Written by Seb

10 Oct 2009

Sandrine, Pierre and I were on our way to Paris's notorious Bois de Boulogne.

After the cinema we went off to a bar near their apartment. After some cofffes they had gone to change.

The Bois de Bolougne, it appeared, was a cross between Hampstead Heath and Clapham Common.

Over coffee it had emerged that they only had an apartment in Paris but lived in the southwest. She was thirty and he five years older. They had come to the cinema to see the film and to pick up a single man or couple. They had settled on me because I looked nice. I looked the sort of person that they would like to display themselves to. So well and good. They had both come in the cinema, she several times it appeared. Everyone in the film had fucked,wanked,. come and all the men had spunked. All except me. Me all alone in a foreign city.

They had turned up cooly dressed, she sexy chic, the smart side of tarty. She red loafers, short yellow floral straight skirt, hem at finger tip length, v-necked white cashmere pullover. Small pert breasts, her nipples showing she didn't have a bra. Yellow and red silk scarf. No bra? "Any panties?", I wondered. He, green cotton shirt, beige linen trousers and loafers.

It turned out that the Bois was where the film was probably made;where public sex is tolerated and watching is as much a part of the behaviour as the action. Prostitutes of both sexes brought clients. straight, gay, couples, groups behaved with discrete freedom.

As we approached we saw some prostitutes hanging around or sitting at bars. Exaggeratedly short skirts, tight brief cheek revealing hot-pants,high heels, bust fand nipple flaunting tops marked them out. No doubt some were dressed like models. You choose the price you pay and take your pick. The punky or smart men - you chose you prick. As we entered the woods there was one man in running kit leaning against a tree, eight inches of swollen and partly erected prick sticking out of his right leg. We slowed the car down to have a look and he sttod up, turned towards us, took it in his hand and waved it at us. We waved back. It looked good.

We parked the car further along and got out to walk. It seemed quiet until you began to noitice things. A couple might appear just to be kissing by a tree until you notice she had his cock out and was wanking him. Or her skirt was up and he was giving her a finger job. Further from the road we watched a young woman virtually naked riding a chap lying on his back on the ground in his.suit. His shirt was up an little and his trousers down enough. He lay there groaning and grunting as he felt his prick being worked watching her boobs bouncing above his face. A pro., she brought him off quickly and he bucked his hips under her. She wiped herself and him leaving him exhausted on the ground, just able to make himself decent, tucked his spent prick into his pants and zipping up.

In a clearing a stark naked girl was stretched out on a picnic table face up. One man was unzipping his trousers to enter her pussy. Others were watching close around her. We stood further away and watched. She must have already had her pussy worked on as he slid easily in and started long, slow thrusts. The four men close watched. Soon she was being fucked by one man and looking up at four hard cocks being wanked above her boobs. From the sounds she was making she loved it. She reached up and touched and wanked each cock, squeezing and stroking their balls. Two were cut one was not. One was six inches. The biggest was a thick, cut glistening ten inches. It had been partly shaved. One was very hairy with dark curly hair. The six inch one had been completely shaved, cock and balls.

A young couple appeared across from us and they watched fascinated. The girls hand started caressing his bulge then she got his prick out. You could almost hear it shout for joyof freedom as it sprang free.She fell to her knees stroking then sucking, then wanking then sucking again. She stood up, bent over to take her pants off and holding them in one hand his prick in the other she walked over to the group bent over to kiss the stretched out girl on the lips exposing her bottom to all. Then she went down to the first girls breasts and her boyfriend put his prick into the first girls mouth and started to face fuck her. His girl friend watched him doing this d with the girls nipples and breasts, kissing, sucking and stroking.

This was all too much for the original four men. The one fucking her started pistoning furious and came. He soon withdrew and another took his place Girl 1 was being spitroasted again. Meanwhile one of the other two men hving pushed her skirt right was exploring the other girls bottom with one hand and wanking himslf with the other. The other man had slipped his hand up her top and was playing with her breasts.

Her boyfriend could see where this was going to go, pulled his prick away from the other girl's mouth and hand and started to work on his own girl. The two men pushed away went to the head of the naked girls who tended to each mans cock and balls before taking one in each hand wanking them slowly. The second man to enter her was now pumping with desperation. Seeing all this was too much for the young man. He pushed into his girl and fucked her furiously while she had reached out, taken one of the cocks from the original girl, twisted the man round and was sucking him off. The young amn seeing his girl-friend sucking this ten-inched trimmed balls and cock went mad and fucked like a man posessed. He shot his spunk into her. Ten inch pulled out his cock and with three strokes shot over the naked girls breasts. The man fucking her took his prick out and exploded spunk in three great arcs over her body. The girl started to suck the last man wildly, chewing and squeezing his balls with her small hands. He shot into her mouth before he could remove it but she pushed it out and as he continued to shoot she wanked every last drop out of him.

Though I had seen cock after cock explode with relief and joy in the cinema and woods mine hadn't been forgotten. "Vous maintenant" was whispered in my ear as a man's hand on my bottom and a woman's hand stroked,my bulging, craving cock ached for attention and relief.