Written by Watchermike

24 Apr 2011

Hi all, I am a 52yo lucky guy! My friend and fuck buddy is a 21yo, pretty, tall and fun young mum from the south. She works part time as an escort (thats how we met!) Since then we have had loads of adventures and fun. She 5'9" 34c, long legs, shaven, squirts and is vocal!

Still back to our trip. The Saturday night was fast approaching and we decided on a quick meal followed by a few drinks. Well the pub we were in had a pool table and despite being packed we were able to get on. I was loving the comments from the locals bout Anna and her "Dad"! As she got more pissed she became more daring, coming back from the ladies and handing me her bra! Her boobs were not going un-noticed and several guys chatted and bought us drinks. Funny but most guys seemed to want her playing! Nothing to do with her tight jeans and boobs on display as she bent to take shots!

Two guys in particular joined us and stood us drinks, obviously trying to get her drunk, little did they know lol. Still by 11.30 we were the last in the pub, so I suggested a take out and could they host. This they said yes no problem so we walked back to theirs. On arrival at the flat I went to the loo as the pints were going through. I was gone for just 3 or 4 mins as I ambled back through the house, I followed their voices to a room at the back, Anna had wasted no time and was sitting topless on the bed in just her skimpy knicks, both young guys were all over her.

Normally Anna uses condoms with strangers but not in this case as between mouthfuls of cock she shouted for a cock to fuck her. She is normally hot but tonight wowwww. I stripped off and joined the fun on the bed, making do with her hand for the first few minutes. John was licking and fingering her making her moan and cry out, before she told him to fuck her he was between her legs and with me opening her wide slid his medium sized cock straight up her, god she was wet and 5 mins later wetter still as he shot a load of hot spunk up her, Anna knows what I love and sat on my mouth dripping his cum out before lowering onto my tongue, I was i heaven. She slid down me taking me up her spunky cunt telling Colin to fuck her arse.

I unfortunately didnt last long and added my load up her, before Colin moved holes and fucked her doggy. After he came (again in her) I went to the lounge to rest and dozed off, awoken several hours later to her screaming the place down as both guys workeed on her filling both holes with toys and spunk when they could.

We left about 5ish back to our hotel, but not before Anna took triple again. We drove home about 10am with her nursing a womb full of Scottish spunk, she was sore but insaitable all the way back, flashing truckers all the way down the M74 and M6. we back up in a few weeks and apparently we dont need a hotel this time. Bring on the fun.