crack where the hinges are.

He was standing with his back to me,fully decked out,bra,knickers,sus belt and stockings.I could tell he was wanking himself from the movement of his elbow,what a lovely sight,my own cock was as hard as its been for a while.

He went to the window and looked out,as he came back I got the first sight of his cock,still in his hand,he had it out the leg of the knickers,it was still pink,he's only a young lad.Below it were a lovely tight little pair of balls as pink as his cock,my mind told me"he's a virgin".

He went back to the window,I made my move,I went just inside the bedroom door.His face when he turned around was something else,he just stood looking at me still holding his cock in his hand.What the fuck do you think your'e doing I said,pretending to be really annoyed,all he could get out was I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry.

You will be I said and picked up his clothes which were on the bed,don't he said,don't please,I'll go,It's not that easy I said,this is my house.I went to the bathroom put the plug in the bath turned the tap on and chucked his clothes in it,I went back to the bedroom.He was still standing there but he'd put his cock which for some reason had gone down inside the knickers.

Please give me my clothes he was pleading,I've never done anything like this before,I'll never do it again,I don't why I did it.I do'nt think he'd still copped on that they were mine,I continued to be angry with him.I'm going to phone your boss I said and ask him to come around,his pleading reached new heights,I'll do anything he was saying,please don't tell anyone.

Take your cock back out I said,there was a look of complete confusion on his face,go on take it out I said again,he was shaking like a leaf as he put his hand down inside the front of the knickers,no I said,like before out the leg,his face was a picture.

He lifted the leg forwards and looked at me,go on I said take it out and your balls.All limp and pink like that it looked fantastic,I could feel my mouth go dry at the thought of sucking it,I love a good suck.

This was going to be probably youngest cock I'd sucked in a long time,he stood there hiding it with his hand,let me see you get it hard I said,he just looked at me,come on lad I said you know how its done,he stared at me,yes I said you wank it,or do you want me to do it for you.

He started to rub it with his fingers,come on I said get serious with it,you were doing OK earlier.I started to get my clothes off,I did'nt know if he was going to start crying,you're going to have to do better I said,your boss is only a phone call away.It won't come up he said,he was nearly in tears.

I took my trousers off,I was wearing a pair of girls knickers,I almost always do,his mouth was on his chin,the penny dropped,he had made my cock rampant.Like this I said as I pulled my knickers up and took my own balls and cock out the leg,you wank like this I said,this is how you wank,up down,up down and up it comes and you know what happens if you keep doing it long enough,it shoots spunk all over the place and I'm sure you've done that many many times,probably here in this room wearing my undies.

It started to rise,now thats not difficult I said,he eyes were on my hand wanking myself,what are you going to do to me he said,you're not going to that are you,I knew he meant put it up his arse.Not on this occasion I said,on this occasion I'm going to suck your beautiful little cock off,I've never done anything like that he whimpered,theres a first time for everything I said,think of what your boss would do.

Thats better I said as he got his cock fully hard,its a little fucking beauty,nothing to be ashamed of there.I think mine as hard as I can get it I said but lets see if you can get a bit more out of it,I stood in front of him and put his other hand on it,wank it I said,go on I said give it a good one,I think it did get harder.

Time to get things off I said and removed my knickers,he trembled all over as I stripped him off.Soft skin,he was fucking soft and almost hairless,how I wanted to suck that cock.I think I'm going to come off he whispered,his breathing getting faster,I'm sorry,not just like that I thought,I had his cock in my mouth,I held his tight little balls,he could'nt stop his hips jerking,he probably was'nt aware of it but he was fucking my mouth.

It was the sweetest spunk I'd tasted in ages,it came from him with a surprising force,almost making me gag,I swallowed it down like a starving man.I knew that when he'd finished cumming he wanted to get his cock from my mouth but I could have sucked on it forever and I kept going until it was limp again.

And now for mine I said,do you want to suck it off or wank it off,your choice.I'll wank it he whispered,all yours I said and put his hand back on it.He just wanted to get it over with and wanked it like fuck,thats my boy I said,make it shoot,he sure did.He tried to direct it away from himself as I started to spunk,I was'nt having that,I got it all over his pink little cock,it dripped off his balls.

I'll put your clothes in the drier I said,it will take a bit of time,while they're doing I'll put another DVD on,want to see another DVD I asked,yes he whispered,good I said we'll sit on the bed and watch it together.