Written by Darius_Honey

9 Jun 2014

What a weekend ive had, a rarity in my line of work to actually have a full weekend away, i had booked the friday afternoon off so i could make the most of the weekend.

I went online earlier in the week to try and organise a meet or 2 over the weekend, it had been a while since my last bit of MM fun.

I prefer older guys but dont discount similar age or younger guys.

Any how whilst online ingot chatting to a younger lad called Steve, 25 years old, well toned and what looked to be a pretty impressive cock from his pictures, he was only 11 miles from me and we organised to meet friday evening at some woods near us, i wast sure if. He would turn up as i had been let down a. Few times in the past by younger lads. Any how i arrived on time as planned and he was already there, we talked for a few mins and then went for a walk to find some where secluded, it was 8:30pm the sun was sill about and it was quite warm, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, i was in my usual jeans and t-shirt. We found a spot and stopped, I instantly got on my knees, whipped down his shorts and got his cock out, he was a little startled but quickly his meat began to grow, as i sucked and stroked it, i rubbed his balls in my hand and soon he was rock hard, his cock was great about 8" long and quite thick, i was impressed, i carried on sucking him as deep as i could and played with his balls, i started to notice him tensing up and he placed a hand on my head and gently started to fuck my mouth, i sucked harder and harder until he exploded shooting his cum down my throat, i chocked a little a bit but managed to save all of it.

I stood up and let him out his cock back in his shorts, he was smiling and said that was one if the best bj's he had ever had. I was happy with the complement. I placed his hand on my jeans and told him how hard and wet i was, he unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, slipped my cock out of my boxers and started to wank me, i was already hard and the end of my cock was wet and sticky with pre-cum, it want long before he got down on his knees and started to suck my cock, it felt nice, a little inexperienced but he was trying and it felt good. I told him to suck my balls and lick them too, which he did, then he would go back to sucking my shaft, he would like the head which drove me wild i couldn't help my self and started to hold his head slowly lowering his mouth deeper onto my cock, he took it all in and was almost up to my balls in his mouth, he gagged a little and came back a bit, but then went down, he started to suck and soon was sucking the whole length of my shaft it wasn't long before i shot my load in his mouth, my god it was good.

Afterwards we talked about anal, he hadn't tried giving or receiving but said he was interested in giving, i said he could come back to my flat and we can try if he wanted, he agreed so off we went back to my place.

Once back at mine, we went to the bedroom, i got the lube and condoms out and took his clothes off, i wanked him hard again and started to suck him, i could taste his earlier cum, when he was hard i gave him the condom and i started to lube myself up, i told him to be slow and that i would start the movements, i positioned myself in a doggy position and slowly backed up on his lubed up cock, i felt the tip touch and i positioned it against my hole i told him to hold it steady whilst i backed on to it, wow he was quite big, his swollen head pushed against my hole, then as my arse started to open up for him i pushed back further and further, rocking as i did until his head was in, gave my self a few seconds to get used to his girth then started to push back further i then told him he could start to fuck me, slow to begin with and to build up speed, he gripped my waist and started to fuck my hole, he felt amazing inside me, as he built up speed so did the force of his thrusts, wow he was really smashing into me, I could feel his balls swinging and slapping against me as he went deeper and harder, i started to get a sensation in hadn't felt before and realised i was feeling my prostate it felt really nice, steves thrust were getting good and i could feel his cock enlarging inside me, this turned me on more and I could feel this orgasm coming on, then my cock started to spurt cum out with out me touching it, steve came in a loud groan and sunk his cock deep inside me, i grabbed my cock and tugged furiously to save as much of this amazing orgasm as i could,

Afterwards i was shattered i had never had an orgasm like that before, but im meeting with this lad again to try more thats for sure. Next time im going to fuck him too.