Written by hosta

31 Jan 2010

I am a devorced 55 year old guy fairly fit, got my own hair and consider myself as good looking for my years.

All through my married years i was into guys and lost count of the amount of encounters i have had with men, and in all of the meets i have had i have always played the bottom being happy to please a guy and enjoyed every meet i had, but what hapened to me last year was a begining and a end for me

I had been working in london and was off home, and was in the bar across the road from the station having left my digs too early and had a few hours to kill,sitting at the bar reading my news paper and sipping at my pint chatting to the barman,a young man sat down and spoke to me hi he said fellow scot i hear ,we talked and found we were on the same train bound for endinburgh,the beer flowed and toungs got looser and by the time our train was due he had almost told me his life story .

I had worked out that he was gay which i had no problem with and he was a little on the fem side but who was i to say i had been there and got the tee shirt,and to tell you the truth he was a handsom young guy and was making me horny,as we traveled we got very friendly and from time to time he toched my hand, i was wondering how to ask him if he was gay and wanting to tell him i was bi ,and just of late i prefered guys to girls,but i always did.

We got some beers and with each look into his eyes i got more excited ,and a few times he would catch me looking and smile,what the hell i thought in for a penny in for a pound ,peter i said in a quiet voice are you gay M he replied ,i am so glad i answered and before i new it i had told him so was i.

Peter and i passed the hours away chating about past men and likes and dislikes ,and through the conversation i found he was submisive had a very fem side and liked all the things i liked in the past

But to my surprise i did not feel like this with this guy all i wanted to do was to take him to bed be masterfull, and do things to him that i would have normaly wanted done to me ,i could not help pay him complaments and touch his leg under the table

All too soon our journey together was over and we stood on the platform at edinburgh i was changing train for Aberdeen he was off too his flat,if truth be knowen i was hoping he would ask me to stay,the night but this was not to be ,he told me he had a boyfriend but was not in love anymore but they shared a flat.

I told him before i borded my train ,come to aberdeed and scribled my address dowm on a card and watch him walk up the ramp and away,i got home late and lay thinking about him wondring what it would have been like to have him next to me,i brought myself to a very spunkie climax and fell asleep

As one week passed then two he was never very far from my mind,but i had given up ever seing him again,then one saturday morning the phone went,hi a voice said, it took me a few moments to think ,it was Peter ,how do you get to your house he said i am down at the station ,wait i stammered wait i will come down and get you.

As i drove through the traffic i found i had a hard on like i never had before why i thought he was only coming to visit not let me fuck his brains out,but i could always hope

There he stood looking wow,i helped him with his bag and we talked ,i just had to get away i dont love him he said dont even enjoy the sex any more ,so i took a few weeks holiday and hear i am, i hope you dont mind he looked at me as we sat in the car,mind no it will be great to have you hear with me for a while, he lent over and kissed me,on the lips my very first time i had been kissed by a guy who did not want only to shove his cock down my throte,well not straight away anyway.

Back at my flat we had some lunch chated ,it was a nice day we took a walk along the beach and on the occation he took my hand for a moment we went to a pub and had a pint and walked back it was getting dark and the streets were hushed,my cock was throbing in my shorts,i took him and kissed him full on the lips and he responded,we kissed for a while before breaking off and walking on in silance.

When we got in i decieded to see if he was up for it, and said i would put him in to the spare room and showed him the shower ,i saw he looked a little disapointed but did not want to go in feet first, i showered and lay on my bed in my shorts enjoying the cool night air through the open window,i herd a cough and looked up there was this handsom fit young guy standing in the doorway naked his semi hardon hanging down his leg.

I new he wanted me as much as i wanted him i patted the bed and he walked over befor long we were in a full roll tuching and caressing, him making his way down my body ,i could feel his hot breath on my cock ,and had a urge to shove my penis into his mouth and down his throte, but controled my passion and decieded to let him do it in his own time it was not long before he had me in his mouth bobbing his head up and down sucking the life out of me through my penis

By this time i had my hands on his head and was getting more forcfull and shoved down so far he gagged ,sorry sorry i said he came up for air kissed me and told me it was ok he loved cock in his throte and to do it if i wanted and made his way back down to my wet member and began sucking again i could hold on no longer and shoved in and anounced i was coming,i was in heaven as i filled his mouth with my cum ,the very first time i had ever been sucked off,not even by my wife.

When i looked down at him with my cock still in his mouth he looked up at me straight in the eyes it was the most erotic thing i had ever seen ,his mouth partly open still with spunk in it his lips were glossy with my cum and a little trikcle was making its way down his chin ,he then swallowed right there infront of me and came back up and cuddled into my side.

I awoke in the small hours he had turend round, and i was spooning him, i could feel my cock pressed into his bum and lay for a while wondring what it would be like to push in to his warm dark passage, i was rocking my cock gently against his crack ,i thought he was asleep ,untill i felt him push back if you want it take it he whispered but hold on ,he got up and went off into the spare room and was away for a while.

When he came back i about came there and then ,he flicked on the light,there he stood in a very sexy pair of white lace panties and white fish net hold up stokings ,and wow did he suit them,i was saving theise for a special time and i think this is that time, he came down on to the bed with me .

In his hand was a tube of lube he held my hand and squirted some on to my index finger ,i new what he wanted me to do and i spent a age kissing his pantie covered buttocks and inserting my finged in to him,then he lubed me up and roled over on to his front pulling a pillow under himself so his bum was a little higher.

Sorry i said have to be bare back ,i dont care i want you inside of me he said in a hushed voice, i got between his legs pulled his knickers to one side and sliped in a little more with each shove,with Peter letting out squeels with each shove finaly i was inside of him ,i felt power over him and he was going to be mine tonight for my pleasure.

to be continued