Written by Bigmicky10

5 Oct 2011

As the title says, reading my book over woods when A trucker said hello, we got chatting and one thing left to another as you do, he stated rubbing his crouch and all of a sudden I saw this massive cock slip out of his flies, he asked me if I liked it, now as if I said No,he said, follow him into woods, guess what I did, we found a nice quite spot, we both stripped off, playing,sucking, he said he wants to fuck my ass, shit I thought how can I get that up me, after to of three goes he got it right up, it hurt like fuck, I begged him to stop, but no way, once in, he kept bumping my ass, in the end I didn,t want him to stop, he cum all over my body, as we layed back, knackerd, all of a sudden 5 guys were standing over us, wanking and yes, more cum, this got the trucker very excited again, he said he has to fuck me again, my poor arsehole, still sore,the 5 guys left us to it, I had great preblem walking back to my car, but hey, was the best sex I ever had,now looking for another trucker, hehehe. True Story