Written by Spitroast89

26 Feb 2009

Im a size 10-12 with golden brown hair, brown eyes and am a d cup. I am madly in love with my boyfriend of 3 years but a girl cant help her fantasies! I was sure it wold never come true as my boyfriend would not be up for it but he surprised me with the biggest treat of my life! Wed had a really nice romantic dinner at his and i was very tipsy and getting desperate to feel his cock inside me! I told him i was going to the bathroom and i took my dress off to reveal his favourite black thong barely covering my round bum (his favourite bit!) I left my heels on and took my bra off i was naked apart from my thong and heels, a sight i know he loves! As he saw me his cock was hard as a rock and i unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his erect cock, i wanked it gently for a while right there at the table and then i stood up and lead him upstairs (wanking him all the time obviously!) I loved working his hard powerfull cock in my hands! I was very curious when he told me he had a surprise for me and handcuffed me to the bed and blindfolded me! I heard him leaving the house and i was a bit confused but excited, I thouht he might be going out to buy a new sex toy I had no idea. Not long later i heard footsteps up the stairs, they were loud and i thought i could hear two sets now i was getting wet again with excitement, and nervousness! I was soon unhandcuffed by my boyfriend but told firmly that the blindfold was staying on! he sat me on the edge of my bed and guided my hands to his cock, i thought i could hear somone else breathing but didnt dare mention it, i was so turned on not knowing what was happening. my boyfriend guided one of my hands to what was the firm stomach of another man and i felt his hard cock! i was aroused but at the same time shocked and a bit scared, my boyfriend reassured me it was ok and all for me because he had always secretly known it was what i wanted. My hands went back to their hard dicks and i became accustomed to wanking both at the same time, harder than it looks! i grew more confident and loved having two big hard dicks all excited over me the moans of the two hunks there spurred me on! My boyfriedn put me on all fours and i felt the big head of the other mans cokc pressing against my lips, i was reassured it was ok and greedily feasted on it! i particularly enjoy wanking the shaft while i suck on and nibble the balls which seems to go down well! My boyfriend entered me from behind and i came very quickly! Quickest in my life! My boyfriend didnt want me to get the other guys come on me but agreed to let him spray his load all over my chest so i lay on my back and wanked the other guy off untill he made a warm mess all over my hard and swolen boobs! The guy left without me even seeing him and i was a happy girl! :) We had amazing sex for the rest of the night and the best part was my boyfriend had set up a camera for me to watch it again! :)