Written by jacques jill

20 May 2013

You will never believe what happened. I am 24 years old. And yes I have engaged in sex with a few men and women. I didn’t exactly dislike having sex with men. I even achieved orgasms, and all that. But it is the woman’s body that I find sensual and desirable.

My philosophy is that the source of sexual power is passion, excitements and adventure. Sex must be also about tears, laughter, the unexpected variations, forbidden fantasies, dreams. And it is all about being between a woman’s thighs, breathing the scent of her sexual arousal, kissing her swollen glistening labia, pressing my tongue deep inside her dark humid vagina that I experience erotic excitement.

One morning I read an ad posted in the cafeteria at college about a painter needing a model to pose for a statuette. It said nothing about whether I was expected to disrobe. I called. A woman answered. Her husband was the one who had posted the ad on the bulletin board.

I arrived at the studio, which was in the couple’s apartment. J. had already fashioned the outline of a female figure. She was wearing a dress that was clinging to her body, showing every sensual line and curve.

Without interrupting his work, J. asked me to undress completely because he could not work otherwise. He seemed so absorbed in his work, paying very little attention to me that after a moment of hesitation I undressed, and took the pose he wanted me to. He looked at me absent minded and no signs of being interested in me sexually. After a while I felt very comfortable with my nudity. He bent me, twisted my body into every position imaginable until he achieved the perspective he was looking for.

Over the following weeks I continued to pose for J. I would arrive. M., his wife would show me in. She would wait until I disrobed completely. She would neatly fold my clothes, and generally sat with us during the session commenting to her husband about technical details of the sculpture. I was curious why J. would not ask his wife to pose nude, instead of paying a university student to pose.

That day I undressed and stood naked waiting for J. to show me the pose he wanted. J. indicated that he was dissatisfied with the statue. He had thrown it away and was thinking of another project. M. had folded my clothes as usual and sat calmly waiting for her husband to finish his proposal.

He showed us rough sketches of his next work that represented two women showing genuine affection for each other in different intimate poses. These were not vanilla drawings of innocent nudity of two women. In one drawing on a sepia background two naked women are asleep and smiling after love making. They are entwined in an erotic embrace as couples do. One had her head resting on the breast of the other. That other had a thigh wrapped over the body of the other, their slender ribbon of pubic hair left no doubt that their sexes were intimately touching.

J. proposed that M. pose with me. I was intrigued but worried by the offer. If you are too, read on, as I am about to shatter you.

J. left us for an appointment with one of the owner of an art gallery that was proposing to put on an exhibit of J.’s work. It should not be for more than an hour. Never the reliable one, J. doesn’t show and so begins my love affair with M.

We did pose nude for J. embracing each other, day after day, week after week. It was during J.’s long absences that M. and I got to know each other. Our feelings for each other began to blossom, turning from a friendship into something uncontrollably powerful. We did the love dance around each other, refusing to give in to our impulses and finally admit our feelings for each other.

Then one night, overwhelmed by my burning desire I could not stand anymore. Feeling her naked body next to mine day after day, trying to control my intense desire to touch her, to make love to her was more than I can bear. I drove to their apartment.

J. was out of town. I had not even knocked at the door yet when M. opened. Seeing her standing before me gave me a shiver. I stood at the door somewhat awkwardly, not knowing if she was going to let me in. It was these moments of incertitude that were gradually eroding my confidence. Did I make a mistake? Did I misread the signals?

I was about to say something or other when M. reached for me and claimed all of me in an instant with her embraces. Our lips devoured each other while our tongues searched for each others.

She stood naked. I had seen her nude dozens of times before, even felt the heat of her body radiating as we posed in each other arms for J. Yet tonight was different. She was all mine. She was naked only for me. I was fascinated by the whiteness of her skin, the rich abundance of her breasts, her slender waist, and her long straight black hair cascading down her shoulders. It seemed that the whole world was now shut out, that there was only this room, this bed and only M. and me present for each other. There was nothing else.

When I stood by the big iron bed on which we laid together so many times in each other’s arms she said: “Don’t move.” Then she calmly began to undress me slowly, tearing my clothes to shreds until I stood naked. I was trembling with anticipation, my heart pounding ready to explode out of my chest.

M. loosened my hair over my shoulders, and then she bent me back on the bed and kissed me interminably, her hands over my breasts. M. licked and kissed my body working her way slowly towards my pubic region, all the while now her hands pressing hard in my flesh painfully mauling me. The pain was pleasurable. My cries of pain seemed to inflame M. even more.

I could feel her sexual hunger for me mounting like madness. I felt her hands pulling my thighs open as she began to drink with her whole mouth, her tongue, and her breath from my sex, sinking two fingers into that big dark opening of my vagina from which exuded the strong musty smelling, glistening moisture of my arousal.

She pressed deeply with her fingers in my vagina, when I felt her free hand separating my ass and her fingers swirling lightly around the opening of my anus. Her fingers finally penetrated my anus deeply. The sensation of her hand in my ass and her fingers in my vagina almost pushed me over the top. I was trying to satisfy my hunger by rubbing my clitoris over the thumb of the hand she had in my vagina. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Over the next few days, we continued to pose for J. Our friendship resumed as if nothing had happened that night. During these interminable clutching when our bodies, our breasts our sexes touched so intimately I felt a burning urge to dive between M. thighs and burry my head between them. M. however seemed in perfect control of her emotions.

Then, as I was beginning to believe that M. was not interested in pursuing further our relationship, she surprised me and asked me to come that night. I thought J. was again out of town. M. opened the door putting her index finger across her lips to signify that I should be very quiet. She was wearing a bathrobe leaving though little doubt that she was naked under the bathrobe.

We tiptoed past the couple’s bedroom. I could distinctly hear J. regular breathing of someone deeply asleep. I was stunned. M. smiled taking my hands in hers.

- J. knows all about our affair. I always tell him when I am having an affair with other men or women. We don’t think I am being unfaithful, only that I enjoy also an alternate sexual experience.

- And he doesn’t mind?

- No, I love my husband and I am confident of his love for me.

As I was lowering myself to kiss M.’s vagina and drink of her moisture, she said.

- J. and I made love tonight. He was not wearing a condom.

This revelation provoked my erotic arousal even more, knowing that I was tasting not only M. but also J.

I had been fascinated by J.’s powerful body, the slowness and deliberate ease with which he touched me or M. to position us. Knowing that his fluids were mixed with M.’s and that I tasted both drove me near insanity.

I have to confess that more often I had fantasized about J. coming on to me when I was posing nude for him, or even …well, I have to admit, that he would join M. and I in a threesome.

M. noticed that I looked distracted. I think that it was lowering my eyes and blushing ten shades of red that tipped M. that there was more I wanted. She took me by the hand and we tiptoed to the other bedroom.

J. was lying naked hardly covered by the bed sheet. He had a strong golden brown body. He stirred and turned around revealing an erect penis as smooth as the rest of his body. Like in a dream I fell on him and took his penis in my mouth.

J. ‘s hands went everywhere: into my anus, into my sex into my mouth. He bit my nipples. With his strong hands he reached and took any part of my body he was hungry for like a morsel of food. He flipped me on my belly he took hold of my ass separating it and plunged his mouth into my anus feasting almost simultaneously on my vagina next to my anus.

I was disappointed that he may just penetrate my anus and not visit my vagina. But I was wrong. Crouched as I was I placed my hands under my ass to raise my sex to his penis. He entered me for the first time and filled me. I was conscious that my juices were pouring out.

But as I drew close to orgasm he would withdraw, denying me my pleasure. He wanted to enjoy the cruelty he was inflicting on me. He laid me on my back legs apart he held his glistening penis in his hand gently stroking it then he pushed till my sex swallowed it all. Mu pubic hair mingled with his. He held me down pinning my arms above my heads, he ordered me to dance while he continued to rhythmically thrust his penis inside me.

It is then that I realized that the erotic feelings I had been experiencing all along under his touch was now seeping deeper into me. There was a core of fire now smoldering inside me, waiting to erupt at the moment I reached my orgasm. But J. kept denying me the ultimate release. Just as my breathing became quicker, he would pull out and just keep his penis almost still against the opening of my sex.

Once he cupped my breasts around his turgid penis frantically making my breasts undulating like waves. At almost the ultimate moment, he stopped. He flipped me over spread my ass flaying the flesh apart, and with one deep strong thrust he entered my anus, sending shock waves through my body as he ripped my anus apart. The pain was pleasurable to the point of making me reach my first anal orgasm.

Through this insane desire to taste my orgasm, I had come to realize that I could do nothing until he allowed me to finally come. I became as soft as putty. He was my master and I was his slave. After I reached my anal orgasm I was exhausted. But I felt grateful that he finally released me from that tension of anticipation that gnawed at me from the innermost depth of my being.

- Thank you J. Thank you.

M. had sat on the arm chair observing her husband literally having his way with me. She approached me; spread my ass to inspect it.

- My dear you are bleeding. J. does that to women. I experience his assault on my ass several times. And often I bleed. And it is the most pleasurable moment of our love making.

M. disappeared for a moment then returned holding a strap-on with an enormous penis that she was stroking.

- Your turn now to have your way with J., put this on! She ordered as she helped me to adjust the straps to my waist

I had no idea where this was going. A little apprehensively I followed M.’s directions. Then I realized what was going on.

J. approached me smiling encouragingly.

- I know this may look strange to you the first time. But it is perfectly natural for a woman to enjoy also her husband anally. M. and I do it all the time, after I have sex with her front or back. I will walk you through.

J. approached me turning around exposing his beautiful bronzed ass. M. crouched on her knees spread J.’s cheeks she licked it generously then guided my hand to caress J. anal opening. I gazed at it winking realizing that soon I would thrust my strap-on penis in it.

It went like a dream in slow motion. Crouched in front of me J. guided the penis inside him. I was caught by the moment and started to move rhythmically my pelvis, rubbing my clitoris against the strap-on.

J. stood up and with the penis still inside him he guided me to the bed.

The three of us lay close together, I continued with the rhythmic thrust of my hips, crushing my clitoris against the back of the strap-on. J. was burying his penis deep in M.’s sex

I don’t know how it happened. I found myself with M. kneeling in front of J. He was masturbating frantically ready to spread his load. He came into our mouths in big thick steamy ropes of ejaculate. This was the first time I tasted sperm. And I loved it.