Written by Shirley travels

17 Feb 2014

Thank you for your encouraging comments. Please enjoy part 2.

It had been a gamble. The aire would only take three camping cars and finding room for two was pushing my luck a bit. I was feeling lucky. When we arrived there was one, with German number plates already parked up alongside the river. I pulled in behind. Gerald parked behind me.

I was just getting myself organised when Gerald opened my drivers door. He slipped his hand under the hem of my dress and between my thighs. I parted them. “I'm just checking for 'yes' and 'no' he explained”.

I thought for a moment. “Yes, I'm wet and no I haven't put my knickers on.” I answered as he helped me down by holding onto the hem of my dress making it slide up to expose my nakedness before holding me close and closing the door. It didn't bother him that the German couple were sitting by the river bank facing the late afternoon sun, and us, which was good because it didn't bother me much either. He let me go smoothing my dress down as if the exposure was accidental but with a massive grin on his face. “I wonder if they both enjoyed that as much as I did?” he asked, “are you going to do your bends and stretches now”. For answer I walked down to the tow path, raised my arms and reached for the sky. My dress dutifully rose with me. I held the pose for a count of twenty before arching my back, 20, touching my toes, 20, stretch, arch, toes, left, right, repeat. I knew Gerald was enjoying my little piece of exhibitionism and I hoped at least the German man was. His lady's enjoyment would have been a bonus. Finally I worked my hamstrings and returned to Gerald. “Let's walk a while,” I suggested, locking the cab door and taking his hand.

We walked down the tow path, past the Germans with a cheery 'good evening' and on towards the little bridge. I knew there was a copse just beyond the bridge and hoped that Gerald would be up to a quick 'hello' as David called it. It was good to have real cock again. With the Germans facing the other way and nobody else in sight Gerald put his hand on my bum, lifting my dress to do so. I liked that and I led him into the few trees beside the path, heading for the only real tree, the rest being more shrubby. Once there I knelt before him and slipped his shorts down. No pants either! His cock was soft but I took it eagerly in my mouth as he rested his hands gently on my head, no escape even if I wanted to.

He firmed up nicely after a while but not rock hard. “Do you think he could manage a quickie, standing up?” I asked as I stood, lifting my dress up over my waist and leaning against the tree. “Just to say 'hello', you understand. I don't want to be worn out for tonight.” He stepped between my legs, bent his knees slightly and rubbed his cock head against my swollen pussy lips. “I'm game to try.” he responded pushing gently up and in. Perfect! He held my bum and pulled me onto him. I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him deeply. “A match made in heaven,” I told him, “you have a very nice cock Gerald.”

“And, I'm delighted to say, you have a very greedy pussy, Shirley! A good job I brought a few little blue tablets with me.” I kissed him harder. “How few?” I enquired not attempting to hide my happy smile.


“Twenty? That's a few? Twenty rock hard cocks for little Shirley! I am a lucky girl.”

“No, forty rock hard cocks! I cut them in half. Depending on how good or very good you are each half should be good for a couple of hours.”

I kissed him again and shuddered with a little cum of pleasure mixed with anticipation. “Early bed tonight then. We need to get to tomorrow's stop before three, it gets busy and is very small.”

“Where are we going?”

“It's a surprise, let's eat. Food!”

We decided to sleep in my bed, not that it was better or bigger than Gerald's but that it was closer to the German camper and I hoped to be making a lot of pleasurable noises. Did I mention that I'm an encourage-able exhibitionist? We retired early, about half an hour after Gerald had cut his little blue tablet in half and washed it down with the remains of his coffee. I wasn't too sure what to expect. David had tried them when he became ill but they had little or no effect on him, so we stopped. That's when he started to find other cocks to please me. He loved watching me being fucked and I honestly enjoyed him watching.

I asked Gerald what I should do and he said that I didn't have to ask at lunchtime so why ask now? We kissed and cuddled and stroked and licked and sucked. I climbed on top of him, riding cowgirl and that's when I discovered how good a little bit of blue made a cock feel. We fucked! Boy! How we fucked! Apart from that lunchtime I hadn't had a good hard fucking since David had become too ill to enjoy watching and that seemed like a lifetime ago. . . . . .