Written by Tomcovenent

7 Oct 2011

‘Enough’ Mr Benson snapped and Carol immediately pulled back and sat back waiting, and for a moment she seemed in my eyes like Mr Bensons pet, fully trained and obedient and gazing intently at her master waiting for his instruction. She knew I was there but didn’t spare me even a glance. I almost expected to see her wagging her bottom and I felt a surge of jealousy, my Carol was, tonight at least, his. I realised that Jack Angie and some of the men had boxes of condoms and they were handing them out to everyone, even to me, they were telling everyone that Mr Benson didn’t want the slut corrupted as he had plans for her after tonight, I felt a surge of excitement and the green eyed monster surfaced again.

He turned to face the ‘vagrants’. ‘Ok, I want four of you to join this slut. Her husband wants to see her sucking cocks. Several, more than four, of the men surged forward and Mr Benson picked the four nearest. They were a pretty sorry looking bunch. One was seventy if he was a day, two were clearly drunk but younger, well, relatively so, in their mid-sixties I’d say. One was probably my age, early fifties, but he looked like a slob, overweight and, I thought with a chuckle, had fallen out of the ugly tree hitting every branch. I’m not sure whoever cast these men had been quite sure of the requirement, fat tramps aren’t common are they? It suddenly dawned on me that I was about to see Carol doing something that I’d imagined so many times, the very idea caused my penis to swell yet again. The men formed a queue, the oldest standing at the front right in front of my newly obedient slut of a wife. ‘No guys’, said Benson, ‘Not one at a time’. They didn’t need to be told again and all gathered round Carol who still knelt waiting for her instructions. Carol was presented with four cocks as they dropped their trousers and underpants and Mr Benson ordered her to ‘choose a cock, slut’. She crawled over to the fat guy and took what was a pretty pathetic erection, though it was complimented by a very big pair of balls, in her hand. She wrapped her fingers in a fist around the little shaft and proceeded to lick the end, barely visible above her hand. She flicked her tongue and probed under the foreskin and wanked him slowly. His cock grew a little bigger and he moaned as she grasped his balls in her other hand. I was transfixed, she was behaving like a total slut. It was obvious that she was loving the situation, her thighs were thrusting as if she were getting an invisible fucking and her nipples were huge, her pussy lips were puffy and it was quite obvious that she was gushing with juices as they were dripping from her as if she were peeing! Angie was close by watching and clearly loving what she saw, she was sliding a black dildo which she’d picked up from the back of the MPV along the material of the leotard between her legs and her puffy lips were glistening wetly as was the shaft of the dildo. Now the other chosen men stepped forward, all were wanking and all had more significant sized cocks than fat man, in fact all were bigger than me and I was embarrassed to think that Carol would realise this too. She dropped ‘fat mans’ cock and turned to the oldest guy, his cock was the biggest, she seemed to have decided to go for the two extremes first! Her cheeks were soon bulging as she took his cock into her mouth as far as she could and reached out to grasp ‘Fat mans’ cock and the cock of the guy who looked to be in his mid sixties and wanked them in time with her cock sucking and thrusting her thighs. The two drunks had decided to go straight for fucking and were both poking at her from the back, one grabbed Carols arse and thrust into her but missed and stumbled and fell on his face on the mattress next to her. He rolled over and fortuitously found himself under her, her breasts swinging above his chest and her nipples touching. It seems that this was pleasuring both of them as he remained lying there whilst she lowered herself to press more of her body on his and thrust her thighs so that his penis slid along her pussy lips and then he was able to poke the end into her and with a deep thrust that caused her to gasp he entered her fully and they were actually fucking! The other drunk held her buttocks and his penis slid around on her buttocks. Then Angie was there, applying gel to his cock and then to Carols buttocks before sliding her gel covered fingers between their roundness and one finger slowly into what I knew was a virgin anus. Carols thrusting motion has slowed to a gentle rhythm as Angie slipped another and another finger into her, then she slipped them out and grabbed the drunks shaft and after a few failed pokes pressed the end of his cock into her and with copious gel applied it slipped slowly inside her. Carols rhythm began to increase and soon she was thrusting as before.

This was for me a realisation of one of my horniest fantasies, my wife being fucked in all three holes and wanking a cock in each hand, but not only that, she was doing it in public, in front of an audience of horny men and being filmed! It took little time for the guys to cum noisily and it became a frenzy as the audience gradually became a part of the show. Some of the guys couldn’t last long enough, so incredibly horny was the sight, and they ejaculated without touching her. Her back, her buttocks and her hair were soon spattered with semen, but most entered her. This was my wife at the centre of a gang bang and, thanks to Mr Benson, nobody had been allowed to enter her without a condom. I was one of the last to fuck Carol and by then she seemed completely unaware that it was her husband. She was on her back and I entered her just as I would have at home, although this time wearing a condom as instructed. ‘Fuck my cunt’ she breathed ‘fuck this sluts cunt’. The thought that she was saying this to a man, not her husband, but any man at all was so arousing that I came quickly and powerfully. After a night of almost continuous erection and being on the edge of orgasm several times, this was hardly a surprise. But the incredible events of that night menat it was only ever going to be a short journey from erection to ejaculation!