Written by Daftrucker

2 May 2018

Now with my wife’s secret out, I still play a lot when away,

One hot summer evening my days work was coming to an end as I approached the north end of Newcastle, so I decided I’d park in the highlander lay-by just north of Newcastle airport, it used to be a great dogging and cruising lay-by but I hadn’t been for several years. So I headed there, pulled in and parked the truck for the night, I was the only vehicle there so I peeked in a good flat spot and was fairly well hidden from the main road, I stripped of and put my cock ring on good and tight, pulled the curtains round but left a good gap on passenger side so any cruisers would see I was up for fun, and as the area to the left of me was just open fields and no houses I opened the door fully and sat there in the sunshine completely nude except for my cock ring, an erection and a smile.. as I sat enjoying a cold beer, maybe an hour after I parked I saw a car pull up just a short way ahead of me, my truck door still wide open I watched as the male occupant got out of his car, I was surprised to see as he climbed out he was wearing high heels hold up stockings and a pair of white lacy pants.. although TVs are not normally my thing I did think how great his legs looked as he walked around to the boot of his car, he opened the boot and bent forward exposing his lace clad ass.. well that’s a shame I thought as I watched as I am only allowed to be fucked or to suck guys, ( wife’s rules) the guy saw I was watching and smiled, he climbed back into his car but instead of driving off he reversed so he was just in front of my cab, he climbed out of his car and walked back to my truck door, he introduced himself/herself as Amanda. I said hiya amanda but I think we are both on the lookout for a cock, I explained my wife’s rules and we laughed and chatted a while, amanda then said she had a strap on in her car, and would be happy the fuck me with that as she couldn’t bring herself to fuck guys with her cock.. we agreed, amanda fetched the strap on from the car and climbed into the cab, now I’ve been rimmed a lot by guys, but fuck cold this one rim like a pro, I was almost cumming just from that, I gave Amanda some KY and suggested she might like to lube me up and also the dick.. now I’ve had cocks of all shapes and size in me over the years, but never a strap on. It was a strange thing watching Amanda fit the straps and getting ready, I was on my knees looking back through my legs as she lubed it up, she was soon probing my hole with the head of the dick, I was surprised just how real it felt as she gently pushed slowly deeper and deeper with each stroke, she was soon so deep in me and expertly fucking me slowly increasing speed and adjusting the length she was using, I became aware that as she was full depth in me I could feel the head of her very hard cock( her real one) was poking my balls at each stroke.. I didn’t touch myself at all as she pounded away at me, then without enough warning I shot my load and wow what a load( lucky I’d placed a towel on my bed) Amanda saw this and asked me to roll over onto my back, she then lifted my legs up over har shoulders and with one push had her strap on re entered full depth into me again, as she got it to max depth her balls were resting on my lower back, she stayed fully impaled and then took her cock in her hand and proceeded to wank herself with her right hand and my cock with her left hand.. this was so horny, just as I was starting to regain some hardness amanda grunted and a spurt of her cum shot me straight In the face, the second shot just under my chin and her third main shot landed on my chest.. she wanked the rest of her cum over my own cock and balls,

Once we had cleaned up Amanda shook my hand and was away on her journey..

I though about staying awake in the hope of more but was soon asleep instead..