Written by ArlingtonOne

1 Jul 2013

Some of you will recall, Callum is my wife’s occasional young lover…they’ve been a tryst pair for nearly 3 years…of which Cal has only in recent months learned I’m Judi’s husband…NOT just another fuck partner! Callum is in my wife’s business domain…with another RE/CP firm that works closely with Judi’s agency. In recent months, Cal has moved his chips…so-to-speak…closer to me. Why? He’s engaged to be married this coming December. At 28 years, I suspect he’s getting more of a conscience now that he’s close to matrimony…;)

However, it was also Callum who introduced my wife into sordid GB parties at quarterly CP events…placing Judi into role of “how to fuck the lovely cougar!” Last August, in Durham, at one of their large meet-ups, Cal invited several male colleagues to work my wife. One of those lads is Matthew, Cal’s RE colleague. Matt ruled Judi’s group fuck at their conference lodge…and has since met up with my wife on several occasions…more as 1-on-1 play times…at least to my knowledge.

Matt is the closest thing to a Caucasian, mega BBC-like guy! I’ve watched him use my wife…and another woman. He’s about 6’4’…a bit taller than me…BUT what a cock!! I should say…what a live tree trunk!! The man…he’s in his early 30’s…has the largest ‘toy’ I’ve witnessed in play. NOT only long, BUT with a girth to appreciate why I call it a ‘tree trunk.’ Most of his tryst partners don’t realize how large…and effective he is. He’s also quite shrewd…choosing to fuck married women. Wives are less likely to complain about his love-making. In fact, when he engages, as much fear or protest he may elicit from his ladies, NO question how much satisfaction he gives them…and himself!

Cal reached out to me a few days back. The annual RE/CP event…the one held in Durham last August…is coming up in a few weeks… In fact, I’m on out of UK for several days during that schedule…my wife will be attending solo. (Judi and I were paired last year…as she conducted her business meets, I did some casual visits in the area…) Callum advised me that Matthew, aware of my wife's solo representation at the conference, invited Judi to share his suite those 4 days. Cal didn’t think Judi accepted. In fact, I’m almost secure to know Judi would never place herself in such a compromising position…sharing the same suite. She may share something else…BUT not the hotel suite…!

That said, Cal warned me that Matt had plans in mind…for ‘the entertainment’ during the conference. He told some of his colleagues to arrive prepared…they would be sharing some of the ‘nicest married pussy’ at the conference. Those were Matt’s words! I asked Cal if he wasn’t being a bit too cautious…protecting his stature with my wife. Cal replied no…that Matt already told him not to interfere with his plans. As Cal would enjoy Judi’s favors, Matt planned to share and fuck the “married bitch” with several of his friends…an ‘anniversary group fuck’…from last year’s event.

I explored Cal’s demeanor…would he defend my wife…or capitulate. Cal is getting that conscience I referenced above…he’s marrying a lovely young thing…she works in the retail marketplace...and appears totally clueless to Cal’s ‘outside activity’ with a married lady. (So clueless or naive…I wouldn’t mind exploring HER availability myself…;)

I watched Judi’s taking by Matt and his friends last summer. NO question, my wife enjoyed it…but not without modest pain and stress. I realized, as Matt prepared and stroked Judi before her inevitable shag, she was concerned…fearful (even though seemingly enamored) with the size of his cock. When he plied and forced his way into my wife…first entry stressed, reflected on my wife’s face…and body movement. No doubt, she was under duress…however moments after Matt’s cock’s entry and deepening fuck pump action, Judi became submissive…accepting…totally engaged. Matt was in my wife for a long period of time…he knows how to prolong and extend. Even when he completed his final push…spunked deep in her cunny…it didn’t end. A moment after Matt pulled out his cock ‘trunk,’ one of his lessor endowed, yet equally zealous friends quickly replaced Judi’s “empty” love hole! And, so it went on for nearly 3 hours…as the 4 gentlemen, including Callum, had their way with Judi numerous times.

Judi has since been with Matt on a number of trysts. Cal believes most of them were one-off dates…not group affairs. However, a little disturbing, Cal believed Matt convinced my wife to accept some good anal fucking. Back in February, I suspected Judi was rear-banged…she was very uncomfortable for several days…never shared the issue… I suspect Judi was put under duress when bum-fucked…ass fucking is NOT a normally accepted sex activity with my wife…

Not sure how to proceed with the upcoming CP conference. I could trust my wife…I know she’s not sharing the suite. However, given how easily my wife falls prey to wine and spirits, she may well face another “Durham” party… This year…different city…different hotel setting…same group party fuck “entertainment.” Here it is…1st week July…not too many options.