Written by Old Soldier Blue

6 Jun 2018

Ted’s cum was still warm inside his wife’s cunt as I slowly entered her with my cock. There had been no foreplay, I didn’t want to lose any before I fucked her. She didn’t need any. It was only 30 minutes after her husband had cum inside her. And there was loads. Ted must have held it in the four weeks we were away.

Debbie was laying beneath me, on her back. I slowly removed her knickers, revealing her freshly fucked cunt, still pink and swollen, a little of Ted’s cum just starting to leak from her. She had spread her legs wide, lifting her knees to her chest. As I lowered myself onto her, she guided my cock towards her freshly fucked cunt. As I entered, my cock pushed Ted’s cum from around the sides, his cum dribbling down towards her arse. It was sticky and warm. Debbie had kept her knickers on as soon as he had cum.

I knew my wife would be licking her lips, wanting to lick Ted’s cum from Debbie, but she would wait until I pulled my cock from this warm, soft cunt. Now, she was sat behind us with a good view of her husband’s cock inside another woman’s cunt. She also had Fergie’s hard cock at the side of her, so she was probably sucking that, waiting for me to finish.

With not having sex for the past fortnight, my wife’s stories about the past couple of weeks and fucking Debbie’s cunt full of Ted’s fresh cum, I was about to shoot mine into her too. I hammered her cunt hard until I came inside her, mixing my cum with Ted’s. As soon as I pulled out, the cum flowed from Debbie’s cunt. My wife was between her legs straight away, not wasting a drop. Debbie hadn’t climaxed with me, but my wife’s tongue gently licking and probing her cunt, her mouth sucking her clit and my wife’s fingers moving inside her to get the rest of the cum, brought Debbie to a noisy orgasm. This was the first time she has tasted a mix of two men’s cum. When Debbie was cleaned, she cleaned everything from my cock too.

It happened to be a Wives Club event the night we returned. This meant that it would be difficult for Debbie to meet at our flat. But if she did what most Army Wives do when their husbands return, she’ll let Ted fuck her as soon as he’s home. It’s what I did. I couldn’t wait for my wife to tell me about her, Debbie and Fergie.

It would be at least an hour before we would be allowed home. I managed to find Fergie and asked him to speak to Debbie before Ted got home. I wanted to try something new, fucking some other man’s wife with her cunt full of her husband’s cum. And tonight, Debbie could do that for me. We managed five minutes together to speak about the new group. He had already spoken to Debbie and my wife and they liked the idea. Having more cocks to fuck certainly appealed to them both. He also said that he had a possible first recruit, but he needed to work on it a while longer.

I was met at the door by my wife. Matching black low-cut bra and knickers, suspenders and stockings. My cock was hard anyway thinking of the fucks she has had from Fergie. I dropped my kit and started undressing. She said that her dress wasn’t for me, it was for us all to share tonight. She made sure I had a bath first. It was about 1700hrs when I was sat next to her in just my pants as she told me some of her fuck sessions. She said Fergie had been to our flat twice and to Debbie’s twice in the past two weeks. None of the sessions were longer than a couple of hours, and one just a quickie as his wife may become suspicious. But it didn’t matter, her and Debbie had taken time to make sure that they knew what to do to each other to make sure they both had orgasms.

Fergie arrived around 1830hrs, my wife removing his clothes as soon as he was in. By the time she was on her knees pulling his pants down, his hard cock sprung free. My wife took it in her hand and licked his throbbing head. She then lifted his cock, running her tongue the full length on the soft part underneath his cock. I could see it throbbing in her hand. Ever so slowly, she pushed her head forward, taking him in her mouth, until he was fully inside, and she began to suck. I had moved behind her and reaching under her arse, had two fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. This was the first time she had let me touch her since I came home. I couldn’t fuck her, we were expecting Debbie about 1900hrs. Her juices were flowing down my fingers and hand, soaking her knickers. Fergie was now holding her head and thrusting forward, fucking her mouth. He didn’t last much longer. I saw that now familiar sight of my wife’s cheeks puffing out as her mouth was filled with cum. She must have had practice with Fergie while I was away. She kept her lips wrapped around his slowly softening cock as she swallowed, bit by bit, until her mouth was empty of cum. She then continued to suck and slowly withdrew Fergie’s cock, not leaving a drop of cum.

Fergie then pulled my wife from the floor and pushed her on to the arm chair. He raised her legs, pushing them over each chair arm, opening her cunt fully to us. I watched as he pulled her now soaking knickers to the side and covered the whole of her cunt with his mouth, sucking hard and flicking his tongue in and out of her cunt. At this point the door bell rand, but it didn’t stop Fergie and my wife. I checked through the spyhole to see Debbie. I opened the door and the first thing she did was take hold of my hard cock. She pulled me through to the living room just as my wife arched her back and came loudly, thrashing about on the chair and pushing Fergie’s head hard into her cunt.

Debbie knew what I wanted and undressed. She wasn’t wearing anything sexy, she had just left her husband and was supposed to be at the Wives Club. She removed her dress then her bra. And now we were at the start.

We moved into the bedroom and sat on the bed to discuss my idea. While we talked, the girls kept up constant wanks and the occasional sucks on our cocks, making sure that we would be ready.

I came up with the idea of the Alternative Wives Club. Between the four of us, we thrashed out a few basic rules.

1. The girls choose the members and organised the meetings, including who and how many will attend

2. Minimum of 3 members at each meeting, no one to one affairs

3. All members must be married, but it didn’t mean the partner had to be a member.

4. Members did not have to be married to each other

5. No more than six of each sex.

6. No resignations. Discharge or posting was the only way someone could be replaced.

7. Age or shape didn’t matter.

Fergie explained that he had already stared to recruit a female. His wife, Michelle, as it turned out. I was up for it. Fergie was 51. Debbie also said that she thought Ted would be up for joining. She admitted that as part of their sex lives they had often verbally included me and my wife in a foursome. Debbie also admitted she had introduced our last session with Ted this evening and this had made him excited enough to cum quicker and that was why her cunt was so full when I fucked it. She said he felt harder inside her, too.

It was obvious that the girl’s constant manipulations of mine and Fergie’s cock’s along with Debbie telling us about their fantasies that it had the desired effect. Time was getting short before Debbie had to leave. Obviously, I wanted to know more about Debbie and Ted’s sex involving me and my wife.

Debbie decided that Fergie would be Ted for now. She told my wife to get on her hands and knees across the bed. She did the same but the opposite way. She then told me to get behind her and ‘Ted’ to get behind my wife. It was then up to us lads how we fucked them. Both of us could fuck one of them at a time, which Debbie preferred, or we could fuck each of them in turn, or just fuck their mouths. Me and Fergie were in favour of combining all of them.

I reached for Debbie’s arse and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her arse and her cunt lips more. Her lips were already turning a light pink and I could see her juices just starting to flow. I aimed my tongue straight into her cunt, tasting her juices. I tongue fucked her for a short while before gently running my tongue around the lips slowly, up one side and down the other. I used two, the three fingers inside her while I sucked on her clit. She began moaning, but this became muffled. I raised my head a little, fingers still deep inside her, to see Fergie with his cock in her mouth. All this time, my wife was in a perfect position to have a close-up of everything I was doing. As I stood she took hold of my cock so that I could keep Debbie’s lips wide. She aimed my cock directly at Debbie’s hole and held my foreskin and I slowly pushed into her. I could feel the warmth, wetness and softness of Debbie as my cock went fully in. Fergie’s hand was behind my wife’s arse, fingers pumping in and out of her cunt while his cock was in Debbie’s mouth. I began to withdraw slowly, just until the head of my cock was inside Debbie, then ram back in hard, bringing a moan from her each time, even though her mouth was full.

Fergie pulled himself from Debbie’s mouth and moved behind my wife. He pulled her little black knickers to one side, her wet cunt now opened to him. He raised himself onto his feet and straddled her arse. As he bent at the knees, I watched as his cock aimed down until he slid into her cunt with ease. I couldn’t resist taking my cock from inside Debbie and placing it inside my wife’s mouth as her eyes closed and mouth opened, and Fergie entered her. Fergie and I soon found a rhythm that we could tell my wife enjoyed by the number of climaxes she was having. I didn’t leave Debbie for long. I was close to cumming and wanted to empty my cock inside her cunt. Again, I entered with ease. I immediately started to ram into her hard, by balls slapping every time my full length hit home. I reached round and grabbed her by her thighs, pulling her harder onto me as I started to cum. With one final thrust, I emptied into her. As I relaxed, and my cock softened, my juice started to dribble out. I looked at my wife and could see her watching my cum, waiting to lick it and swallow it. Debbie also knew, but she pulled off my cock and moved away, saying that when she got home, Ted would be ready for another fuck, so she wanted my cum inside her. Ted would think it was his from earlier, but we would all know it wasn’t.

As Debbie dressed, my wife now lay on her side, legs tucked up as Fergie continued to hammer into her. I placed my cock into her mouth, so she could at least clean me. I asked Fergie to cum inside her so that I could fuck her later full of his cum. This seemed to excite him as his speed increased until he also shot his load into my wife.

Debbie had just pulled her knickers on and I could see the damp patch covering her cunt where my cum was seeping through. We all agreed that Ted should be the next member, but I would arrange this. As a club, we all wouldn’t meet again for a month, but Ted would be our next member in a fortnight. My wife would have two cocks all to herself for the next session. And who knows? Maybe Fergie would bring Michelle to our next full meeting