Written by Tomcovenent

5 Oct 2011

On the way to the dogging spot, we barely spoke. I was incredibly excited and nervous and I think she was the same, nervously fidgeting with the hem of her dress which was above her black nylon clad and shapely knees. It was then that I noticed, whilst glancing excitedly at her and imagining the hem slipping up to reveal more of her legs and stocking tops, she wasn’t wearing the stockings I’d chosen.

‘You didn’t put those stockings on?’ She shifted uncomfortably and pulled at the hem as if she were trying to hide her legs, ‘No, sorry love, I changed my mind, I just want to have a look to see what this place is like, I felt too vulnerable in stockings and the things you picked’ she looked at me and I could see in the light of the traffic that she was not looking very sorry, in fact she still looked pretty excited to me and had a half smile in her lips. I was slightly confused, but said ‘That’s ok, I’m not putting any pressure on you – this is new to both of us and we do have to be careful. These things aren’t the same in a fantasy!’. We continued on in silence, though despite this setback I was still excited at the prospect of actually visiting a dogging spot with my wife alongside me adding the extra spice! I‘d often considered going along on my own just to see, but had not had the courage to go through with even an exploratory visit. I half expected the spot to be deserted but when we drove into the car park entrance there were several cars already there and I could see they were occupied, though not by who. I pulled up a near, but not too near, the other cars. I switched off the engine and looked at my Wife, she looked back at me in the gleam of headlights from one of the other cars and smiled nervously. ‘Of course’, she said ‘they might just be courting couples’. ‘Do you hope they are?’ I asked. ‘I’m not sure’ she said, I don’t think so but I’m very nervous!’ I leant over and she leant toward me and we kissed as if we were just that, a courting couple. She smelt gorgeous, of scented soap and perfume and her tongue was willing, hot and probing in my mouth. We had not kissed so romantically for years and it had an immediate effect on me, I felt my cock harden and I held her tightly against me, feeling her breasts pressing on my chest and imagining her nipples stiffening, though I couldn’t feel them. The kiss ended and I asked her what she had worn instead of my choices. ‘I’m a little embarrassed’, she whispered back, ‘but I wanted to wear something a little frumpy’. ‘Oh!’ I said, confused, ‘As a defence’? She giggled girlishly ‘Not exactly, I just thought it might be more humiliating if anyone were to see them and more difficult if I didn’t want anything to happen!’. ‘Can I see?’ I asked. ‘Not yet, let’s see if anything happens’. Actually something had begun to happen, there were some people milling around the other cars, something seemed to be happening and they seemed to be crowding around to watch. ‘Shall we’? I asked. She hesitated for a moment and then opened her door, ‘We must at least have a look – but I’m ready to run’, she was wearing light slip on shoes without heels. At 5ft 11 she had never needed heels but in this case it was running she was dressed for! I grinned and nodded knowingly. We closed the doors of the car quietly so as not to draw attention and holding hands like teenagers started off toward the crowd.

To be continued…if anyone is interested!