Written by Sticky Vicky

16 Aug 2010

Boring Hotel Stays Make You Do Strange Things. Pt2

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Part 2 (The following week)

Well after a rather eventful week at the Birmingham hotel I had gone home to my husband Richard for the weekend. It was a good weekend off and there was a lot of sexual activity and role-playing of what would have happened if I had taken his suggestion of what I should have got up to. At this stage Richard was not to know that I have been rather adventurous and broken all my boundaries.

Well it was Sunday evening; I had to return back to work and back to the hotel in Birmingham. As I drove to Birmingham I was having memories of my antics the week before and knew that Mike and Jim would be there this week as well. I didn’t know how I would face them after everything that happened. Anyway I arrived, checked in and sorted myself out in the room. I then popped down stairs in the lift for a coffee. As the doors opened and I stepped out Mike was heading towards the lift. He greeted me with a big smile and a kiss. I went bright red and suggested we go for a coffee to play safe.

As we chatted in the lounge area Jim pitched up and said I have a present for you. I was handed a small gold packed to unwrap. It was what looked like a recordable DVD. Jim said that, as I like the cinema last week so much, he had complied a compilation of gangbang movies so I will never be bored in my hotel room again. We all feel about laughing and it was a great icebreaker. Mike asked if I was interested in heading up Broad Street for something to eat. I declined and said that I had work to catch up with. We eventually went our separate ways agreeing to meet for breakfast to following morning.

I headed back to my room and went through all the work that I had to do. I completed it a lot quicker than I thought. Stuck for something to do, I gave my hubbie a quick call. That done I was now bored and remembered the DVD Jim had given me. I slipped it into my laptop and began to watch a series of girls getting gangbanged. It was not long before I was striped off on the bed getting horny, thinking back to the previous week.

Just as I was about to orgasm my mobile went, it was Mike and he asked if I had finished my work. I replied that I had done a while ago. Mike said, I bet I can guess what you are doing? What I asked. Watching a dvd. I burst out laughing and said I was. He asked if it was any good and if he could watch it with me. I gave him my room number and he was knocking on the door in seconds.

I went to the door naked apart from a shirt I had quickly thrown over myself. He quickly stepped and had brought a bottle of Champagne with him and two glasses. I got comfortable on the bed as he sorted out the drinks. The dvd was still playing on the laptop as he joined me on the bed. The bottle of plonk didn’t last long and we giggled our way through the film. Mike got closer and as we turned to each other our lips meet. His hands started to explore my body and I held him tighter. Mike’s hands slid down my body and between my legs. I opened them slightly to help his access. It was not long before I was at the point of coming. All I could do was holding on, our tongues entwined as I melted. Mike quickly stripped off as I recovered and crawled between my legs. As I pulled him towards me wrapping my legs around him, his cock slipped straight into me. We made slow passionate love for what seemed like ages, before falling asleep in each other arms.

I awoke in the morning to find Mike still wrapped around me, As I lay there I could still feel the spunk leaking out of me. Mike stirred and started to get a morning wood. He rolled me on to my front and then rolled onto my back. I opened my legs and he was very quickly back inside me. I was then pulled up on to all fours as he fucked me doggy style. This time it was not loving like the pervious night, it was just a hard and fast fuck. I felt him tense up as he exploded another load into me. We collapsed in a heap to get our breath back.

I then jumped in the shower as Mike headed back to his room. 30 minutes later I was sorted out and heading down for breakfast. Mike was already there and I joined him. Jim arrived a few minutes later unaware of my previous nights activities with Mike.

Jim seemed eager for us to all go out that evening, but I said that I could not play hard like last week due to my commitments at work. We all met up for a meal that evening without anything serious happening. Once back at the hotel, I cleared my work and Mike would slip down to my room to keep me company through the night. Jim didn’t have a clue this was happening.

At one point my husband Richard called to ask me to talk dirty to him whilst he had a wank at home. Mike knew the score and slowly and quietly slid in and out of me while I was in doggy position, as I talked dirty to my husband. It was not long before my hubbie shot his load, not knowing that my story was the truth. After Richard hung up Mike went at me like there was no tomorrow and shot his load right up me before collapsing. I was only just starting and was as horny as hell. So I took Mike’s spunk covered cock in my mouth and sucked him until he was hard again. Then like a woman possessed I straddled him and slowly slid his cock inside me. I eased myself down until it was all the way in, paused, and then, slowly started to ride him. This quickly built up until I was riding Mike for all I was worth. I quickly started to orgasm and a refreshed Mike started to fuck me for all I was worth. He rolled me over and lifted my legs above my head and fucked me as hard as he could. He pulled out saying ‘Take this one in your mouth’. But he was not quick enough. Spunk few out, shooting all up my body and a big splash landed on my face. My legs dropped and Mike grabbed the hair on the back of my head, as I took his cock in my mouth.

Once I had sucked him clean, he laid back on the bed and said, play with your self and rub all my spunk into your body. I complied and stated to play with myself with one hand and rubbed the spunk into my body and face with the other. The Gangbang DVD was still playing in the background.

Eventually we cuddled up. Mike asked if I was up for lad’s night out again this week. Still on heat I agreed, then thought I really should not have done that.

The following morning (Tuesday) we all meet up for breakfast. Jim was still not aware that Mike had been spending the nights with me. He also seemed more interested in trying to get a rerun of the previous weeks events. Mike stepped in and asked if I would be to scare to go on another lad’s night out. I didn’t have a problem and said I would, while trying not to lose face.

Tuesday night I spent on my own trying to catch up on work, but did manage to grab a meal with the lads. Richard called up for his dirty phone call and I made the excuses that I had found a dirty gangbang dvd in the room. Not letting on one of my admirers had given it to me.

I played the dvd down the phone to my husband at home, while playing with myself and talking Richard through what was happening. It was really erotic. Richard asked if any of the lads had made a play for me yet. I said that there had been loads of flirting, but could not admit the truth that I was being fucked like a cheap slag behind his back.

Richard got me roll playing that it was me in the dvd with the builders Mike and Jim. This really turned him on. He kept saying that he has given me permission hundreds of times to do it, as long as he can listen over the phone. Anyway Richard’s excitement got the better of him.

The following morning (Wednesday) Mike and Jim meet me for breakfast as normal. The guys said that they were going out for Lads night tonight because there was going to be a big conference in town on Thursday night and it would be to busy. Jim asked if I was going to be coming along. I said no because I had expected lads night to be on Thursday night and I had work to do.

Throughout the day I kept getting saucy texts prompting me to change my mind. I had to agree to to going to stop my phone from bleeping.

When I arrived back at the hotel after work Mike was in reception with a cheeky grim on his face. He said see you in the bar for 7.30pm. I quickly sorted myself out, showered, did my hair and make up. I rummaged through my stuff for something to wear.

I had packed my black dress again. Well it did go down well last week. Nice and short, open backed and very sexy. Being opened backed I couldn’t wear a bra and what use was a thong anyway. Lol. The same strappy high heals finished off the out fit perfectly. I remember the feeling of walking down the street with two men with the breeze against my body adding to the sensitivity. The sensation on my pussy was electrifying. The dress is so lightweight that it almost feels like you are naked. What a buzz.

A final check in the mirror, perfect, very quick call to hubby, done. Right, time to go. I left the room, but felt very apprehensive. Last week I expected things to just be lads being lads and flirting. Little did I know how the night would end up? I know that after last week it would not be quite the same.

The lift opened and the guys were waiting for me. Mike and Jim both kissed me and had a quick discrete grope.

As we walked out of the hotel Jim gave mike a knowing smile of no underwear, good night out then. I slipped an emergency lipstick, room key and my share of the nights spending money into Mikes pocket. I hate being bogged down with a handbag full of stuff.

We headed off for some food and a drink. As we sat in the restaurant I was boxed into a corner. Under the table the odd hand would start to wonder. I had to fend them off when they went to far. I didn’t want to get arrested. After the restaurant we headed towards China town stopping in the odd bar as we went. By this stage it was getting dark, but it was still warm. I was feeling rather merry. Jim noticed a girl down a dimly lit back alley getting shagged against the wall by her fella. We stopped for a while to watch. I was between Mike and Jim as we tried to act as though nothing was going on. Jim discretely had his hand up the front of my dress and was slowly fingering me as Mike had his arm around me. It was very erotic watching a young woman being fuck, unaware she was being watched. People were passing us in the street with out knowing the pleasure I was receiving as well.

When the guy had finished shagging his partner, all three of us stepped off down the road without saying a word.

We went into a bar on for a couple more drinks and to plan the rest of the evening. Mike wanted to go to another strip bar and Jim wanted to go to an adult cinema. The banter went back and forth for a while and the guys wanted me to choose. A girl standing with a group near by seemed rather interested to know what my response would be. Having watched the girl getting shagged I just wanted to go back to the room with the two guys, but couldn’t say as much. So laughingly I said we should flick a coin. The look on the girls face was a treat.

Jim took out a 50 pence piece and was ready to flick it. I said heads, the lap dancing club and tails to prono cinema. Jim flicked the coin and it landed on tails. Mike said rather loudly, the porno cinema it is then. The look on this girls face was a great.

I said that I needed to nip off to the loo before going and slipped off. When I came out of the cubicle I saw the girl who had been watch the events in the bar. She looked at me and said, ‘Are you really going to a porno cinema with two guys?’ I said that last week we went to both the lap dance bar and the porno cinema and it was great fun. She looked at me in disbelief. As I walked out I further added that if she really wanted to live a little she should try it. I walked out of the loos with a big grin on my face. The guys were waiting for me and off we went. The evening was a little colder now and I would really feel the breeze on my body. We walked past the Lap dancing bar and on towards the adult cinema. Both Mike and Jim had an arm around me, which was very comforting and also made me feel like a whore. But I guess there were scared in case I chickened out.

We got the cinema and paid the money and went in. It is a rather grubby seedy sort of place. We slipped into the theatre back row and got comfortable. Mike was on my left and Jim was on the right of me. There was one lucky guy being attended to by a couple of females. I thought to myself that he wouldn’t last long.

The next film came on and both guy’s hands were now running up and down the inside of my legs. And I had Jims arm around me. I had a brief kiss with each of them before reaching in to each guys lap. I could feel both of the getting harder in their trouser. They freed themselves up and I had a cock in each hand. Buy now Mike had his tongue down my throat and a hand on my breasts. Jim had one hand up my shirt and was rubbing my pussy. I cocked a leg over each of their knees to give easy access. As I looked back at the screen I noticed that a couple of guys had also entered the theatre and we sitting a couple of rows away from me, watching me instead of the screen. Jim had flipped my dress off my shoulders and my chest was bare for all to see. I just took in some more of the film before closing my eyes and turning to Jim. He buried his tongue down my throat. Mike at this stage had shot his load into my hand. He then moved my hand off his cock and onto my chest to rub his spunk into my tits.

The next time I looked up the spectators had move a little closer and were obviously rubbing their cocks. At this point I felt like a real dirty slag of a whore, but was getting lost in the moment. Mike stood up and shoved his cock into my mouth. As I licked the cum off it, Jim moved between my legs a rammed his cock up my pussy. I tried to resist a little because the realisation of what I was doing in front of others. But I was just pushed back into the seat and as he started to fuck me hard.

My spectators had slid a little closer to get a better view. I could feel that Jim was close to cumming as he banged away at me. At this stage I was really on heat and couldn’t give a fuck what happened. I looked up and Mike was watching the girl in the movie getting gangbanged while getting hard again. Jim was giving me his all and exploded inside me. As he pulled out I could feel some of his cum running out of me. He then stood up and waved his cock in front of my face for me to clean him up. I took his hard cock as deep into my mouth as possible and could taste both Jim’s fluids and mine. Mike was ready to go again and pulled me up onto my feet and bent me over. I could feel his cock rubbing up against my slippery cunt before being shoved it deep inside me.

A cock was then shoved into my face. I opened my mouth and started sucking on it. I then realise that Jim was now beneath me in the chair and I was being spit-roasted with some strangers cock in my mouth. As I pulled a way from it he shot his spunk all over my face and open mouth. As I coughed Mike thrusted forward and forced me back into the strangers cock. I was now wearing my dress like a belt around my waist. My upper body was total bare and Mike was now slipping it over my hips. As he pulled out of me the dress feel to the floor before re-entering me from behind. I was still being spit roasted and Jim was now getting hard again. As I tried to steady my self with my left hand, I reached out and the other stranger was now a long side me. My hand was now in his groin. I went to pull it away when I was stopped from doing so. It was then placed on the strangers cock.

I could not believe it; there I was a respectable wife standing in the middle of porno cinema stripped naked and being gangbanged. Mike’s cock in my cunt, different stranger’s cocks in my hand and mouth and Jim rubbing his cock over my tits as they bounced above his cock. But more to the point, I loved it. I then felt Mike start to tense up and knew he was about to come. The he exploded inside of me. The stranger’s cock I was holding then shot all over my arm and tits. Mike pulled out of my cunt and we collapsed back into our seats. I was well and truly fucked and covered in spunk. The strangers muttered thanks before moving away.

We watch a couple of more films of girls getting gangbanged with me sitting there wearing nothing but a pair of heals and covered in spunk. I exchange the occasional long and deep kiss with Mike and Jim as they played with my spunky cunt. I had nothing to wipe the spunk off of me with so all I could do was rub it into my naked body to spread it about. As I was doing this a couple of more blokes entered the cinema and looked over in disbelief at the sit of me sitting there.

Eventually I put my dress on and we went to leave. I quickly popped to the loo and straightened up my hair and lipstick and made sure there was no spunk left on my face. We the left the cinema and started to walk back to the hotel. I was hungry this stage and wanted some chips. We soon found a chip shop and joined the queue. While we were there a colleague of Mike and Jim turned up at the chip shop as well.

The guys were all chatting as the chips were being served and we ended up stand outside as we ate them. I was introduced to Ian who had been out with another group of lads. As I munched on some chips I would feel the cold breeze blowing through my flimsy dress on to my naked, but sticky cum soaked body. I could also feel the spunk running down ether side of the inside of my legs. I knew knickers had some use….

We soon finished our chips and headed off back towards the hotel. As we walked Mike and Jim were ether side with their arms around me. Ian was a little disappointed that his group didn’t want to go to a lap-dancing club and that was why he left them to head off to another nightclub.

Jim told him that we had a much better night than that. I went into shock as to what he was about to let on to what we had been up to. Jim told Ian about the woman we had watched being fucked against the wall in the alley. Ian asked me what I thought. I said I watch as well and it was fun. Ian’s face lit up and Jim said you didn’t tell him I fingered you while that all happened. I went bright red with embarrassment. It was not long before Jim had told Ian everything that had happened so far that night. I could have died. But Ian just got more excited saying it was all rubbish. Jim said check out her snatch; it must be leaking spunk like no ones business. Ian turned around and stopped in front of me. His hand shot straight up the front of my dress between my legs as it made contact with my spunk drenched pussy. Because I was between the two lads with my arms around them I was helpless to do anything. Ian blurted out, ‘Christ you are not wrong she is fucking soaked, when do I get my turn’. I just laughed.

We carried on walking and Jim turned to me and said, ‘Fancy having it up against the wall in a back alley like the girl earlier?’ Before I could answer he pulled me closer and snogged my face off to prove a point. Jim said Mike and I would keep an eye out for you. Before I realised what was happening we slipped down a side alley towards a deserted bit of canal. Mike and Jim pulled me into them and started to kiss me passionately. Ian was standing in front of me and I was eased back against the wall. The cold brickwork was cold against my back with an open backed dress on. I was some what pinned against the wall because I still had an arm around each of the guys. I felt hands starting to wonder over my body and envisaged the girl I had watch earlier in the evening. My dress was now being eased off my shoulders again and as it dropped of them it fell straight to the floor. Ian picked it up having raised my feet to get it. I felt on such a high being grouped in the open air buy the guys. I turned my head to Mike a started to kiss him. As our tongues entwined, I felt a tapping on the inside of my feet. I opened my legs and felt Ian’s cock rub up against me. He rubbed the head around my soaked pussy before plunging it deep into me. Mike and Jim just held me there naked against the wall as Ian fucked me. I could feel his hard cock ramming in and out of me as he held my hips and pulled me into him. It was not long before he tensed up and shot his load deep into me before holding it all as deep in me as possible. He slowly went soft until he fell out of me. A Big blob of spunk feel out of my pussy and slapped onto the ground, before the rest started to run down the inside of my legs.

The guys straightened themselves up before making me walk a short distance along the alley naked until I got my dress back. As we left the alleyway Ian gave me a big French kiss and said thanks you have made my night. We continued back to the hotel. Ian broke off to head to his own hotel just before we got to ours. We stumbled into the lift and up to my room. Jim cracked open some wine and we had glass each. Mike awoke my laptop from sleep and started the gangbang video. We all crashed out on the bed watching the DVD recounting that night's events. It was not long before the two guys were hard again and they took turns fucking me while the other watched. We then all crashed out together and went to sleep.

The following morning, I am not sure how, we all made it to breakfast. Both guys looked up and said do you fancy another lads night out tonight?

But that is another story. You will have to wait for Pt3