Written by gosso

22 Feb 2007

My wife hosted an Ann Summer’s party for a few of her friends. No men were allowed and I was told to stay out of the way. I was busy in my office upstairs and heard loads of giggling as the wine started to flow. Most of the girls had left and it was only my wife and two other girls left. The one was a work colleague, Kirsty and the other was our neighbour’s 19 year old daughter, Shelly.

I peeked down into the lounge from the stairs and all I saw Shelly sitting on my wife’s face while Kirsty was stuffing my wife’s pussy with a huge black dildo. My cock started to twitch with excitement. The two girls were naked and Shelly’s tits looked so nice. Shelly looked up and saw me, she gestured at me to be quiet and come down the stairs. I raced down the stairs. At that point the girls changed positions. My wife was lying on her back and she had a black blindfold so did not know I was there. Shelly was really pounding that dildo into my wife’s dripping wet pussy. I pulled my cock out and she started sucking it. I could not believe my luck. This gorgeous young girl being a total slut. Kirsty was moaning with joy as she was being licked out by my wife. I pulled my cock out of Shelly’s mouth and kneeled behind her on the couch and put my cock against her pussy. She started pushing back. I fucked her fast and hard for a while. She grabbed hold of my cock and slid it towards her ass. I pushed slowly till my cock disappeared into her ass. It was really tight. I soon shot my load in her ass. She swapped position with Kirsty and my wife started sucking the cum out of Shelly’s ass without asking a question.

Kirsty got another dildo and jammed it into my wife’s ass. She now had a dildo in her pussy and one in her ass. She was really fucking those dildos. Kirsty nodded at me to come behind her. I slammed my now erect cock deep into her pussy and she started riding back and forth. I wanted to fuck her in the ass as well and pulled out and slipped my cock into her ass slowly. She groaned with joy. I fucked her for a few minutes before she told me that my wife was now ready for my cock. My wife did not even know that I was there. I told her to open her mouth and suck my cock. She sucked me until I came deep in the back of her throat. She took her blindfold off and smiled at me…….