Written by Barry

7 Apr 2011

I'ts been over a month since I first met this young man,there are times when I find him really bright but when it comes to sex he really has'nt got a clue.I have had some guilt problems with taking advantage of his innocence but then my own sexual urges win out,mind you he seems to be more than pleased with our little arrangement.

He asked a couple of times if he could stay overnight but I did'nt want to encourage him too much,usually after we'd had sex a couple of times on the evenings he visited I was ready for a good nights sleep.Up to just over a week ago our sex sessions involved just wanking each other off,this has beem my first experience of gay sex,so I'm on a bit of a learning curve too,I wanted to have him suck my cock and I really wanted to suck his off,I knew that at some point I wanted to do anal intercourse on him,the problem was I did'nt want to do something that might put him off.

I paid up on one of them gay porn channels on late night tv and agreed he could stay over,he said he would sleep on my sofa,I had other ideas.As usual once he arrived he stripped off,I was already naked,I'd opened a bottle of wine and gave him gave him a glass,he'd really got to like his wine.He brought with him a dvd about astronomy,he really does know his stuff.

We were on our second bottle of wine by the time it finished,I put the telly to the porn channel,there was already a movie on,there were acouple of naked guys already playing with each others cocks,he was immediately more interested than he was in the straight dvd.They're going to "masturbate" each other he said,like you and me do,do you want us to do it now,at that point I did'nt have a hardon,I'll get yours big he said as he reached for my cock,I started playing with his,his soft touch made me rock hard in seconds,his was hardening nicely.

They'd started to suck each other on the telly,his mouth was wide open as he watched it,they're not going to bite each other he said,no I said they're going to suck each other,thats what very good friends to to each other.I could almost hear his brain ticking over,can we do that to each other he said,if you really think we should I said.

He did'nt need a second invitation,his head went straight between my legs and took my cock in his mouth and started to take long deep sucks on it,I could easily come off with his eagerness,my turn I said lifting his head up and pushing him onto the floor and spreading his legs apart.His cock was'nt yet fully hard but quickly responded to my sucking coming to full size in my mouth.

I slipped my hands under his arse and held him,I wanted to suck him off there and then,this was it,the first cock I'd ever tasted,I was'nt going to let the moment pass,I was going to suck it off there and then.When he came it was the most spunk he'd delivered so far,it tasted absolutely beautiful.

When I'd sucked him completely dry he said,I really enjoyed that can I do yours now.I rolled onto my back on the floor and spread my legs apart,he immediately took my cock in his mouth and started to suck,it only took a matter of seconds and he started to almost choke as I shot my spunk hard into his mouth,it did'nt stop him swallowing,the bits that escaped he licked off my cock and my balls.

That was great he said,I never tasted anything like that before,it was lovely was mine nice,nothing changed with him.On the telly one of the guys had his cock deep up his friends arse,will we be doing that he asked.