Written by stuart

28 Feb 2016

I have just come back from a dirty weekend trip to Amsterdam and finally got round to visiting the B1 sex cinema iv been told about. I paid my money and wondered upto the first floor where a straight porno was playing and a few guys sat around and a few stood at the back wanking off, I then went a floor up and found a gay porno playing with a dark area and toilet and about a dozen guys sat about, one guy was sucking another off but no other action going on. There was another floor which was very dark and had a few cubicals and passageways which had gay porn playing but only a few guys standing around. When im horny i like a bit of cock but i really fancied a bit of cunt and went back down to the straight level.I sat down at the back and the film playing was a bukkake scene which got me hard so i released my cock and had a slow wank. A younger guy came and sat beside me and started to wank off too, he kept glancing at me but i made no reaction untill he reached out and touched my cock, i let him wank me for a bit then he went onto his knees and started to blow me.. a few other guys moved towards us and were wanking off and i was really close to cumming when a couple walked in and sat at the front. the bird was about 50 and a bit tarty looking which was a bonus and within moments she was having her large tits sucked by the guy. I pulled the guy sucking me off my cock and by now the bird was surrounded by a group of guys wanking.I stood close wanking my cock when the guy motioned for us to come closer and i was straight on my knees and down on her cunt licking her lips and fingering her, she was moaning and was wanking two cocks whilst the young guy who had been sucking me off was mauling her massive tits. she then started sucking the cocks presented to her and i was really giving her cunt a good licking. another guy got down on his knees and i pulled open her flaps so he could lick her as well and we were both licking her and our mouths kept touching which was even more horny. A few guys had started shooting over her tits and face and the guy she came in with was also sucking a cock. I stood up and pushed forward for her to suck my cock but she turned round and presented her arse to who ever wanted it and i got behind her and stuck my hard ready to shoot cock up her. I lasted only minutes before quickly pulling out and shooting a good load over her arse. I was ready to go then as i needed to eat, but the ticket allows you entry all day and so after eating and a quick nap and shower i went back and spent a few hours being sucked and fucking some young guy over the stairs. I was determined to fuck a prostitute whilst there and did... that was fucking amazing too and i was got on the plane back having cum about five times a day. Fucking love Amsterdam and hope to go back and go to a Bukkake party.