Written by Bimickcuious

11 Oct 2013

So the best part was the anticipation ( read short earlier posting).

When we got home the tension was electric and the light touching was very horny as we got into the living room ( big leather sofas and condoms and lube handy). We had some white wine and wife suggested a drinking game. One sip and roll dice , one each , and highest tells lowest which clothes to take off. Two high means the 'loser' gets two items , get the idea. Designed for build up of sexual tension. I rolled luckily and was most dressed . Wife's bra came off and her big tits swung loose with very erect nipples.

There was no going back , tummy turning cock hard and very surreal.

Then we rolled a double and Sam had briefs only left ( pretty full with cock I could see and certainly wife was mesmerised).

So I said briefs Sam and he said what about the second dice? Wife says " now it's dares!".

You have to take them down and kiss Sam's cock .....

I had only seen erect cocks on porn and couldn't believe what was happening . But there I was slowly pulling his briefs down and out popped his very pretty uncut cock , erect glistening with foreskin pulled tight over his pink glans.

I touched an shivered with pleasure , hard , smooth and silky and then I new ... I was we'll bi !

It was a joy slipping the end into my mouth knowing it would be up my wife's cunt in minutes and up my arse later. God it was sexy and I could hear my wife groan with lust .....

More later .....