Written by Darhon

5 Jan 2013

I had been contacted by James a young guy on here fairly local to my self, he was 19 and obviously bi curious, we had exchanged a few messages and were getting on well with a few swapped pictures and a web cam session.

He was shy but wanted to meet up face to face and take things slow, now I remember what it was like the first time and knew how he was feeling so assured him that its all up to him how far he wants to go, even if we just chat etc.

We spoke on the phone the night before we were due to meet and arranged where we were going to meet.

A local premier inn was chosen and we arranged to meet at 7.

I got there early and sorted the room out etc, had a shower and got dressed. I received a text from him saying he was running a little late and would be there about 7:15. Perfect I thought I logged on to my email, found his pics and had a cheeky wank whilst I waited.

Sure enough at just gone 7:15 James arrived, I met him in the lobby and we got the lift up to the room. He was taller than me, a lot slimmer and was very nervous.

Once in the room, we chatted about things and I found out he had a girlfriend, we talked about her etc and sex in general, we moved on to the subject of his bi side and what he felt etc.

He liked bi/gay porn and liked looking at cocks, but wasn't turned on by men kissing hugging etc, same as me I said, he said he felt it was just the sex side if it he liked and that's what turned him on.

He had eased up and started to come out of his shell, so I said would you like to see my cock in person, he smiled and nodded, I took my t shirt off, un buttoned my jeans and removed them, so all that was left was my tight white boxer shorts, my bulge was showing already as I was already on a semi, I slid them down slowly until my cock popped out, I looked at his face and he was fixated on my cock, I said "you can touch it if you want"' he looked nervous but slowly moved closer and wrapped his hand around the shaft, as he did my cock stated to grow and I was solid in seconds,

I asked if I could see his, he stood up took of his t shirt to reveal a slim figure with remnants of an un toned 6pack, he then slid his jogging bottoms down to his knees, I could see his cock was hard already in his boxers, I went down on to my knees and slowly pulled down his boxers, to reveal his cock it was about the same length as mine but slightly thinner, I leant forward and licked the tip, he didn't say any thing so unwrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly started to suck rolling his foreskin down until the head was out and sucked him whilst I stroked his balls and shaft, it wasn't long before I could feel his balls tighten and he came, wow these young lads truly are full of cum, it was one of the biggest mouthfuls I've ever had,

I stood up and looked at him, he was smiling and said "that's better than my girlfriend " I laughed, knowing what he meant." A man knows what a man wants" I said.

I asked if he wanted to play with my cock, he said yes, he removed his joggers and boxers and we got on to the bed, he started to stroke my cock and built up a good wank, I reached over and started wanking him back up again, after a while he leant over and started to suck the end of my cock, It was obviously his first time and I placed. Y hand on his head to get him at the right pace and then let him carry on, he was taking it about half way as I was getting close to cumming I pulled my cock out of his mouth and told him I was close and that it was up to him if he sucked me off or he could wank, he said he wasn't sure about swallowing yet so He wanked me off instead, I shot my load over his hand, leg and my chest.

We sat on the bed for a minute and I suggested that we go have a shower to clean up, he agreed and we went to turn the shower on. Whilst the shower was warming up I asked what he felt about anal sex, wether he was top or bottom, he said he wasn't sure but would eventually like to try both,

I said that I had condoms and lube with me and he was welcome to fuck me first if he wanted, he said he wasn't sure how to do it, I explained that it was no different to fucking pussy and just be gentle to start with, I climbed in to the shower and handed him the condoms, he fitted 1 to his now hard again cock and joined me in the shower, I put some lube on the his cock and around my ring and bent over I told him place the tip on my arse and that I would push back etc until it was in. I pushed back until his head was squeezing in until that familiar pop as the head slid i added some more lube and slowy started to push back and fourth on his cock until my arse had loosened, I told him to take over, I leant forward under the warm water as he started to fuck me, he felt good pumping in and out of me and was building up speed, I grabbed my cock and started to wank my self, he had built up a good speed and thrust and was groaning with each thrust I asked him how it felt and he loved the tight feeling i was loving it, this young lad fucking arse for the first time, I felt him speed up and thrust harder and his head expand in my arse as he came pumping harder for the final thrust. He pulled out and sat down on the edge of the bath he looked exhausted but was smiling, I asked him how that felt he said that it felt amazing.

We finished off in the shower and went back into the bedroom. I was stroking my cock again ask was horny as hell, I asked what time he had to leave, no rush he said, "I don't have a time to be home my parents are away for the week" I told him I was staying all night and that he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted. He said he wanted to try sucking me off again,

I let him, lol.

As he was sucking me off I reached over for his cock and started wanking him again, I then licked my finger and started to rub his arse, at first he was very in easy but soon I felt his muscles relax and I started to slip a finger in to his arse, I reached for the lube and applied some to my finger and carried on, soon enough I was sliding a finger in and out of his arse, I worked up to two fingers, as he was wanking himself and sucking my cock, I asked him if he wanted to feel a cock inside him, he said "yes but be gentle" I said I would, I said to lay on his back and spread his legs, he did and I leant down and sucked his cock whilst I fingered his arse again to loosen him. I sl

Piped on a condom, smothered it in lube and then lubed but his hole, I explained it will hurt to begins with but once his arse loosens it will be ok,

I placed my fingers in his arse again and started to push them in and out I then removed 1 finger and placed the tip of my cock on his hole and as I withdrew my last finger started to gently feed my cock in to his arse, he gritted his teeth as the head started to go in I waited for a while until he settled and then slowly fed him more and more until the head was in I let him relax and started to build up speed and depth after a minute or 2 he seemed ok and started to wank his cock as I fucked him. I built up speed and depth and was soon almost balls deep in him as my balls slapped his cheeks he was tugging himself off like a mad man, I could feel my self getting close but tried to hold out as he was felt smo tight it was amazing, here I was balls deep in a 19 year old bi lad taking his anal virginity, suddenly he moaned out. As he came all over my belly and up in the air, loads of cum spurting out, thi sent me over the edge and I fucked his tight arise hard and fast until I came, I nearly lost my balance it felt so good.

I finally pulled out and lay on the ed next to him, both covered in his spunk, his half limp cock next to mine and both smiling from ear to ear.

We cleaned up and I asked him how he was, he said his arse hurt a little, i apologised but he said not to worry that he knew it would hurt the first time, we agreed to meet up again soon.

Since this meeting we have met a few more times and he has really come out ofnhisbshell, he know sucks like a pro, swallows my load and he fucks me hard.