Written by alwaysagentleman

21 Sep 2013

Ailsa and I often go away for weekend breaks and we particularly like a coastal village in south west Scotland. It is a popular weekend getaway place and the locals are all friendly, some very friendly.

We are people watchers and used to go from Pub to Pub watching hen and stag parties locals holiday makers all enjoying themselves. One particular Pub is a hive of swingers, is that the collective noun? We were shocked the first time we went in a group of guys at the bar with a youngish women around about 30. She was wearing a dress which had been hitched up to her waist, The two men either side of her had there hands squeezing her buttocks and at one point a finger clearly slipped into her bum hole. I later found her in the gents sucking one of the lads off I went out to tell Ailsa but she was busy watching the women’s husband in a corridor shagging the bar maid.

Very friendly as I said and I do wonder if these instances put the idea into Ailsa mind to become shall I say more adventurous.

We were invited quite often to go down midweek and eventually decided too. We were quite nervous going out in our finest clothes, Ailsa in a patterned dress and wearing her nicest underwear. We settled into the bar area and got chatting to a group of locals around about our age the women were all wearing revealing clothing, flashes of breast and thighs were common place. I was talking with Stella early fifties I guessed wearing a green blouse which was open by 3 or 4 buttons her matching bra cupped delightful pair of breasts which were full show. She knew I couldn’t take my eyes of them and was quite happy. Stella stood up went to the toilet catching admiring glances from majority of the bar. I looked round and noticed Ailsa at the bar surrounded by guys one of which hand his hands on her ass.

Stella came back and squeezed past me she sat on my lap, accidentally and remarked on my hard cock which was pushing against my trousers. The other laughed and Eva lent over and felt my groin. He is a big one Stella that’s for sure. I blushed but Stella sat down next to me, her skirt wasn’t tight and she sat on my hand flicking the hem up so I was holding her naked buttock. I tried to pull away but she stopped me and whispered to me not to spoil the fun. I had thought Stella was wearing a thong but my fingers soon found she wasn’t wearing anything.

She wriggled a bit and I was soon exploring her clit and finding her wet and warm entered her. Stella was giving a running commentary to the table Eva had undone her blouse and the guy next to her was squeezing her ample breasts. Ohh Leeann Dave has got magic fingers he right up me I slid my forefinger deeper into Stella and her breathing became heavier and she actually let out a loud moan.

Last orders came and went and the lock in started. There were still around 20 off us in the bar and whilst Stella had moved onto another table Leeann had opened my flies and was sucking my cock. She was knelt up on the bench and I had pulled up her dress and Ryan her husband was removing her panties and then started to lick her pussy.

The evening was certainly going well, apart from us 3 Stella was the only other person involved in an activity. Now naked from the waist down she was snogging someone. Ailsa.

I was a little surprised Ailsa had never really been interested in women or so I thought. Stella brought her into the middle of the floor where someone had placed a bar stool. Ailsa dress was unzipped and fell to the floor her pink bra and panties brought admiring comments and I saw the bar was now totally focussed on Ailsa and Stella. Ryan had stopped licking Leeann who had also sat up to watch. My rock hard cock left sticking up and unsatisfied.

Ailsa was made to bend over and rest her hand on the stool Stella caressed her backside added by a few friendly spanks Ailsa was wearing tights but this was not a problem as Stella tore the gusset and then pulled down the panties I was on the wrong side and couldn’t see what was happening but ailsa was certainly enjoying the situation. The group moved round to have a luck and most of the guys were taking turns to touch and enter her pulling out their fingers, sniffing and indicating how many fingers they had got into her. Ailsa was clearly becoming frustrated with the situation turned on by the attention but clearly hoping for some more than fingering I was a bit anxious realising Leeann and Ryan had distracted me I wasn’t sure I was ready for what came next There were 15 guys in the room now many were removing trousers and rubbing their dicks.

Stella was now only wearing her bra and walked around the room. She strapped to her groin the biggest dildo I had ever seen. 6inches in girth and 12 inches long it slapped against her thighs. Cheered on she stood in front of Ailsa who took it into her mouth the fake phallus being pushed in down her throat until she gagged this continued for a few minutes until after a lingering kiss Stella went behind and slowly entered her. I strained for a better view but this was blocked as the men crowded round her. I could here Ailsa moans becoming louder in time with the strokes of Stella’s hips the men and women in the bar were cheering the scene on and I saw Ryan push his cock into Ailsa mouth for a few seconds before he withdrew and spunked all over my wife’s face. Ailsa only complaint was that Ryan had pulled out, this however this signalled the start of a shower of come from the guys some wanking themselves others more lucky and assisted by Leeann or Eva. Ailsa let out a scream as Stella pounding of her pussy had the desired effect and she came.

I stood up and walked over to Ailsa who I helped her to stand up her body glistening with spunk she smiled at me as she removed her remaining clothing kneeling down she took me into her mouth and began to suck.