Written by dynamitedave

13 Dec 2011

Have just come back from being thoroughly used by two horny men this evening. Was chatting away looking for a meet when it was suggested that "would I like some group activity?"

Never one to miss an opportunity he proceeded to ask for a willing participant to help out. We eventually found an admirer and boy! what a guy to pick (Ian9inches). While the two sorted out finer details i decided what to wear. I plumped for black stockings, tiny black thong and ra-ra skirt, white blouse and black tie....i actually looked like a naughty schoolgirl.

I drove over to herts (ware) while my well lubed ass was twitching away....not sure i could take Ians 9 inches!

Greeted at the door the two boys were soon cock in hand and i swiftly found myself on my knees greedily sucking away. While i gave my best attention to Ians big cock and balls the other guy slipped my thong to one side and shoved his tongue in me....followed by some well lubricated fingers. This continued for some time until Ian asked if i wanted to try taking him.....now what an invite!!!!

I was bent over the bed while Ian liberally applied lube to his huge cock and then placed the head at the entrance to my waiting ass. It took a while but eventually my ass opened up and i felt his cock sliding into me. All the while I had my mouth full of cock at the other end......luckily this was muffling my moans of delight.

Im not sure how far into me he got but i felt very full as he proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. Each thrust forced the other cock in and out of my mouth.....heaven.

Ian pushed me down and continued to pound me until he shot his load and then i was flipped onto my back and given a very messy facial, some of which i managed to swallow.

I'm now on the hunt for big black cock knowing I can take 9inches of prime white meat, groups more than welcome.......