Written by abbi_1

18 Aug 2010

So i went though this door and turned right to go up the stairs with my short skirt round my ass and my tits almost hangingout of my top and my heels going clip clop.

there was this brunette chick holding on the railing up top on the landing looking over the edge at me like she was a demented lunatic and then she should "Ahh!! Fuck!". just like that.

Our eyes met for a moment as she watched me climbing up the stairs towards her.

She bared her teeth at me and shook her head but i just ignored her and as i reached her landing i passed the group of guys and a couple of chicks in high spirits all smiling and had my ass felt from behind.

turning to her landing i stopped and saw her with a guy behind her, her skirt up over her hips and his hands on her hips andhe was fucking her.

Soo... He pulls out of her and cum pours from her bush and having serviced him she turns around showing off her cunt.

Some guy asks me to just bend over for a moment and pushes me firmly and lifts up my skirt as another helpfully holds my shoulders and then i feel him up my cunt with his fingers and gasp in delight.

Then as i get my tits out for them he pushes his cock up my wet pussy and begins to fuck me from behind. Just what i needed too!

"Is it ok if i cum in you" he says.

so i said "oh yeah hun, its ok " as i cum with my tits swinging and hands all over me.

That was good sex and i felt i needed more.

So after he cum and thanked me i asked if anyone else wanted some cunt and i was rewared with another cock sliding up my fuck hole to give me one.

He had a good fuck too.

After a time of them taking turns as the brunette gtrined, nodded and watched us, i had cum and cum like mad and she came over and said that i had taken 5 guys.

wow that was hot.