Written by Chloepips

24 Feb 2012

It is another weekend and as we occasionally do when the kids are away is to indulge our other persona that

is as a TV/F couple and we get a thrill from shaving Chloes legs, her pubic area, applying makeup and

choosing something pretty. We often also have guests as in, guests to our meet! On this day though, no plans

had been made. It was just going to be the two of us, perhaps doing a bit of webcam.

Pip was in the kitchen fixing us drinks as I (Chloe) stroked my leg and then got aroused at the way my knees

looked with the long school socks on.

There was a knock on the door. Panic. We had not invited anyone, Could it be a neighbour?

Pip answers. I hide in case its a non swinger. I peek through the door and can see a group of men, possibly

turkish gesturing to Pip. They are a mix of ages from about 15 to late 40s - looks to be about 6 of them.

I sit down and decide its not interesting and resume the leg admiring, rubbing my cock through my white

school girl knickers. Suddenly, Pip shrieks and comes falling through the door into the lounge, her left

breast for some reason out of her bra. The 6 men closely follow slamming the door and shouting.

2 of them roughly grab her and hold her by her arms, her breast still out, and being looked at by one of her

captors. He grabs it hard and squeezes it then plants a rough kiss on it and laughs, "We are gonna fuck you

into the second coming" He says in a strong accent. "And you sissy bitch , you will watch your wife get

fucked and abused and used very bad and very dirty" "You will remember us forever my sissy fucking bitch.

I am grabbed and lifted in the air. Legs apart, schooly outfit adding to the erotic tension. I am laid face

up on the coffee table, knickers pulled down and arms tied behind my head. I huge steel buttplug is produced

from a coat and shoved up my arse and it locks into position. Then I feel my cock and balls being tugged,

They are tieing it under me and against the plug end that is firmly up my aching bum. "You cum slut and

slave" "Your wife is ours now" And as he says this, Pip is lifted onto me,pussy and arse above my face. I

hear her grunt. I hear the famikliar sound of cock fcking a mouth. Its as started.

The 19 year old and the middle aged man loom. Pips arse cheeks are pulled apart and dirty fingers inserted.

Viusly poking her bumhole and slapping her arse. Then suddenly a hot stream of piss jets into her bum

and splashes and sprays onto me and into my mouth nose and eyes - they laugh and someone shakes my plug which

makes me quiver and cum slightly.

I am then made to lick all the piss of Pips arsehole. They pull it wider and beckon me to dig my tongue right

in, As I do so, a huge thick cockis rammed in = Pip yelps. Thrust after thrust is from tip to balls and like

a steamhammer. I am watching from below. Balls slapping against her pussy. Then he leans forward legs apart.

The young lad eases his cock into her dripping vagina. Her lips swollen but welcoming this intruder. She is taking 2 cocks and I am powerless to stop this attack. Both the cocks pump, bending occasionally from the tightness. Every so often, the young guy pulls his cock out and into my mouth, I can taste piss. I see piss dribbling out of Pips bludgeoned pussy. I am both shocked and excited. I am surprised by this but my cock aches in its bindings. Pip is soaking wet, their cocks glisten as they withdraw. Slurping sounds emit from her holes as they thrust back in, slapping her arse and yelps from her each time. To Be Continued