Written by Tomcovenent

5 Oct 2011

Before we decided how we might turn our fantasies into reality, or before we decided if it was something we could or should do, things took an unexpected and exciting turn which to an extent took the decision out of our hands, and meant that we would be able to safely experience some of our more extreme sexual fantasies for real, if we chose to. I came home from work late one evening to find my wife in what I could only describe as a sexual frenzy! I was hardly in the house before she was kissing me passionately and undoing my trousers, feeling my arse and rubbing me through my underpants like a nymphomaniac! We barely made our way upstairs and into the bedroom before she had pulled out my erect cock and was sucking and wanking me as she never had before. I managed to calm her down and asked what had come over her. She told me that she had the most amazing day which had started when she was in a nearby town, clothes shopping. She had gone further afield because she wanted to buy some more exciting lingerie and because she knew there was a sex shop there and she was looking for something to surprise me. As it was, she said she hadn’t got to the sex shop, but something incredible had happened which was so much better! It turned out that as she was walking along browsing in windows and looking for the shop, which she had found by searching on line, she had happened to look into the window of a DVD rental store straight at the woman who had been in the dogging spot, serving behind the counter of the store! ‘That’s incredible’, I said ‘but how did you recognise her?’

‘Well, I wasn’t 100% sure so I decided to take a chance and find out by going in the store and dropping some kind of heavy hint’. She told me it was a spur of the moment thing and without hesitation she pushed open the door and went inside. As luck would have it, the store was empty. She went straight up to the counter and the woman looked up and smiled. ‘Now I knew it was her for sure’, she said ‘Her cleavage was unmistakeable, she really was a very attractive woman’. So she asked her directly, ’I wonder, do you know of any dogging spots locally?’. She felt herself flush with embarrassment, but also felt a surge of nervous excitement. Having seen this woman in such a lewd exposed state, she said it was incredibly actually talk to her in normal surroundings and of course fully dressed! Totally un-phased the woman said, ‘Yes, as a matter of fact I do’ and smiled broadly. ‘Actually I was just about to close up for lunch, have you eaten?’, She asked. How could she refuse? She nervously stammered out that she had not eaten and the woman went from behind the counter to close up, ‘come on, let’s go through to the back and have a chat and then maybe pop over the road to the pub for lunch.’ In the back of the shop there was a small lounge, rather like a mini cinema with a large 47 inch flat panel TV and a comfortable sofa. The woman indicated that my wife sit on the sofa and then sat next to her. ‘You know don’t you’ she said. My wife was a little uncertain, she said that the woman, who said her name was Angie, was not acting in any way as if she was ashamed or embarrassed but that she had a story to tell and was glad to have the opportunity to tell it. ‘My husband and I were at the car park, we saw what you were doing’. She explained how it was that we were there and the woman was amused and understanding. ‘My reason for being there is a little more complicated’.

To be continued if you want me to!