Written by Joko

25 Apr 2016

I have always wanted to see my wife being gangbanged but until recently the best I had been able to arrange was another 3 guys.It was a great experience,which we both enjoyed and we decided to try a bit further.The chance arose when my mate came up for a long weekend.His cousin George used to fancy my missus but never made any headway with her.Before he came up,I spoke on the phone and suggested he contact George to see if he still wanted to fuck her and if he knew any other guys who would be up for it.I told her(anne) the basic plan but at that time I was not even sure if he would be up for it or if he could find others to join in.To cut a long story short,my mate arrived on the Friday night and we spent most of the night fucking the arse off Anne.Next morning,as she had a lie in,he told me he had spoken to George and he was coming through that evening but was still unsure how many other guys were coming.Later,after lunch we all went to a local pub,with the sole intention of getting her tipsy and more open to 'suggestions'.My mate got a call around 5.30 from George to say he had managed to round up 7 of his mates and they were about 30 mins away.When she was in the loo,he told me this,so we got ready to leave.I didn't say anything to her about George and his mates but when we got home,I got her to change into some old clothes and then we blindfolded her and tied her hands behind her back.Around 10 mins later the doorbell rang and I went to let George and his mates in,telling them to keep it quiet as she did not know how many there were.I said she had on old gear and was bound and blindfold,so they could literally rip her kit off.I went back to the lounge and we got her to her (rather unsteady) feet.The guys trooped silently in and George went straight over to her and began feeling her tits.She was pushed to her knees and he stuck his already hard cock into her mouth,while my mate got behind her and ripped open her blouse,exposing her black bra,which he also ripped off,spilling her lovely big tits into full view.George could not contain himself and began to spunk in her mouth,the overflow dripping onto her tits.As soon as he withdrew,another cock was jammed in and as he fucked her face,he held her head with both hands,pushing his big cock into her throat.Others were now kneeling beside her abusing her bare tits as she received another spunk load in her mouth.At almost exactly the same time,a guy standing beside her wanking,spurted his load over her face.She was pulled to her feet and her skirt and knickers ripped off,then a guy with a seriously big cock began probing her cunt before pushing it in to the hilt.She was bent over to suck another cock and because her hands were not available,a couple of guys were gripping her tits and wanking against her hard nipples,quickly covering her tits with hot spunk.The guy fucking her pulled out and shot over her arse,then another guy lay down and she was guided onto his shaft.This was where we broke new territory.Someone else got behind her and spat in his hand,lubricating his cock,then slowly eased it into her arse.I had seen her being butt fucked before but never in her cunt and arse at the same time.Once again a cock was pushed into her willing mouth and she was servicing three cocks together.None of them lasted particularly long before flooding her with spunk but there was no respite.Either the guys who had been waiting,or the quick recoverers soon occupied any hole that was available and this continued till they were all spunked out.Her tits were bruised by the constant groping,they were bitten as well and her cunt and arse were dripping spunk.I untied her and she went for a shower then dropped off to sleep.During the night I woke up and she was not in bed and when I got up to the loo,she was in there with George and a couple of his mates,sucking him off and wanking the others.I couldn't resist and quickly slipped my cock up her arse,shooting my load in about 2 minutes.The whole of that day and the Sunday night,she was constantly being used in whatever room she happened to be in.There is something tremendously horny about walking into the kitchen and seeing your naked wife on her knees and having her face spunked on by 2 men.Our final session was a bukkake,where all 10 of us took turns to shoot our spunk in her mouth and all over her face.Got some great pics of that,again she was blindfold to kinda hide her identity.All in all she loved being used and abused and the fact she could not see who and how many were there just added to the pleasure she said.It is not going to be easy to top that experience but we are thinking how to do so.She is quite sub and does not mind some reasonable pain so that might be our next 'experiment'.We'll see what happens