Written by Sean Young

13 Sep 2011

I was'nt the robust type and did'nt make lots of friends during my college years.My passion was cycling and I would spend hours on my own exploring.After I'd finished college at 18 and had not yet secured employment I joined a small cycling club.

My mother had raised me on my own,I did'nt know my father.One of the older gentlemen at the cycling club became a kind of mentor to me,he was a gentle and kindly person,a bit like myself he did'nt have loads of friends and lkied his cycling.

After I'd known him a couple of months he asked me if I'd like to join him is his caravan on a cycling adventure,he invited me to come and see his caravan,it was large with plenty of inner space and privacy,two separate bedrooms,shower etc.,there would be no cost to me,which of course was important.

My mother was glad I'd made a friend and encouraged me to take up his offer,which I did.There turned out to be a small problem,the day before we were due to go away he told me there was a problem with the towing equipment on the caravan and it was having to go in for repairs,but all was not lost,the company were providing him with a replacement for the duration.

When he picked me up for our trip the following day,the first thing I noticed was how small the replacement caravan was but I did'nt feel I could say anything.When we arrived at our destination and I first went in the caravan it really hit me how small it was,howerever he was taking it in his stride,saying that as we'd be outdoors most of the time we would manage.

I could'nt even see any beds but again did'nt feel able to enquire.I was glad to get our bikes off the rack and go for a bike ride to check our surroundings,even though I kept thinking about the size of the caravan and how where we would sleep.All was revealed when we returned as he undid the dining table and with a bit of adjustment it converted into what would pass for a double bed,I know its not what I,d planned he said but its only for a week and I'm sure we will manage,we'll be tired from our cycling and its somewhere to sleep,I went along with him.

He cooked a meal and overall I was enjoying being away from home for a while.There was a shower block on the site so at least I did'nt have to use the tiny one in the caravan,he did and that was the first time I was in such close proximity to another naked man,but as with a lot of his relaxed manner he was completely unphased by being naked in such a confined space,even though for me having anather mans genitals at eye level as I sat there was a weird experience,I could'nt avoid seeing the changing shape of both his penis and his testicles as he moved about so close to me,I found it hard not to look at his bottom as he bent down to put on clean underwear.

We sat talking,I in my dressing gown and he happy to be just in his briefs.I did'nt know he drank but he had a bottle of whisky in the caravan,I was'nt a drinker but agreed to have a very light whisky and lemonade,even that went to my head,he had a few,at least it helped me to stop thinking about the sleeping arangements.

I could'nt stop myself yawning and he said I should get in bed,even though I had on pyjames I found it difficult removing my dressing gown and getting in the bed,again he seemed completely at ease sitting there in his underwear.The light in the caravan was not great which I was glad of,but even when he switched it off to get in bed the light from outside still kept a certain brightness inside.

I was hoping he would put on a pair of pyjames and when I saw him remove his briefs,I could'nt avoid seeing him,I assumed that was what he was about to do,but he did'nt,he got into bed naked,goodnight Sean he said sleep well.

He was off to sleep in minutes,I lay there unable to move,we were close to each other because of the size of the bed,he turned on his side toward me and I knew that my hand could only be a matter of inches from touching him and where I might touch was really scaring me,amasingly I drifted off to sleep.

I can't remember if it was his talking or his touching that woke me,he was in a deep sleep and was talking rubbish,I was turned away from him,but could feel the heat of his body,he was close up against me.I did'nt want to believe it but quickly realised that the heat and the pulsing movement against my bottom could only be one thing,I knew it was his penis,thank god I was wearing pyjames.

As he alternated between snoring and talking he moved harder against me,of course I knew he had an erection,I knew he was having a dream,but except other than climbing over him to get out of bed I was trapped,I remember thinking I hope he stops doing it before he ejaculates onto me.

I completely froze when his arm came across me and I could hear him say Susan,I'm sorry Susan.I could feel his erect penis throbbing harder as he pressed it harder against my bottom,he was sweating and so was I,I could feel his breath hot on the back of my neck and his moaning in between saying Susan,Susan,I know I should have got out of the bed then,but for some reason I did'nt.

His arm was over me and his hand was inside my pyjames top moving up and down my tummy,thats when I started to get an erection myself,I knew that none of this should be happening but neither was I stopping it happen,I stopped being aware of his penis throbbing against me as his hand moved further down my tummy,I heard him say I love you Susan.

My penis as it got to full hardness rose up to meet his exploring fingers,I wanted things to stop but I did'nt want things to stop,I was in control,I was awake and yet I was letting his fingers close around my penis and even felt my body move to create a masturbation situation,I could'nt stop myself.

Again I made no attempt to stop him when he started to actively masturbate me,he had become more animated with his own penis,rubbing hard against my bottom in harmony with his hand moving faster and faster up and down my penis.

I had'nt masturbated in over a week and though I'm not the quickest in the world to ejaculate,it could at times take me up to twenty minutes,I'm all too aware that this is about to change and in less than five minutes I'm going to come off in his hand.

He had stopped talking and now it was all about him masturbating me and I was participating by my inactivity,I knew he was awake now.It started to happen,from deep inside me there was a gushing that I'd never before experienced,he had taken my virginity,his tight grip on my penis made every ejaculation more intense than I'd ever known and lasted longer than I'd ever experienced and yet not long enough.

It was when I'd completed my own ejaculation that I became aware that he had emptied himself onto my pyjames covered bottom,we both drifted off to sleep.

Not a word was said in the morning about what had occurred in the night,I'll wash out your pyjames and the sheet when you get out of bed he said,its a good day for drying,he was naked,I'll have a quick wash before getting dressed,I knew what he meant.

He started to cook breakfast dressed in just his briefs,it was the first time he would see me naked as I got out of bed and removed my pyjames,I never wear them myself he said as he looked at my naked body,I knew what he was saying.