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Birthday treat 3

"Night to remember"

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As we finished part 2 she was still laying on bed with head on bed and ass in the air so I went behind her and thought I finally get to fuck her ass as I have never been up her ass so I placed my cock tip at antrance of her ass as eased my cock into her and it felt warm and used and thought I finally fuck it after two gut had all ready fucked it and she had always said her ass belonged to Jim and he'd fucked it loads in our meets so for me it felt good to finally fuck her ass and I asked her hows it felt and said its good but she said Joe filled her ass stretching it she said

We all lay down on the bed and I said to anda thank you for tonight what a birthday and I asked how she was feeling she said I'm very sticky with cum and only place I haven had any loads is in my mouth and with what Jim sat up and thrust his cock in to her mouth and started to face fuck her and with that Joe started to slip fingers up her pussy and started to finger fuck hef hard and as Jim fucked her mouth with all his length down her throat and after a few minutes he held back of her head and started to unload his spunk straight down her throat and once he'd finished did that tastes good and she said I don't know as it just slipped straight down my throat and as soon as she finished her sentence Joe pushed his cock deep into her mouth and Jim lay and watch as Joe fucked her mouth and she was gagging a little to start with but soon got use to it and started to enjoy it and I started to finger fuck hef pussy first one finger then two then three and finally four and worked them in and out fast and she was moaning but not very loud as her mouth was still full of 8 inch cock and then I heard a grunt and he unloaded his spunk down hef throat and I kept going fingerings her til she came and then we sat down and got our breath back

Joe looked at his watch and said I'll have to go soon and she said not till I had all holes filled at once and asked which hole each of us wanted and we said you tell us which hole you wanted each of us in

She told Joe to lay on his back as she swung a leg over him and sunck herself down on his big got and I asked why is Joe in there pussy and she just said he's big and a good fuck and she bend down so her tits where swinging just over his mouth and she say to Jim you know where you going as you know my ass is always yours as you fill it nice and like you fucking my ass and he obliged her and she started to push back on on both here cock as they where pushing in to her in unison and she was moaning and as they got into a good rhythm she looked over to me to get my cock in her mouth and what a sight it was seeing 2 guys dp her and me in her mouth and only way I got a good view of it was in the mirror but what a sight and seeing her pushing back on there cocks as they pushed there cock deep into her and I had got the rhythm to so my cock pushed forward as she moved forward and her tits swung nice and I got hands on them and pulled on her nipples to which she moaned even more and as they started to move quicker I took my cock from her mouth as she was starting to cum and was breathing hard and I heard Jim and Joe saying they was near to Cummings and with that she came hard and both of them grunted as they pump there spunk into her and once finished Joe said I better got shower before going home so he went to shower but amanda said ill join you in the shower so me and Jim sat on bed chatting

Amanda had left the bathroom door open and we heard the shower on and also heard Joe saying god you sucking my cock well and amanda said I want one more fuck from you go as your cock is big and fills me up and then says once I get you hard will you fuck me once more before you leave and he started to harden and she bent over in the shower and said fuck me in any hole you want and with that we heard her moan and then heard the slapping of his balls on her and she was moaning loads and telling him to fuck her hard and with that I asked which hole he wax in and he shouted back I'm filling her ass as it's tight and she said I'm loving it and said hope you to are recovering for the rest of the night and with yhst Joe filled hef ass and then they showered and Joe got dressed and left so he kissed amanda and thanked her for the evening and said she was a good fuck and gave a great blow job

Written by Inhope15

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