Written by little

16 Aug 2007

We have been married for 25 year and were married young (18), and have 2 kids. one is married the other in collage. We have just returned for a vacation at the beach. The first in many year with just us. A frind had let us use a condo they had for the week. The condo was a 2 floors with 4 units per floor. We have a 2 floor front unit with a good view of the beach. We had to park down the street because all the parking spaces at our condo were taken up with motorcycles, trailers and SUVs. On my way to the car to get the bags, I meet some people coming for the pool area. They said they were sorry for taken up the spaces in front of the condo. Two of the men helped me with the bags, and said they would move the motorcycles to make rome for us. We got set up it the condo and started to get ready for bed, it was early but after the long trip we were ready to rest. I got up early the next morning and went to the store to get soft drinks and something for breakfast. Went I got back there was a parking space up front like the men had said. I toke the things in, we had breakfast, and started to the beach. At about 11 am it was getting hot on the so we went back to the condo to the air conditioning. On the way back we saw they had a salid bar at the pool and deside to get something for lunch. When we entered we saw the people we had meet the night before. They ask us to joint them so we did. They were 3 couples that had come to ride there motorcycles on the beach. They had hauled the cycles because they lived so fare a way. We had all the useual talk, and was drinking that helped everyone relax. We don\'t drink much so my wife was getting pretty relaxed, enjoying this older guy getting her everything she wanted. He was older late 50s bald but in good fisical condition. Everyone was having a good when this older guy said he wanted to go riding his bike. They talked about it for some time and my wife said she had never been on a motorcycle. He said that was grate, he was going to take her a ride. She was all up for it but had on 2 pease swing suit. one of the other men gave her his shirt to protect her from the sun. She was pretty drunk and excited when she got on the bike behind him, and they were off. I sat around talking to the others until they closed the pool a about 9. I was getting worried about them but the others reasurred me everything was OK. I had just got back to the room when they got back. My wife drunker than every, so I toke her to the room to lay down. It was still early and the others had started a card game in the patio area of the condo. I jointed them, we were playing kid game like go fish. We were talking and have fun. About 2 hours later my wife came down for a while, but said she had to much excitment and when back to the room. We played cards and talked for about 2 more hours and deside to call it a night. when I got to the room the light were out but I could see my wife laying on sofia in the living room. Trying to diside on just letting her sleep it of or try to put her to bed I turned on the lamp so I could see. She was laying on the sofia with nothing on, her swiming suit top was on the table and the bottoms were still on her foot that was off the sofia in the floor. It was funnie looking see her like that and knowing she was going be sick I though I would take her to bed. When I bent down to move her leg a big glob of cum shoot out of her pussy. I did know what to do so I turn out the light and went to the bed room. In our 25 years she would not talk about have sex with anyone and would stop it by getting mad about it. I spent a long time thinking about who had fucked my wife, did she let them, did she enjoy it, how did it happen, and what was going to happen the next day. After what was for ever I hear her in the bathroom sick. After a miniate or so I went to the bath room, got a wet towel and washed her face. Nothing much was said and we went to bed. The next morning she didn\'t talk abuot anything, and was in a bad mood. I went to the beach for a walk and to think about what to say to her. on my walk i meet one of the lady from the night before. We said hello and her ask me how I was. I said fine but was supprised when she ask how was I with last night. I ask why she was asking that way, and she said that they were not swinger but was open to having sex with others. She said she knew that her husban had fucked my wife were they had taken the bike ride and this other man had fucked her last night. To my suprize she said the other one want to fuck her to, and how did I fill about it. I told her I didn\'t know, I was pretty mixed up and have more question than answers. She ask me if I want to fuck her or the other or all. I said I didn\'t know so she said we should have a beer and talk about it. We found a little bar on the beach and she told me how my wife had played with his dick as they rode the mike, how they had pulled in to a park and she had given him a blow-job and how he had fucked her and that he had a big dick and she had had troble getting it in her and how she had cum over and over. Then she told about the guy helping her back to the room and how she had told how much she like big dicks and would he fuck her. I could not belive what i was hearing. Then she told me I needed to let her suck me off to get even. It was like a dream so we when a place in the sand doons and she gave a blow job and fucked the shit out of me.

I didn\'t see much of my wife for the next couple days or talk to her. I was busy be fucked and suck by the 3 weman, think my wife was doing the same. The week was over and we started home, after a long time with out saying anything she ask did you fuck those weman. I said why did you fuck those men, and she said yes. We are now start to talk openly about it and how we should have talk more in the past.