Written by flips

5 May 2008

pam told the men “go into the sitting room, will be right in as soon as we load the dishwasher.” andy and Nick grabbed their drinks and headed toward the front room pam and Sue quickly cleaned up the kitchen and proceeded to the sitting room. They were in complete shock to see both men all sprowled out in front of the fireplace as naked as the day they were born. They were carefully stroking each others cocks.

“Christ!!!, you can’t even wait for us”, pam exclamed. pam and Sue walked over toward the men and sat down on the floor beside them. Both women could feel their pussies throbbing as they watched their husbands work on each others hard cock.

Nick smiled and looked at the two women and said

“well you two lovely ladies were taking way too long, so andy and I were just getting ready for you guys.”

pam leaned over and whispered something into Sue’s ear. Sue stood up and said “ you two behave yourselves, we will be right back”. Both men just nodded their heads because they were too caught up into the feel of hard cocks in hand.

Sue followed pam upstairs to the bedroom. pam walked over to the walk in closet and motioned for Sue to follow.

“pam, What do you have in that pretty little mind of yours, I am and dying to know.” Sue said with a smile.

pam,gently squeezed Sue’s tits and said “ we are going to knock the socks off of them.” Sue smiled sheepishly.

“ I want you to pick something out of these outfits okay, make sure it is leather and tight.”

“okay will do”, Sue replied.

pam picked out her outfit and got dressed, she looked so hot. Her red leather outfit fit her body like a glove, it had crisscrossed straps going up the legs and it had an open bust. She searched through her pile of shoes and found her red heels to complete the outfit. In the mean time Sue had walked out of the closet in the tightest black leather dress anyone had ever seen. It was knee length and was cut super low in the front so much that all it covered in the front was her nipples and far side of her huge tits.

“Damn woman you are making me so wet”, pam said as she rubbed the clothing over her hot pussy. “Got a pair of shoes to go with this” Sue asked, pam walked over to her closet and grabbed a pair of black boots and threw them to Sue. The ladies walked back downstairs and into the den and stood their all sexy and quiet. andy and Nick were all tangled up in each other, both sucking each others hard hot cocks and finger fucking the others asshole. pam cleared her throat and Nick looked up and his mouth quickly released its hold on andys hard prick at the sight standing before them. Almost in unison the two men could only say one word “ DAMN.” With throbbing cocks they stood up and walked toward their wives