Written by cockhunter

29 Oct 2008

It was a cold and miserable lunch time when I turned up at my usual toilets at a train station in North Wales. I went in to find the usual couple of old or fat men with little cocks stinking of p**s.I hung around for a few minutes but they just didn\\\'t do anything for me so I returned to my car.

After a few minutes a young looking blond lad turned up in a little vauxhall corsa and parked next to me, he locked his car and went into the toilets.(these are in a separate building to the station).I was about to give him five minutes in there before i went in (this is usually long enough to know if they just want to pee or are looking for \\\'more\\\')Just then he came back out and returned to his car. I looked at him and he looked back at me and smiled.I then opened my window and took a big gamble and said \\\'do you know anywhere else around here ? He said \\\'no but my parents house is 10 mins away and they are at work\\\'.I followed him the short drive. He stopped on the road near to a big house and said park here and come to the door in 15 mins.

This really turned me on. I didn\\\'t know what to expect when I knocked on the door, that 15 mins felt like 15 hrs.When he answered the door he was in a red bra and knickers with a black suspender belt and stockings. well, I nearly came in my pants there and then !

I grabbed hold of him and did something I never have before, kissed another man. He responded in kind, his lips were so soft, softer than any woman I have ever kissed.I then dropped to my knees and took a hold of his cock, it was about 7\\\' and quite thin but boy it was rock hard. It was only in my mouth about 30 secs when I heard him groan and his toned young body when taut, he then exploded into my mouth with such force that I nearly gagged.(I have never let another man come in my mouth before either)He just stood there shaking for a couple of minutes He then asked me what he could do for me. I have never fucked another man before and have never really wanted to, but now that all changed, I wanted him.

He told me he was scared and that he had only ever looked at other cocks and let them wank him off. I explained my circumstances (married but liking a bit of cock now and then) and he agreed to try it but only with a condom, this suited me.

We went up to his bedroom and he returned with some condoms and some Vaseline.He then started to strip, I told hime to leave the belt and stockings on. I stripped myself and when he saw my cock he nearly jumped, i am quite a big guy , 8\\\' and very thick. He was worried it would hurt but I promised to stop if he wanted me to.I started by sucking his cock again which became hard instantly(he later told me he was just turned 18 yrs, no wonder)After a few minutes I worked my tongue down on to his ring ,I felt him shudder and jerk again. I went back to his cock and took another load in my mouth. When he had finished I lifted his legs up into the air and let the contents of my mouth drip onto his ring.Then I started to finger his whole, he was loving it and was hard again instantly ( boy was I jealous )I played with it for a few minutes then put two fingers inside him, he was groaning like mad.It was starting to get a bit \\\'sticky\\\' now so I reached for the lube and placed a generous amount on my two fingers and started to work him again. Within minutes I had three fingers just about in and I knew it was time. I reached for the condoms and he said no I want it without ( I was sure he was a virgin and so was I so I thought, what the hell !)

I offered my cock to his virgin whole and felt him pull back a little then ease forward it was a tight fit but after a few more minutes playing with his rock hard cock, I felt him relax and in went my cock.I was in about half way. I took it very slow at first and then got into a bit of a rhythem pushing a little harder each time. I was surprised how easily the rest of my 8 inches eased into him but he was too lost in a world of ecstasy to notice how much I was feeding into him. After a few minutes I felt myself cumming so I grabbed his cock and wanked like mad while fucking him as hard and fast as I could. I came just before he did , shooting jet after jet into his love whole.We then both collapsed into each others arms and kissed each other. We both fell asleep and awoke when his sister returned from college (the one he borrowed the underwear off!).She ran straight upstairs and he only just managed to close the door in time. She knew something was going on but he pretended he had a girl from work with him. He bribed her into taking the dog out for a walk while I disappeared. After we dressed and kissed again he gave me his mobile number and I left. Just as I was opening my car the sister appeared from the woods opposite his house and said \\\'now I know he is gay\\\'. I just left as quick as I could. We have met up plenty of times since, his sister is cool with him and he can now talk to her.She even helps him with his make-up and clothes, they are around the same size.He even wore her old underwear once for me and the smell was fantastic!!

I don\\\'t know how long thi affair will last but I have never had sex like it before, I just need to pluck up the courage to ask him to ask his sister to join us, that would be fun.