Written by finchd

19 Mar 2016

First time post here but i thought i tell you about first time MMF. I use to have a female fuck buddy who for quite a few years we use to meet up and fuck. During this time i got to know her quite well and you get to talk about fantasties etc. Anyway her fantasy was 2 men id never done that but hey ho!!!!. My buddy is a bit of a 3 some veteran and up for anything so a few years back on boxing day night we have been out and i accidently bump into my fuck buddy so what the hell end of the night, so end of the night I'm thinking drunk and horny lets go back to mine in the meantime i lose all my mates graudually so i walking back to mine with my F/B out of no where my buddy jumps out on us and invites himself back to mine!. i don't mind because I'm drunk and horny so I'm up for it too she knows also that i have discussed with my mate about a 3 some but cause she knows how much of a dirty dick he is she is having none of it!!!!. Anyway back at mine small talk and trying to get the atmosphere around to 3 comes etc my mate says id love a cuddle and my friend is sat on my settee knowing the score but I'm hoping or waiting for me or us to make the first move my mate dives on top of her and gives her a cuddle she is like yeh yeh I'm not starting on you so she gets up to go I'm thinking. I have to sort of coax her into staying and start to kiss her which she responds to there is me and her kissing standing up in my front room and my mate joins in kissing her also as soon as that happens i lift her dress up and put my hands inside her knickers she is soaking and i so know up for it!. anyway my mate lifts her dress up and also starts to touch her pussy same time as me that just sends her moaning loudly cause afterwards she says she doesn't know which hand is doing what etc and total turn on, we then guide her hands onto our cocks which she grabs quickly and we just un zip ourselves and get our cocks out for her to touch she starts to walk us both fast and get us both hard whilst doing that we take her knickers off as we take them down we notice the juices in them cause they are black she steps out of them and sits down on the settee whilst taking turns sucking on our cocks whilst we stand over her we then decide to put both our cocks in her mouth at the same time which to our shock she loves and moans loudly whilst sucking both of us at the same time. I'm thinking its turn to fuck so i start to finger fuck her fast and then say lets take it a step further she sits on the edge of the settee and I'm on my knees between her thighs whilst she is sucking my mate hard i start to fuck her hard and she is totally loving it loses control sort of the harder i thrust the faster she sucks my mates cock so after about 10/15 mins fucking i say i think it time to swap when i mention this her eyes widen massively and think it dawns on her she is going to have to have my mate too which as we swap she keeps her thighs open and my mate swaps places with me within seconds he is inside her and fucking her too whilst she is looking up at me and sucking my cock hard. i have to admit watching my mate fuck her whilst she is sucking me was amazing but after only a few mins she wants me back inside her which my mate duely swaps back again this time (she tells me the next day straight away as soon as my mate was inside her she felt he was going to cum in her and she wasn't ready for that). anyway back to me i thrust even harder into her and she starts to cum as i feel her pussy tighten around my cock and her pussy juices run over my cock which just makes me explode inside her pretty quickly whilst we are both moaning loudly my mate in the meantime just watches us both cum and says afterwards was utterly horny to watch! not wanting to leave my mate out she then takes him back in her mouth and sucks him until he cuts in her mouth which she swallows the lot so we both got to cum in her mouth and pussy it was a amazing night and one i remember vividly even though now it was 5 years ago i still see her out from time to time but she is settled down now and I'm still looking for 3 somes ha ha thought id share anyway girls and guys