Written by Joko

23 May 2016

Well a quiet weekend by our recent standards anyway.We contacted George last week and arranged to go over to his place on Saturday.On the night,he had managed to arrange another three guys,one of whom was in the group when he first fucked Anne but the other two were new.Incidentally,we have talked about some suggestions we got last time,especially the idea of her getting black cock.She did have one black guy,a few years back and it was fun but nothing special.She is not so sure about the piss aspect but that doesn't mean it won't happen !! Anyway,since I last wrote,we have bought some new playthings,most importantly two sets of handcuffs as when the copper cuffed her it was so much more horny than just tying her.Before everyone had arrived,there was just us and George.She was dressed in old clothes,as in it didn't matter what happened to them and before the other three arrived,we cuffed her hands behind her,then put a pair above her elbows,which pulled her arms back and thrust out her tits.Only 5 minutes or so after we'd done this the bell rang and the others trooped in to find her cuffed and blindfold.George and I stood her up and then I sat back to watch the four of them begin to pull at her clothing,ripping open her blouse,pushing her bra cups up to get at her big tits,which they began to bite and suck.They had soon ripped her skirt off,pushed her blouse down over her arms so she was virtually naked,with only her black stockings and sussies still intact.The guys had all stripped by now and while George and his mate are by no means deprived in the cock department,one of the new guys was hung like a fucking donkey.His cock was still semi hard,still drooping a bit but must have been at least 10" and thick.He pushed her to her knees and stuck his cock in her face.She managed to get the head in just,then it began to swell even more.George got behind her and quickly pushed his cock up her wet cunt,holding her hips as he rammed her,while she struggled to cope with the cock in her mouth.She was gagging and dribbling saliva as he held her head and pushed the head into her mouth.He didn't last very long,stiffening then one last push as he shot his load down her throat,well some of it at least.She was gagging on it and most of it ran down her chin and onto her tits.George sped up and filled her cunt with his spunk,seeing there were not so many,there was no real need to pull out.The other new guy was no slouch with a good rock hard 7 or 8" which he also pushed deep into her mouth,roughly fucking her face till he pulled out and shot all over her face.I was standing beside her wanking and did the same almost at the same time as George's mate added his spunk up her pussy.We all had a drink,leaving her still trussed up and blind fold,then shortly after,we all used her again.We couldn't stay over sadly but we didn't leave till around 2.30 am by which time she was well fucked.Her arms were a bit sore from the two pairs of cuffs but she didn't complain.We are now looking for black guy(s) to fuck her and George said he knows a guy at his local who might be able to help,if he can find the right time to broach the subject with him.No whipping for her this time.We have bought a riding crop as well but stupidly forgot to take it with us.My mate is also on the case with regards to finding black cock for her and he is in the Midlands,so here's hoping.As I said,she is not sure about the pissing but never say never.Any other suggestions would be welcome in case she refuses.